Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Forget control!

I totally understand the angels' message this week having gone through cycles of death, dormancy, and rebirth many times in my life. Last autumn I felt SO lazy in Sept and Oct and then all of the sudden things started moving very fast in my life. I'm glad I spent all those hours after work on the couch, watching my favorite cooking shows. I needed the rest and all the energy that is now going out into the world. We have to take time to fill our cup before we can spill it. We have to sit still at times and let spirit work with us to ready us for change. We have to be patient and trust the process.

I was not and am still not always patient, although I do a LOT better than usual. As you all know, I'm doing a really fun class this weekend and as usual, I had all the bits and pieces, but not the cohesive outline as of last weekend. Uh, hi angels, hi God, this is Ann... We're down to one week, I reminded the universe. Saturday and Sunday were set aside for organizing the class. And lo and behold, ALL I felt like doing was laying on the lawn in the sunshine. I fought the desire for about fifteen minutes and realized I had to surrender to the class I was about to teach.

If I wanted a BELIGHTFUL life, I could do my class on the sunshine on a beach towel in my grass. So I dragged out my old dinasaur of a laptop computer (otherwise known as an electronic typewriter) and plugged it into an extension cord, laid the towels on the lawn, put on the sunscreen and slipped into bliss. God started talking so fast I had to type as fast as my fingers would go. The class came together better than if I, with my small mind, and logic, and ego, had tried. Furthermore my car needed maintenance so I scheduled it on Wednesday and had time to memorize the outline.

It is possible to plan for a major seminar, work full time, get the car worked on, clean house and ready for mom's visit, do a newsletter, go to meditation group, drive to Tempe to pick up my taxes, do my accounting, get the nails done, and answer hundreds of emails without feeling rushed... but ONLY when I honor the moment!! Its so cool to be in the delightful, belighful flow of divine grace.

We think we have to be in control and make ourselves get things done but when we surrender they are done so much more easily!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Soul's plans

This channeled message seems to be directed at me this week! I've been preparing for Be-lightful as well as getting some CDs ready to bring for those who have asked me to, and I was very excited because I bought a better CD burner to make my life easier. I set Wednesday aside to begin creating the CDs and was actually looking forward to the chore. I ran out to run a few errands and realized I had missed the delivery of my CD burner and would have to wait till the next day. I wish I could say I handled the disappointment gracefully but a few colorful phrases slipped out before I started to realize that I HAD prayed to surrender to divine timing as of late!! And so I calmed down, realized God had other plans, and surrendered.

As a result I had time to go to the Wednesday night group meditation and during the meditation I started receiving all sorts of other wonderful fun things to do at the seminar next week. I had also been praying to know God's will for that class. I also got some much needed sleep instead of staying up late playing with my new office equipment!

So once again my SMALL mind wanted what it wanted, but my SOUL had other plans! And as always my soul's plans were better than the ones my mind had cooked up. I DO trust God's timing very much these days. I have my human moments but it doesn't take long to realize that a tantrum is just that - a little tantrum! And God always has better plans!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trust, trust, trust!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I had a great weekend last week. I manifested a nice rainy day to stay inside, do my taxes, and clean my office. Now those aren't tasks I typically look forward to, however, I always ask God to put the desire in my heart to do the things I must, at the right time, in the right way. I actually felt like working, this weekend, and the weather cooperated by being cool, grey, and drizzly - perfect for being inside.

After doing my taxes, I sat down to get organized. I started shredding old documents, and as the hum of the shredder put me in a very relaxed state, the angels began to chat.

"Remember how IMPORTANT those bills were," the angels asked me? "Yes," I replied, very much aware of where they were leading me. The checks I worked so hard to earn back then, sometimes easily, sometimes with a lot of work, were now faded pieces of old paper getting torn to little bits. "Everything is passing Ann. Everything is taken care of. Things you once fretted over now are forgotten. Tell people there is never a need to worry about life, bills, being taken care of, etc. These are God's worries, dear ones. These are not yours. Everything you worry about now will be something you forget later. There is never a lasting worry, dear one, because always you are taken care of by God. Sometimes you simply don't trust."

I trust these days. I trust God with every fiber of my being. I trust He'll guide my career, take care of my bills, tell me what to do and when to do it, and help me help others while living in balance myself. I trust that God loves me and will make sure dreams I do't even know about come true. I trust that God loves you that much too. We are all different but equal.

Try a little faith and trust this week, and remember - today's worries will always become tomorrow's forgotten memories.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Assume all is well

I can't wait to teach BE-lightful because my life has been just filled with light as of late! I don't even feel like my old self. Stuff that used to bother me rolls off my back. Stuff that I used to put up with that isn't right doesn't get tolerated. I feel very clear about what is right for me in each moment and what is not, and OH Halleluia, I have given up trying to control life and my future, at least for this time period, hopefully forever!!

Life is bliss when you can embrace the moment. The angels once told me, "Ann, when you intend to create something in your life, trust that EVERYTHING that happens to you from the moment of your intention to the time of achieving your dream is HELPING you get there - EVERYTHING." I have learned the truth of that statement over the years of guiding so many people to manifest dreams, and using the tools again and again in my own life.

I've been intending to trust God in everything and I keep getting opportunities to trust. Three weeks ago I was driving to Sedona when I encountered snow on the freeway. I don't know how to drive very well in the snow, but the angels had promised me safe passage. So I just surrendered, relaxed, released my worries and asked God to drive. My arms relaxed and I felt as if every cell in me knew what I was doing. There was no white-knuckle-gripping-the-wheel-fear. In fact, I felt nothing but bliss and wonder as I watched the beauty all around me, knowing I was very safe.

When God is in charge, and you can relax into a reality where all is well, all is taken care of, all is in right order. When we try to strategize, control, and manipuate life all you-know-what breaks loose.

So keep assuming all is well in your life. If you're intending what you want, and getting excited about having it, everything that happens in between is part of the manifestation.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What does God want from Me?

So often I am asked, "What does God want for me?" The answer always comes from the angels, "God wants for you what you truly and deeply want for you. Search your heart of hearts and find what is inside of you at any given moment. This is your guidance."

I have had to really work to learn to listen to my heart in each moment. Sunday night I had the urge to stay up very late doing my office work - typically a Monday task. Monday I had the urge to go to the Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show and get some beads to make jewelry (another one of my many interests in life!). I had twinges of old leftover guilt tugging at me, because after all, there is always more work to be done. But I work hard, I got my work done by 3am Sunday night, and I needed some down time. I picked a card from the angel deck that I use at times when I'm not 100% sure I'm clear. PLAY was the card I chose. So off I went to look at beautiful rocks and sparkly beads.

It never fails that as I choose to honor my heart, life works miracles for me. I got home Monday night to find an email from a friend. They are connecting me with a company in Japan that puts on metaphysical conferences and there is the possibility I could be invited to speak there in the future. I was completely taken by surprise. The angels had given me no hints about this opportunity except to give me an urge to send in my passport renewal for "no good reason" last week. Once again, I saw God in action.

In the past it was always easy for me to honor an urge to work, help, or assist someone, but it was harder for me to honor the urge to do something "frivolous." However, these so called frivolous pursuits are actually the down time needed to refill our spirits so we are ready to give deeply and authentically once again. God knows what He is doing. If you honor your heart you will get to see the magic He is trying to work in your lives.