Friday, November 02, 2007

The Riches of Nature

I love the earth. I love being outdoors and I do give thanks for the beauty we have been gifted with. The angels once said, "Ann look at the riches humanity has been given - the grasses, the trees, the birds, the waters, the blue of the night sky, the clouds, the passionate orange sunburst of sunrise and sunset. Look at the soft berries, the ripe fruits, the crisp vegetables. Look at the majestic mountains, the ever-changing seas. Look. Look around you and behold true wealth." I almost cried when they said that because its true. In our society we measure wealth by our bank accounts, our stuff, and hopefully by the people in our lives as well, and yet wealth is here the minute we arrive on earth.

It is so important to take time to be in nature, whether you camp, walk, drive, or travel out of body at night, because when you are there, you are reminded of God's love. You can't help it. The miraculous surrounds us. I'll never forget a walk in a meadow right after a rain. I looked down and could have sworn I saw a diamond sitting there on a leaf. The diamonds were all over. I was dumfounded. When I looked closer I was even more overwhelmed. The "diamonds" were water droplets from the rain that had landed inside these leaves with five little parts. The way the leaves reflected through the water made each little drop look like a multifaceted diamond. I could hear the angels in the background delighting in my discovery of nature's gems :)

Have you ever done this? Pick up a rock and look at it. Ask it to tell you a story about where it came from. Shut your eyes and connect with this rock in your heart. Watch its birth as it originally travelled out of the earth as molten lava perhaps, or was pressurized by millions of years of ocean pressing down on it, or perhaps it grew as a result of condensation forming crystals in the cracks of another rock. A simple rock becomes a tool for travelling outside of time and space. Learn it with this rock, and you can do it anywhere.

Pick up another rock, and ask a question. Look at the rock and see how it answers you - maybe its shape, or markings upon it, or colors, answer your question. God is everywhere, in every aspect of creation. A simple rock can train you in your psychic abilities.

Mother nature is awe inspiring and awesome. I love her. I love the angel messages this week. It explains my need to shift to environmentally friendly detergents, and to do ceremony again, and to sing songs to her when I am out alone in nature. It also explains the jitters that many of us have felt on and off for some time now.

Give thanks! We live on one of the most diverse and beautiful planets in existence.