Friday, October 12, 2007

Nature nurtures

I strive to live in the present as much as possible. And yet, at times, I go back to the past, project nonsense into the future, or worse yet pine away for something that isn't here yet. That is how I make myself miserable and attract the nonsense I went through last week. It is good to intend for your future, to have goals if they really arise from within your heart, and, at times, to analyze the past to understand it. That is useful. However, when we hang on to the past, rehashing it time and again, that is self-punishment. When we pine away for the future that hasn't arrived yet, that is self-torture. Better to live now.

After getting myself in a spiritual mess last week and attracing all sorts of energies that were glad to push me deeper into my own nonsense, I decided I better get back to the present moment quickly, and as the angels say "live now." I immediately went back to all my good habits - taking more time to pray and meditate each day. I sat for a whole hour asking my body what it wanted to eat and then planned the meals around that. I happen to be vegetarian this week! Next week, who knows... my body tells me if I listen. I got rest. I decided to take a wonderful weekend in solitude and allow my heart to guide me, and I had one of the best weekends of my life.

Saturday I hiked deep into the desert back to a wonderful swimming hole and ended my summer with a dip in the icy cold green waters of the northern, Arizona creek. It was bracing, and invigorating and my entire energy field sighed with relief after a sincere pounding last week. The desert sun baked away the rest of the clouds. Nature ALWAYS re-energizes me, even if I just sit in my own backyard. Sunday I drove up north to see the glorious golden aspen trees turning colors, and to enjoy the crisp fall air. We are lucky here in Arizona. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, you can pick your season.

It occurs to me that with our thoughts, choices, and perceptions we also choose the weather and the seasons of our spiritual landscape.

So, as the angels say, go easy on yourself ! I think I exist to prove that being human is just as holy as well, being "holy" the way we were raised to think of it. God's love is constant. The only question is this - how well will you choose to love yourself each day :)