Saturday, March 31, 2007

Manifesting health

I love the way the angels put things. They have really worked with me the past several years to trust that when it is time to do something in alignment with my intentions, everything in me will want to do it.

One of my creations as of late has been 'perfect health and well being.' Like many of us, I've put on a few too many pounds to fit in my spring clothing, I had some crazy allergies coming in, and felt a little out of shape. So I intended perfect health and well being, and I intended that I be guided to and passionate about whatever I needed to achieve that.

The first step occurred when I discovered the new healing work I'm studing (Matrix Energetics). I've used that to get my spine in alignment and to really enjoy nuking old patterns in my psyche that are counter productive.

Two weeks ago, I was ready for my allergies to be gone completely and my weight to go. All of the sudden, I had the DESIRE to go to the gym, as if nothing else mattered! Mind you I haven't wanted to even drive in the parking lot of the gym for the last three years. I felt joyous on the treadmill and even ran into a friend I hadn't seen in ages and talked through most of my workout! God is good.

Part B occurred when a client showed up and reminded me of the healing benefits of clay. I've used this type of clay years ago to take down swelling on my mom's knee, to cure acne , and to eliminate pain but I forgot all about it! Ruth informed me that it even works, in small doses in water to detox the body. It all sounded good but I put it out of my mind till a week later. I was complaining about all the toxins in the air and environment, praying for a way NOT to take it into my system. I did my matrix work and then realized I was HOLDING the book on the clay and its journey to us in my hands!! DUH. I ordered a bucket and started drinking it diluted in water every day.

The allergies left the first day. My digestion started operating properly the second. The angels told me (and it was confirmed) that it was full of much needed calcium the third!! I even used it on a friend's face today to cure her rash within an hour. So once ... GO GOD!

Just intend what you want and trust that when you need something it will be there and you will have the urge to do what is healthy and good for all involved in order to make your intentions come true.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Guidance is subtle

Although I have a lot of practice talking to angels, most of my personal guidance comes in the form of subtle urges. I'll never forget the day I was leaving to go to work and I had the sudden urge to change out of my skirt into pants, and to grab a water bottle and a book. None of this made any sense until my car broke down on the way to work, on a very windy day! I went inside and thanked the angels and then asked them why they allowed me to leave knowing my car was going to break down. At that point, I heard them say with laughter... "And what would you have done - called work and said, I cannot come in because my car is going to stall!" They giggled at the thought. I saw the wisdom.

Guidance does not always lead where you think it will but it leads you where God wants you to be. I prayed for a 'publisher who would be intersted in my work," in 1995. I had an urge a few weeks later to go to the library. I searched for books on publishers and found none but while waiting in line to check out, I randomly picked up an ad and saw a seminar, "How to get your manuscript in the hands of a publisher!" The former excutive publisher who gave the seminar took an interest in my work and helped me develop confidence that I could write. He didn't publish it but he gave me the confidence to keep going.

Another time I felt suddenly and urgently like visiting a favorite thrift store. I argued with the feeling - no time, no point in it, etc... but the urge was so strong I went. Wandering aimlessly, and wondering why I was there, a woman suddenly started screaming. She had popped a blood vessel, was bleeding profusely and sure she was going to die since she was on blood thinning drugs. I grabbed a towel, plugged up the wound and started running energy. I told her to calm down and pray. Needless to say the bleeding stopped in spite of her conviction that she couldn't stop bleeding. I handed her off to the paramedics and left quietly unnoticed. I had been praying previously to know if this 'healing stuff' really worked.

When you have an urge to do something that is positive and constructive, just do it. Don't analyze. Sometimes you'll know why and other times you will not. Sometimes it will make sense after the fact, othertimes, you will not figure it out. Sometimes the angels are helping you practice listening and other times they are pushing your buttons to help you release an old program that gets in the way of your manifestations. Trust yourself. Trust God. And then watch and see how the adventures unfold!

Have a wonderfully guided week,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Honoring self is not selfish

It took me years to really learn that honoring myself is not selfish. I used to feel as if I were so blessed, it wasn't ok to ask for more.

And then one day the angels said to me, "Ann, the acorn is perfect unto itself and yet it yearns to be an oak. The oak is perfect and yet it yearns to produce acorns. The acorns on the tree are perfect and yet they yearn to fall back into the earth, and so on and so forth. Life occurs in never ending cycles of transformation and to admit you want more is to admit you are growing, changing, transforming, and in a constant act of creation. Be grateful for what you have now, and you are, but do not deny the desires for change." They have since said this in readings time and again.

It is our nature to change. When we were young we wanted to go to school. And then we wanted summer vacation. We wanted to be independent and then we wanted to be taken care of. We wanted to be in relationships and then some of us wanted to be on our own again. Some of you yearned for children and later yearned to see them safely out of the home. You will always grow and change. Your needs and desires will shift as you do. This does not mean there is anything wrong with you at all! You are simply moving with the movement of God as it flows through your own heart.

When I feel a deep soul level desire for something now, I own it, acknowledge it, pray for it, and release it to the universe, waiting for further instructions.

I told the universe late last year that I want to learn how to do 'miracles' with energy - more powerful healing, moving objects, etc. I am just simply drawn to these practices, because, like Emily Dickinson once said, I like to "dwell in possibility." I believe we are capable of so much more and want to prove to myself that we are all capable of these things - even me with my stubborn analytical mind!!

Lo and behold a week later, my friend Marla Steele - an awesome pet psychic & healer - contacted me and told me about a Matrix Energetics seminar. I attended one in December, another one last weekend, and loved it. Dr. Richard Bartlett who teaches Matrix does the so-called miraculous - healing people instantly and powerfully. I experienced his work first hand.

I signed up to do practitioner certification and immediately began to grow again. It momentarily felt selfish to commit so much time and money to something that I don't 'need' but rather just 'want' to do. It will mean less time for my books, etc. in the next few months and a major commitment of time and some money. It is highly impractical right now and yet.. I want it so badly God will help me manage my time and pay the bills, and this I know from experience. It will all fall into place because it comes from the depths of my heart and God supports that.

When you want something and you allow yourself to pray for it, feel it, and have it, in the receiving there will also be an ability to give back - whether it be through helping and assisting others, inspiring them, sharing resources, or what have you. So dare to dream, dare to pray for what you really want, dive in and let go of trying to control how it all works out. Then have a miraculous week!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love manifesting!

I love manifesting. I used to teach it and have guided hundreds of people to make their dreams come true. It is one of the most fun parts of my job, second only to seeing people really learn to love their bright, beautiful selves!

In my own life I don't do anything the old fashioned way. If I don't know how to create something I want, I sit, intend, visualize, and feel. And I've done this long enough to know the FEELING that must occur to make something happen. The FEELING is one of actually being in the future you want to create. There is a certainty that goes beyond belief, a knowing, a realization that no other path could occur because you have claimed whatever it is, and aimed your God light at it with your intent.

People always ask me why manifesting does or doesn't work. You must really want what you are creating. For exampe, no one really wants money!! Now that sounds funny. But what people want is the ability to pay their bills easily, the ability to buy something, the inner quality of security,the freedom to do what they want, etc... The angels say BUT YOU ALREADY HAVE SECURITY. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. Money does not give that to you.

In fact, money can just as easily give you the ability to distract yourself from what is really important to your spirit. When I am in my leaner times, I enjoy what is really important in life- a walk in the park, doing my writing, relaxing, etc. When I have excess, I tend to complicate my life by buying things that are a bit extraneous.

The trick is to ask for what you REALLY want and need to be happy. I INTEND for example to pay my bills and have enough for them a few weeks ahead so as not to freak out. I intend to have some in savings as a buffer in case of need. I intend when I want a material object and ta da.. it comes. I intend to feel secure inside myself and free at all times. This way, God can come up with numerous ways to help out that aren't limited by the hours I work, the people I know, or any other conditions I might place on life.

So, when you are manifesting, get into the feeling of having what you REALLY want - the bottom line so to speak, and then get out of God's way and don't tell him how to do his job.... Surrender, enjoy the surprises and be amazed!... but don't mess up your creations with worry :)