Thursday, July 26, 2007


The angels have drummed the worthy thing in my head until worth isn't an issue anymore. God does not do worth, the angels said. Would you judge one child more worthy of your love than another? Would you choose one rose more worthy of your love than another? I got it years ago. We are all loved. Worthiness is not required!

And so when I want something in my heart of hearts, I ask. I intend. I imagine having it and get into the feeling. I pray. And then I let go and I trust it is just plain coming into my life, period, in right time.

Lately I have three small intentions: pay off credit card bills for all those surprise home repairs, lose a few pounds joyfully (yes I love to eat and have reached waistband limit on my clothes!), and exercise a bit more because I want to feel more energy.

So I intended. I imagined. I prayed. I let go and went about my life. A week later I realized the changes were taking place when I had no desire to leave my home and spend money on anything. Instead I craved enjoying what I have. I started craving healthy balanced meals with fresh foods, which satisfied my body so I ate less junk. And I am waking up with the urge to do my situps, stretches, and kicks. No fooling! A week ago I wanted to shop for recreation at my favorite thrift store, eat junk, and be lazy! God is good!

There are two points that the angels helped me realize in all this. First of all, get into the feeling of ANYTHING and you'll kick the universal wheels in motion to get you there. I imagined paying off the credit card bill and feeling joyous. I imagined feeling comfy in my clothes, and I imagined having more energy. It takes awhile to get into a feeling inside that you do not currently have on the outside, but do it anyway - get creative and really get into it. There is no creation without feeling because thought is simply a direction - feeling is the juice that makes things happen.

Secondly it struck me how when we are limited to a smaller range of options, we can really appreciate and find the abundance in what we have. Eating less forced me to eat healthier and appreciate the meals more. It forced me to love myself enough to take time to make fresh meals which has been fun for me and very relaxing. Likewise spending less makes me appreciate more. I'm digging through closets to see what is useful and what isn't and it feels good to create breathing space. Less can be a lot more when you get rid of excesses and have only what you truly love and appreciate. The rest just drains your energy.

So this week, no matter what you want in life, take the time to imagine it and FEEL it. Take the time to enjoy what you DO have before wanting more (the more will come quicker if you are already grateful and feel abundant!). Take the time to soak up the love of God and the angels in quiet prayer. Everything you want is inside. Find it there first and it'll show up in your life as well.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Diving Deep!

I dove in my swimming pool Wednesday to take out a part of the cleaning system that was broken. It wasn't too easy because I couldnt' stay at the bottom until I carried a large rock down there with me to make me sink, but I finally managed to get it out and go to the store for a replacement part. It was more expensive than I thought. As I was driving back home I saw a gold car with the license plate "TRUST". Ok, God, I thought, I trust you always take care of me.

I examined the other parts of the cleaning system and found every single one was broken and hadn't been replaced in over ten years. $700 and two hours later, after diving deep holding a boulder to keep me under water, it was all fixed. Next I noticed my sprinkler system had been eaten by my dogs! So there I stood in the mud unearthing broken parts, chopping away dead roots and getting everything fixed. NEXT, I ran out to get some errands done and was in an accident! I got rear-ended by a man in a Hummer talking on his cell phone. Luckily I was not hurt nor was he and he was so honest he called the insurance company to take responsibility so I would not have to pay for any of the repairs.

Now there are two ways I could look at this interesting day...

Old me - THIS SUCKS GOD! What have I done wrong. Poor me. My finances are doomed. la la la....

Me now - Ok God, you have me diving deep, fixing the cleanout system, chopping away the old dead roots, while standing in mud, and you protected me from harm - I must be diving deep into my soul, chopping away the old beliefs, and getting my mind out of the mud so your grace can flow more smoothly. Furthermore I prayed earlier to learn not to take responsibility for other people's mistakes, and very funny, you showed me I am no longer doing that and therefore attracting people who take responsibility for themselves. You even jolted my back back into place in the accident. Goodness God! You are amazing.

The latter version is truly how I handled it. Yes I got shaken up and cried like a baby after handling the insurance claims. Yes I wasn't thrilled to put so much on the charge card. I am human. But I know from prior experience that running through life's little gauntlets with grace, is a huge victory for the soul and that blessings shower upon you when you can truly see things as love.

Funny - my rental car is a PT Cruiser with 343 on the license plates... guess I am crusing through these lessons! And funnier yet, Doreen Virtue says 343 means "You are an earth angel who is complete supported by the angelic realms and masters. Lean on them and be open to receiving their help in all ways."

I hear the angels laughing a their own jokes and feel them sending so much love.

In the words of GOD in the new movie "Evan Almighty" - Remember, everything I do, I do because I love you!
' tis true!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do it now...

I had an awesome weekend. After my last round of conferences I was wanting a little play time. Quite separately (or so I thought) I wanted to do something special for a friends' big birthday. God is pretty good at coordinating seemingly unrelated events. I had cleared out a weekend to relax without plans. A client wrote to say she had airline passes she couldn't use that expired soon. She gave them to me and in no time, my friend and I were flying to California to go to Magic Mountain, a wonderful amusement park, for her birthday. I had the time of my life, riding roller coasters that sent me flipping head over heels while dropping hundreds of feet backwards, upside down and sideways. I LOVED IT! My friend was thrilled. And my client got more thank you prayers than you can imagine.

All I did was intend, imagine I would have a wonderful weekend and clear the way. Through my client, God did the rest. The weekend couldn't have proceeded more smoothly and my voice is still a bit hoarse from screaming with delight for the sheer joy of being alive and flying through the air at 80+ miles per hour!!

I am in a clearing out phase again. The closets are going to get another cleaning. I went through all my recipes and digitized them. I finished a CD set that I've been editing forever, and I'm back to working on the latest book. I'm organizing and organizing some more. Change is coming again. I feel it.

When you have some time and you feel the urge to purge and clean out, just do it. God is saying, "Hey you have some time to do things you won't want to be bothered with in a little while." Make room in your life for what you want. Don't wait for "someday." Do it now... never know what God has in store just around the next corner :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't sacrifice your heart

I LOVE this angel message. For years now, since I started working with angels I have been UNLEARNING everything I was taught about how to succeed and be happy in life. I have learned to stop trying to do "X" to get "Y". I have learned to make all decisions based on how I feel about them in the moment. And it works! I am happier than ever before.

For example, I was once offered the chance to create a nationally syndiated radio show. It was a fantastic opportunity and I loved the people involved. However, my heart wasn't in it and I couldn't explain why not. I rationalized... Ann you can reach more people and earn great money in the future. "WHAT ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL NOW?" the angels drilled me. "Ah, got it," I responded. I declined and gave the show to a friend whom it fit very well. In retrospect I realize that my calling is to teach the angels' wisdom, not do readings on radio. That is my heart and passion. I want to 'teach a man to fish' rather than 'give him a fish.'

Recently I blessed the moment again. I had been aiming towards manifesting a big publisher, but when I sat with some of the really wonderful famous authors I found a deeper clarity about my own life. I listened to one enlightening discussion in which several of these beautiful souls talked about what a challenge it was to be away from home all the time. At that moment I realized that I already had what I want right now - the opportunity to serve worldwide (via this newsletter!) AND the freedom to own my own time, choose my own seminars, and rest when I need to. I REALLY got that the fame comes with a price, and isn't as necessary as I once thought it was to spread the messages that come through from above.

If God wants me out there, he'll have to find a different way that doesn't require me to sacrifice my own heart! The angels were singing when I got that one - they always want us to include ourselves in the equation of life :) It was one more level of me surrendering to God's way rather than the world's way. (And, by the way, God's way is always better!)

We can all stop strategizing how to achieve our goals. Its good to ponder options, however I always wait until one really feels right, joyous, and inspiring. I choose to work more on my inner conditions. I guarantee its not easy to look inside self and find the areas where we don't trust, where we try to manipulate life and others, and to face our fears. BUT its a lot easier than going through the same lessons via circumstances in the outer world. I could have manifested signing a contract, travelling extensively, and burnt out while teaching others to live in balance. Thankfully, God saved me from myself. Now I can't wait to see what He's got in store for all of us next :)