Thursday, July 26, 2007


The angels have drummed the worthy thing in my head until worth isn't an issue anymore. God does not do worth, the angels said. Would you judge one child more worthy of your love than another? Would you choose one rose more worthy of your love than another? I got it years ago. We are all loved. Worthiness is not required!

And so when I want something in my heart of hearts, I ask. I intend. I imagine having it and get into the feeling. I pray. And then I let go and I trust it is just plain coming into my life, period, in right time.

Lately I have three small intentions: pay off credit card bills for all those surprise home repairs, lose a few pounds joyfully (yes I love to eat and have reached waistband limit on my clothes!), and exercise a bit more because I want to feel more energy.

So I intended. I imagined. I prayed. I let go and went about my life. A week later I realized the changes were taking place when I had no desire to leave my home and spend money on anything. Instead I craved enjoying what I have. I started craving healthy balanced meals with fresh foods, which satisfied my body so I ate less junk. And I am waking up with the urge to do my situps, stretches, and kicks. No fooling! A week ago I wanted to shop for recreation at my favorite thrift store, eat junk, and be lazy! God is good!

There are two points that the angels helped me realize in all this. First of all, get into the feeling of ANYTHING and you'll kick the universal wheels in motion to get you there. I imagined paying off the credit card bill and feeling joyous. I imagined feeling comfy in my clothes, and I imagined having more energy. It takes awhile to get into a feeling inside that you do not currently have on the outside, but do it anyway - get creative and really get into it. There is no creation without feeling because thought is simply a direction - feeling is the juice that makes things happen.

Secondly it struck me how when we are limited to a smaller range of options, we can really appreciate and find the abundance in what we have. Eating less forced me to eat healthier and appreciate the meals more. It forced me to love myself enough to take time to make fresh meals which has been fun for me and very relaxing. Likewise spending less makes me appreciate more. I'm digging through closets to see what is useful and what isn't and it feels good to create breathing space. Less can be a lot more when you get rid of excesses and have only what you truly love and appreciate. The rest just drains your energy.

So this week, no matter what you want in life, take the time to imagine it and FEEL it. Take the time to enjoy what you DO have before wanting more (the more will come quicker if you are already grateful and feel abundant!). Take the time to soak up the love of God and the angels in quiet prayer. Everything you want is inside. Find it there first and it'll show up in your life as well.