Saturday, January 27, 2007

Choosing the things we want...

I feel like this message was directed at me. I have often asked the angels, "How do we follow our hearts when we want two things at once?" One of the most common examples is when someone wants to pay the bills in the present but totally wants a different job. My example last week was that I wanted to continue to serve humanity in greater ways but was resisting the "packaging" that the world seems to need. "So what is truly following the heart?" I asked the angels.

"Always embrace your deepest truth in the moment," they answered. Ok, I could buy that. My deepest truth is a desire to serve humanity by sharing the message of God's love with as many people as possible. "Surrender then dear one, to what comes with that, as long as it does not compromise the love that you are." Well, getting a nice haircut, and some updated clothing certainly didn't compromise the loving being that I am although I have to admit at first it was a bit outside the comfort zone ( now I'm all over my issues and am enjoying looking a little better!).

I realize that all throughout my life I have had to commit to a path and then surrender to the very same. For example, when I wanted to pay my bills as an engineer but wanted to have a more meaningful career, I had to surrender to paying my bills as an engineering while praying for and intending a new career. I became the best engineer I could be during those final years and left with head held high. When the guidance came to quit, I had to surrender to that in spite of all my fears. When Nancy Shilling, a dear psychic and one of my mentors pushed me out in public, I resisted, and yet was told by the angels that if I wanted this meaningful career, at some point I had to get out in public. I chose to surrender.

I used to joke that I was queen of resistance but thank heaven I've surrendered my crown. I would pray for something, get it and then resist what came with it! I think we all do that.

So if you have seemingly conflicting desires, surrender to the most immediate (for example going to work to pay the bills) while praying for what you want in the future. Another example is when people want a great relationship but are fixed on one that isn't. Ok, so you want to be in the one you are in now, and you can surrender to that, be the best you can be in it, and at the same time pray for God to bring you the love you seek whether it is in the current relationship transformed or in another.

For me, the choice I make constantly that changes my life is the choice to pray for help. God give me the strength and the wisdom to surrender to my path every step of the way. Make me love it. If you want me to know anything make it obvious... seriously... I wasn't joking when I shared my favorite prayer last week. And you know what, it works :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Being the best me...

The angels have a huge sense of humor. Last week they finished off their message with a comment to "Celebrate your life..." Well, this week I got invited to speak at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago, which is much like the one I spoke at in November. I was so excited because this is my mom's city of origin and she's going to get to meet me there and see all the popular authors speak as well. Its so awesome to share the unfolding journey with her.

Nonetheless, as always, big opportunities always seem to come hand in hand with some required growth. A dear mentor kindly told me I didn't look all that great on camera and suggested some updates to my appearance. This person wasn't asking me to be anything other than who I am - they were asking me to be the best me I could be. I knew they were right. The angels themselves told me that if I were to surrender to God's plan for my life to bring messages of His love out to the masses, I would have to surrender to humanity's need to "package" me. Oh Lordy did that bring up issues!

I was a tomboy as a child. Put me in a dress and I'd climb a tree out of spite, proudly declaring I had shorts under the skirt. Try to cut my long hair and I'd argue that I loved the wildness of it and promise to wear it in braids. Girl stuff became a power struggle - mom wanting me to look cute, and me wanting to look like me. I had unpleasant memories of shopping and hair salons and thus avoided them frequently, with the exception of a good thrift store hunt which was always fun.

So here I sat after the conversation, wanting very much inside of my heart to be the best me I can be on both spiritual and human levels, and resisting the very same because of a few old fears and misunderstandings. I let the inner child have a good cry and then got over it. I made a decision to be a grownup, surrender to what comes with my path, get the haircut, buy the crest whitestrips, and consider what kind of "image" I wanted to present that best represents me. I actually had fun once I surrendered.

The lesson is simple. Sometimes you want something and yet you resist the very same due to old misunderstandings and pain, whether it be your own experience or watching your parents struggle over the same. We prevent ourselves from our birthrights of being loved, abundant, beautiful, successful or whatever because we fear something that comes with the very same. But you can make choices that are consistent with your desires no matter how uncomfortable they are. And once you do, watch the energy flow in your life once more and feel the freedom of knowing you've released one more piece of old baggage that was preventing your dreams from coming true. God is having fun with my life since I turned it over to Him, and thankfully I look better for it!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Patience pays off... and a trip to Sea World

The angel message today makes me laugh. I have learned patience over the years, but truthfully kicking and screaming until at long last the angel's words to me sunk in...

Ann, eternity is an awfully long time. You really might want to learn to enjoy the moment.

As I contemplated that statement I realized how right they were. I have forever as a soul to be in existence and experience everything my soul might want to experience. What on earth is the rush if I am miserable because I am never at some goal. Truth is, the minute I achieve a goal, I set another one. Might as well be happy because life is always a process. I have found if I surrender to life's flow, life simply works.

I went to Sea World last Sunday. A dear client gave me standby airline passes and we had a few weeks left to use them so we flew out to San Diego for the day. We surrendered our intentions and desire to get good flights to God, realized there was nothing we could control and as a result of enjoying the process, got great flights. We got lost on the way from the airport to a breakfast spot and ended up at a better one. The day flowed seamlessly. I telepathically talke to both a dolphin and an orca who begged me to share with people that we should all simply practice kindness to all of God's creatures including each other. My heart nearly burst with that interchange. I telepathically told the dolphin when I had to leave that I had to go, and he backed up in the water and waved goodbye. I nearly flipped.

So be patient. Miracles happen while you are manifesting your dreams. I have big goals. I've been told I'm supposed to be way out in public writing and lecturing. I could obsess about it, struggle to get my publisher, work all weekends, etc, but I won't be that way ever again. I want to LIVE, truly LIVE in the process of achieving my dreams. And I trust God 100% now and know that if I honor my heart in each moment, I create a vibration to make all my dreams come true faster.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playing with parallel realities

The angels say "all realities exist in the mind of God," and "you create or re-create yourself in each moment in time."This translates into , "who you think you are and what you expect creates your experience of the present moment... over and over again"

Typically we don't experience miracles because we expect what we've gotten in the past. If we felt bad two seconds ago, we expect to feel bad now. If we feel good, we expect to feel good. If past relationships weren't so hot, we fear new ones unless we've worked with our minds to create better expectations. If we've learned we have to struggle to make a living we do, until we choose better thoughts.

If we can starte each moment anew and treat our lives as if we are constantly given a clean slate upon which to create, we WILL create miracles far more quickly and easily.

So I created a little experiment just for fun before the holidays. I had SO many fun projects to do and not enough time to get them done. I got so involed in baking and crafting that I didn't get tire, and frequently ended up staying up until 3 or 4am. Mind you, had I been staying up doing WORK, I would have likely been tired, but this was play and I was enjoying every minute of it.

In the past I bought into the mass consciousness that says, "Thou shalt sleep or be exhausted." I would think to myself, "OH dear, I'm only getting four hours sleep. I will be tired." And in that MOMENT, in that THOUGHT, I created my reality of fatigue the following morning.

So I chose better thoughts such as, "I had a lot of fun baking tonight and watching the cooking channel, and playing with the dogs, and writing, and I am SO happy no matter how little sleep I will wake up rested!" Magically I woke up rested!

We experience the realities we create every day. We wake up and start worrying... thus using our imagination to create a mess out of our day! Alternately, we wake up and concsiously imagine the day we want, thus creating a much better experience of our day. They are both possible realities... and therefore we CHOOSE one with our thoughts and we PERCEIVE all to be in alighnment with that reality, and we draw from the infinite possibilities in God's mind to create our EXPERIENCE.

Have fun with this stuff. Place your thoughts on the reality you want to experience rather than the one you don't. See how choosing thoughts and perceptions alters your experience of life.

I think I'll go to bed now, however, because tonight, I want to watch the holiday lights that are still up around my windows, and burrow under my nice warm comforter, and then go play with the angels in my sleep. And that is another very good reality to play with!