Saturday, October 27, 2007

My New Book is Out!

I am thrilled to finally release "Whispers of the Spirit" - my autobiography that describes how I went from being a rather angry and disenchanted avionics engineer to who I am now.

I wrote this book 11 years ago and finally decided to release it because I believe much of what I went through is common to the human experience, and if I could learn to listen to Spirit... anyone can!!

Description: Ann Albers graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering, got a job in the avionics industry, & was well on her way to 'having it all.' God had other plans.

Disenchanted in a life that was supposed to make her happy, Ann prayed for her calling. Join her on an amazing journey of awakening in which you will learn how to tune into the Whispers of the Spirit in your own life.

Discover how dreams, symbols, intuition, angels, etc. guided Ann to leave the life she knew and step into the unknown. As Ann shares her experiences you'll learn to recognize the signs of Spirit in your life. This is a glorious adventure of the soul that will resonate with your head & heal your heart.

Endorsement by Doreen Virtue (Ph.D., author, "Divine Guidance") "Ann Albers is an artist of emotions and spirit, & her canvas is her enthralling book. You will feel the stirring of deep memories & even experience healing, as you share Ann's spiritual journey in the pages of this book."

I hope you enjoy it!

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