Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gratitude - everything is love

As I typed this weeks angel message, I felt so much love pouring through me it brought me to tears. I pray you can feel it as well. Do the meditation too. I did it and I felt all of you, and that made me cry even harder - tears of incredible gratitude. I know this path isn't always easy. So many of you have come to me or written to me saying you have felt alone at times. There were times in my life when I did too. There were times when I wasn't even sure God cared about me as I cared for everyone else. There were times when I felt that I messed up so badly even the angels would give up on me. And yet the truth is, they don't.

God and the angels don't love conditionally like we do. They love without reservation. They love us just as much when we're singing their praises as when we holler unto the heavens about the 'unfairness' of a situation in a deeply human moment. I'll never forget once when I went to my friend Summer Bacon ( for a trance channeled reading. I was deeply pissed off at the angels for guiding me into some tough growth, and wanted nothing more than to rant and rave. Dr. Peebles, the dear soul who comes through Summer cut me off at the pass by saying, "My dear we love you so very much you can yell at us for the next hour. Your green eyes are so beautiful when they're flashing sparks at us." Oh how on earth could I remain mad in the face of that love? I was flooded by it.

I watched a movie a few months ago called "Evan Almighty" in which God reminded Evan that "everything He does He does because He loves us." I have to laugh... in retrospect it is ALWAYS true. But in the heat of a challenging moment, we don't always feel loved. We are. Trust that. This month, Summer Bacon's institute is all about giving thanks. The angels are reminding us through her to not only give thanks for the good things in our lives but also for the so-called bad experiences as well. Sounds tough, but really as I tried it, giving thanks for all irritations, upsets inconveniences, etc., I find they lose their power to upset me. As I give thanks I realize, there IS always something to give thanks for.

The rock that hit my windshield on the freeway the other night gave me an opportunity to brighten up the day of a precious insurance representative who went above and beyond to be cheerful and help me with my claim. The fact that my neck went off kilter this week from sitting at the computer reminds me to take some time to rest. The guy that cuts me off in traffic gives me a chance to practice my new found skills of temperance. And while this sounds like pollyanna psycho-babble at first, try it...try finding the silver lining in everything. Giving thanks for it, although difficult at first, sure has created the opportunity for me to see life more through my soul's eyes rather than through the short-term vision of my personality.