Saturday, April 28, 2007

Doggie teachers

I saved this story since last November, and just today my angels suggested I include it in the newsletter. It just goes to show there's divine timing in every little thing we think or do.

My dogs are some of my greatest spiritual teachers. Last Thanksgiving as I was soaking the turkey in the sink, my husky began circling around, sniffing and plotting how he could steal the bird. He remembered the year he stood on his hind legs and took a HUGE bite out of the raw turkey before I caught him and dragged him outdoors. This time I vowed to outsmart him. I put a cookie sheet and a cutting board on top of the sink and pushed the kitchen island in front of it. He sat pondering how on earth he was going to get to the bird. I looked at him and told him I was sorry he'd have to wait and live with the fact that there would be no raw turkey for him, but that if he did wait, I'd give him some wondefully flavorful cooked scraps the next day. He sighed and surrendered, and went about his doggie business for the day.

The interaction made me think of how God treats us. Sometimes we don't get what we want right away, because God has something more wonderful cooking for us that we'll get handed on a silver platter at a later date. The relationship you want isn't working, the house didn't sell, the job fell through... and yet instead of feeling deprived and ignored, maybe God has something better in store for you if you can just have the faith and surrender and wait.

I cooked a bird without bite marks. My dog got his yummy turkey scraps, and all was well with our world...

I was astounded that I had no sooner put this story in the newsletter, than I got an email from Mishka Productions. With great tenderness they told me they were not inviting me to speak at the next Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix. Instead of being upset, I totally understood. They need new material and I do not have a new book out. I am happy to say that they HAVE selected a dear friend to speak and we'll share more on that later when they're ready for announcements.

In my past I would have been crushed. I would have felt I did something wrong, or pouted or had some other less than loving to myself reaction. Today however, I felt like my dog... I sat and surrendered... and KNEW in my heart of hearts that God has big plans for me that are the best my life has to offer for me, for the world as I relate to it, and for all involved in my life. Instead of feeling disappointed, and this is weird, I felt a sense of freedom, as new ideas flooded in for classes and other things I can offer my clients that will benefit me as well and keep me expanding creatively. I felt the pressure to 'produce' new material off my shoulders and realized that without pressure, I'll get that book I'm working on finished sooner. I received a huge download of information on things to offer today as I sat and asked God what's next. And best of all I took the laptop outdoors, sat by a fountain and worked in the bliss of a spring breeze. Life was pretty perfect today.

God is amazing. When you don't hang on to "how" things have to look and when you TOTALLY trust that everything that comes your way is love, that if you need to learn a lesson to unclog your spirit to get your dreams - you will - then all of the sudden your heart is free. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this but lately I've been really embracing this surrender that the angels teach and absolute magic is occurring in my heart and in my life.

Dreams do come true. Pray for WHAT you want but don't tell God HOW to create it... you'll totally limit the miracles that come in your life. Assume that everything is helping you no matter what. Last week's surrender to the lessons in the pain paved the way for this joy. All is, after all, always love.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A visit to Karunamayi

It has been an amazing week. Every year I go to Sedona to see Karunamayi, an Indian woman who is known as the 'embodiment of the Divine Mother." She fasted and prayed in the jungles and caves in her native India for ten years and basically connected so strongly with God she radiates the healing divine energy of the female side of God. She heals, does miracles, blessings, etc. ( Every year I go ask for some blessing. This year I trust that God is handling the outer details of my life so all my blessing requests were internal... Cure the fure I feel about going out bigger in the world. Help me heal the sadness I feel as I witness the world's pain and the number of people who complain when they are truly blessed. Help me stop being hard on myself. Help me heal the physical pain that occurs when I slide into these conditions.

She touched my forehead, and I felt the soothing balm of God's love pouring through me. I was in bliss. Later that night I was sobbing like an infant and my body was in wracking pain as I allowed the fears, and sorrows to surface in order to leave my system. The physical pain got so bad in the middle of the night I got up and sat with God. "Ok God," I said. "I know you are in this pain. Reveal yourself to me." I searched through my body with awareness, paying attention to the feelings in each spot, and knew as I focused on each one what it was about. I prayed to have the illusions released and in that prayer, one by one they were. I called in the angels and told them that I knew what this was about but needed to feel their love and comfort NOW. The warmth spread throughout me as I completed my spiritual homework, and I slept peacefully. I used all my own healing techniques, had several friends join in, took one advil later that day and was done with the pain, done with some serious old fears about even being a loving soul on this earth, and done with the sadnesses for at least the time being. I felt renewed in body, mind, and spirit.

You may ask what this has to do with manifesting. I am always manifesting more joy, more of a life kissed by grace and ease, and more spiritual freedom. Those mean more to me than any material possession. The stuff comes when I need it but these are the eternal qualities that I will take with me after this life and the qualities that make my life worth living. So if I want more joy, I have to let go of more sorrow. If I want more freedom, I must release more fear.

When you feel fearful or in pain - physically and emotionally - embrace it, go within and see what it is about. It is not fun, I'll vouch for that!! But if you do the homework, the clouds lift quickly. Don't try to analyze the pain with your mind. Sink deep into it with your heart and a prayer for understanding. Search your heart for when you may have felt that in your past. Pray for healing. As you embrace it emotionally with the light of your consciousness and your love - and your willingness to see it as teacher, it will pass far more quickly. And the freedom that follows is bliss. I now know that when something this difficult arises, there are big freedoms on the other side of it, bigger bliss, capacity to receive more, and more love to give.

Don't be afraid of the darker spaces in your life or your world. They teach you if you are willing to face them with a prayer and with courage, and you will always come out more spiritually free and powerful. The world is not an adverse place unless you choose to see it that way. Love can be found in all situations. It is not easy, but it is SO worthwhile to view life this way.

Love and prayers,

ps - our prayers go to all who were affected by the shootings in Virginia this week. The angels say this is time to pray for a healing of the vibration that creates such pain that a soul would resort to such violence. They ask us not to judge but rather to admit that many of us have felt such desperate pain inside of ourselves at times, that while we wouldn't resort to violence on others, we have at times, shared angry words, violent judgements against ourselves, or wished ill towards others. They don't want us to point fingers - to say us vs. them, but rather to acknowledge the collective human pain and know that we can play a part in stopping violence on this planet when we choose to be kinder to ourselves and as a natural consequence, kinder towards others as well.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stay the course

This reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago. I went to get a smoothie at a local shop. The girl behind the counter handed me three instead of the two we'd ordered. I looked directly at a woman waiting her turn and asked her if the third one was hers. She looked angry at life and glared at me, ignoring the question. The girl behind the counter, told me to just take the extra one. As I did so, the angry woman, woke up and said, "That's mine!" The girl behind the counter grinned in embarrassment. The angry woman shouted at her, "I'm glad you think the mistake is so funny," and stormed off in a huge huff.

This story epitomizes how we create dramas and messes in our lives. It was apparent this woman expected all of life to be against her and so even a thing so small as an honest mistake became another epic chapter in the universe victimizing her.

On the flip side, I've seen people who, against all odds, remain positive, expect the best, and get it.

This is a year when your thoughts, feelings and expecatations can be a power tool for creating magic in your life or absolute disaster. Whatever we dwell upon this year we will get. If your life is not where you want it to be, I understand the feeling. 12 years ago I was psychic in the window at a small bookstore, making $6/15 minute reading on the least busy days after quitting engineering, getting divorced, and dating a dishonest sociopath who ran off with my money. I KNOW what its like to feel like all you-know-what is breaking loose in your life. When I was there... I prayed. GOD show me the way back to a good life. I kept finding books on manifesting. I used the tools. I sat every single day and focused on what it would feel like to be making a decent salary while helping people. I focused on what it would feel like to feel joyful and healed again...and slowly but surely that reality came about.

When I asked the angels how to generate more business they told me to give thanks for every person I was able to assist and tell God I was ready to serve the next one. That meant if I had one client the entire day (not enought to buy two cups of coffee), I had to give thanks... and MEAN IT. I wasn't allowed to wallow in self pity. The angels were tough task masters because they wanted to help me create happiness, not misery and they knew I needed to get my mind and heart in order.

So if you find yourself in a bind or wanting to create something that has not yet arrived, stay the course. Do the focusing, treasure maps, visualizations (with feeling), and by all means give thanks for whatever you can find in your life to be thankful for.

These days I am grateful to tears for so much in my life, especially all of you.
Love and blessings,

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Never give up

Dear friends,

There's a lot I could write about on this subject. So often when people are manifesting I see them give up after the first near miss, or after a period of time, or at the first sign of disappointment. If you do that, you have not yet achieved the vibration to create what you want. If you are really manifesting YOU KNOW that what you intend will come at the perfect time, in the perfect way, and in a way that is in harmony with the entire universe. If you are really manifesting, you have faith in your own creation. The universe says YES when you truly do.

I'm manifesting paying off some bills, getting projects completed, and having total amazing vitality. All of the sudden the roof needs repair, the pool pump is leaking wildly, my contact lense cracked and I needed all new lenses, appointments, etc., and all sorts of other expenses came up.

All I can think, after years of manifesting is OH COOL, I must have a LOT coming in. I like to create BIG examples for teaching purposes. And furthermore, I'm creating a BIG vacuum in my account. I'm getting everything all fixed up so I can enjoy what is coming in.

I truly believe that. Its my reality. I live in the eternal flow of life. So do you. This belief system has never failed me once.

If you're manifesting, remain TRUE to the course. Expect that what you are intending will come no matter what you see in front of you. Your inner reality is the thing that changes your outer reality, not vice versa. In your mind, go to the future you want. Get into it. Get juicy with details. And if you can't get excited ask yourself if you really want what you think you do, or if you really believe it can happen. Go back and try again.

Life is waiting for you to embrace it :) Don't quit when things look odd in the middle of your manifestation process. Just expect results and trust that its all good.