Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's next.. I'll know when God tells me!

The angels always put me through lessons relevant to what they want to channel. I sat to write this newsletter earlier tonight and nothing came out. No words, no thoughts - nothing! So I sat back and pondered what was in my heart as they have trained me to do and nothing emerged. I was tired - so I lay down on the couch. I heard the birds singing to the sunset and went outside to listen. I put my feet in the pool and realized I wanted to swim. As I swam I realized my body wanted more movement. And then, suddenly the words from the angels started pouring through.

This is how they have taught me to live my life - one moment at a time. This is how all good has come to me, by honoring these urgings. Every time I plan anything without these urgings its a real pain. Everytime I listen to the urgings life works in wonderful ways.

I never planned out how I'd get invited to speak in public and yet there I was last weekend speaking alongside the biggies. And I realized this time that I was equal but different. I had my own unique way of expressing things to the world as does everyone else. This time I didn't get nervous at all but rather focused on the joy of serving and sharing God's word and this time, as as result, I had a lot of fun.

I always get asked, "What's next?" My answer is typically mundane... finishing the CD I'm working on, cleaning out a closet, waiting for my next marching orders from God. I don't have to 'figure out' my life because there is a power higher than me already working on that one. God knows my hearts desires. I don't focus on them every day. I just know they're coming, all in right timing :)

Life is amazing when you trust the moment. I just spoke at the biggest conference of my life a few days ago... but it seems already like last year - a wonderful memory, with new moments being created here and now.

Live in the present. The angels are right. You will always know what to do right this instant :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time to share

I felt so much love coming through from above as I channeled this week's message. It is true. Happiness comes from inside. We all say it and yet I have worked years of my life to get to a point where there's been enough practice to be happy even when stuff breaks, people aren't kind, and life doesn't go as expected. Of course I'm human! I have moments of tantrums, tears... you name it. But they pass much more quickly and sometimes don't even arise as they used to.

Life is meant to be celebrated and I had to laugh because I'm celebrating this weekend by speaking at "Celebrate Your Life" in Chicago. Last November when I spoke at this conference in Phoenix, I actually got nervous. I was in a roomful of famous authors talking about their next PBS specials and charitable foundations and I felt small. But I got over it quickly after the angels gave me a kind reminder that its not the scale of what we do in the world but whether or not we are being true to ourselves in each moment. And so with that in mind, I practiced becoming impeccably true to myself in each moment and have been happier than ever before as of late.

I can't wait to speak this time. Its not about 'performing well' or 'fitting in.' Its just about being me and sharing what I have to share. And I know in that frame of mind it will go really well.

The angels have taught me that if we just be ourselves, kindly, honestly, and impeccably, life sorts itself out around us. What serves our hearts remains in our lives and what doesn't evolves out. Life begins to flow kindly and gently, and even though life is life - things break, people aren't always kind, things don't always go as planned - you can trust that these things are just little bends in the great river of God's love and float through these moments without getting stuck.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enjoy the journey

I've been in bliss lately. I'm just living day by day embracing life and my own heart as it comes. I still have plenty of human challenges as we all do, but it just doesn't seem to matter because in the present, the only problems are small ones. I even had a mystical experience of the Oneness so profound the other night that I couldn't even separate my consciousness from the God I wanted to thank. It was all one. Amazing. I'm learning to back out of my Ann-self and see the truth behind it all - that we really are just one living, moving, field of energy informed by an intelligence and love that we call God. Amazing.

Now talk about divine timing! I had to learn patience. It wasn't my forte. As I cleaned out some files this weekend I found my file of rejection letters from the first book I wrote and sent to many publishers. They ranged from polite, "we are busy," letters to "this has no use to our readers" letters! I had to laugh. I thought I was ready to be published ten years ago. I was totally not ready, as I look back. I had so much to learn. I had to really find the real motivation behind sharing the words with everyone else. I had to get over concerns about being in public. And so ten years later I am ready and I had fun shredding the rejection letters.

So often in readings I have to share with people that there IS good coming but in God's time. Hard message to hear, and I know it. But then years later at times, the same people show up and I see the harvest of their lives. This morning I saw a dear client who has embraced her spiritual growth every step of the way. Apparently four years ago I saw the love of her life and told her about him. Guess who just got married last week - she did!! Now years may have sounded long but I saw the joy in her eyes and heart and knew once again that the angels are SO right when they say it is worth the wait to have what GOD wants for you. So if you find yourself in the position of having done everything right, spiritually speaking and still not having your goals just yet, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust...

There will always be more goals, more things we want to achieve, and we can either spend our lives trusting we'll get there, acting when guided and resting when not, or spinning our wheels with worry and neurosis. "If you get on the road, you'll get to your destination," the angels say. "Why not enjoy the trip?!"

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Surrender and trust in action

I had a great weekend at the Matrix Energetics seminar in Seattle ( I wanted to immerse myself in a practice that pushes my envelope - uses what I know in concept and makes it very tangible and real. Dr. Richard Bartlett is able through focused intention and surrender to zap people into different possible realities where healing takes place instantly. I spent an hour passed out on stage, having wild visions while my body rearranged itself, after he spent a few seconds working on me. Gotta love it.

The principles he teaches are so much like the wisdom from the angels. It seems the greatest lives and the greatest healings occur when you trust the guidance in each moment. There is a power greater than any of us that we call God, grace, or you name it. This power loves us, guides our interplay, and moves us towards the best possible outcome. This power puts the call in your heart to act when it is time to act. It was a Monday afternoon in December, when Marla Steele ( first told me about matrix. My heart said LEAP. By Tuesday I had rearranged my schedule, charged flights and hotel and commited to learn. I went to subsequent seminars and trainings and began to immerse myself in new possibilities and my soul has been nurtured to a degree where I feel re-energized and re-inspired to give even more to you all. I'll pay off the charge card, or rather God will, and never even remember that part. I do keep my experiences however.

When your heart says leap, leap. If you feel inspired to check out a new location DO it. IF you want money, find a job you love when you are inspired to do it. If you feel like talking to a stranger, don't hesitate. Don't stop yourself short with over analysis, criticism, judgement, and doubt. Then reserved judgment, release expecation and just observe what happens. God is always at work in your life.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Patching up leaks!

The angels are right on with this messge. Working on your inner world is important. And not getting sucked into the drama is too. I am grateful for the dear people in my life who don't get sucked into my dramas when I occasionally have them. I had a wild week. Something in the yard leaked. This killed the GCFI circuit. That killed the sprinklers, which caused a water valve to burst!! All this occurred while I was putting in over 18 hrs of hard labor refinishing some bookshelves and getting ready for a trip to an educational seminar. To say the least I was not pleased! A dear friend gave me the biggest gift of all by just listening to me, not getting sucked into my drama, and being kind. That was all I needed. I prayed for a new attitude, schedule repairmen, called an electrician and got over it.

I saw how I created this - I was LEAKING energy whining about how long it took to refinish my bookcases and do other projects. I could have taken a breather and spent time with friends but this Aries chick was driven...and whining. And my yard mirrored it nicely!

We're on earth. Things happen at times - people aren't always nice, mechanical stuff breaks, the weather is wild, and yet its up to us still to manage our inner conditions rather than letting the outside world dictate them. I'm human - I have my less than glorious moments and so do we all. And yet, you can pass through these moments with greater ease if you don't judge yourself, you reach out for assistance, pray, breathe, and allow God to help guide you through them.

All is well. Nothing is leaking anymore and I'm not leaking energy. I'm feeling the Grace of God and the joy of life again.

Learn to laugh at your own humanity. It is beautiful, nutty, and challenging all at once but it IS part of God's creation.