Saturday, December 01, 2007

Be the angel

I love the holiday season. It gives me an excuse to give without reason, to dress up the house, to go crazy with creativity, and to eat more than anyone should ever put in a body this size. But most of all I love that it is the season where people usually love more easily, act with more charity, and practice a bit more compassion.

So when I set out with a heart full of cheer to run errands Monday, I was shocked at the insanity, rudeness, and unkindness I witnessed all around. Drivers in traffic cut me off. Clerks at the office store ignored me. As I smiled at people they looked away. A clerk took 45 minutes to write up a supply order for me instead of swallowing her pride and asking a co-worker how to do it. I felt truly and deeply for the first time that I did not belong on this planet because so many people didn't know how to love. It was a passing thought, but then all of the sudden the truth hit and I realized, YOU ARE NEEDED HERE. I felt a FLOOD of huge, beautiful, angelic energy through my entire body and heard the words loudly, "Be the angel." "YES!" my soul cried out in response. I AM here to love.

Be the angel.

I started blessing the rude drivers in traffic, being kinder than ever to the rude people who didn't even see me as they ran into me in the shops, and prayed for the lady who was slow. I went back to the supply house to pick up my order and even though it wasn't ready as promised I enjoyed a delightful conversation with another lady in line. A lone honeybee started buzzing around me and proceeded to land on me and walk all over me - another joke from the angels. I guess I was BEE-ing who they wanted me to "be"!

It is more fun to love than to be irritated. It is more fun to know you can walk a higher path. It just feels better to be charitable, compassionate, and kind. I do not mean you should ever be a doormat or put up with abuse, but at the same time why return anger with anger, unkindness with unkindness, etc. Show people there is a better way. It feels good. It feels like playing Santa to give without reason. And it feels much closer to godliness. I felt powerful blessing the angry drivers and watching them slow down and be nicer. As Obi Wan Kanobi says in the movie Star Wars - "The force is strong on the weak minded" or in the terms of the mystic "Love is stronger than anger and hate."

So as you celebrate the season, "Be the Angel" and share your gift of prayers and blessings with those who need it the most. You'll feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside if you do this just for the sake of being who you really are. And the echo back from the world is pretty cool too!