Saturday, October 27, 2007

My New Book is Out!

I am thrilled to finally release "Whispers of the Spirit" - my autobiography that describes how I went from being a rather angry and disenchanted avionics engineer to who I am now.

I wrote this book 11 years ago and finally decided to release it because I believe much of what I went through is common to the human experience, and if I could learn to listen to Spirit... anyone can!!

Description: Ann Albers graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering, got a job in the avionics industry, & was well on her way to 'having it all.' God had other plans.

Disenchanted in a life that was supposed to make her happy, Ann prayed for her calling. Join her on an amazing journey of awakening in which you will learn how to tune into the Whispers of the Spirit in your own life.

Discover how dreams, symbols, intuition, angels, etc. guided Ann to leave the life she knew and step into the unknown. As Ann shares her experiences you'll learn to recognize the signs of Spirit in your life. This is a glorious adventure of the soul that will resonate with your head & heal your heart.

Endorsement by Doreen Virtue (Ph.D., author, "Divine Guidance") "Ann Albers is an artist of emotions and spirit, & her canvas is her enthralling book. You will feel the stirring of deep memories & even experience healing, as you share Ann's spiritual journey in the pages of this book."

I hope you enjoy it!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Watching the Grass Grow...

I was watching the grass grow this week... truly. In Arizona we overseed our lawns with "winter rye" grass. Unlike the coarse and crunchy summer grass, this grass is vibrantly green and soft. I look forward to the new carpet of lawn every winter. As soon as the seeds are planted I count the days and wait patiently for the first little green shoots. I celebrate when they come up. Day four, day five, day six... oh here they are! And then all of the sudden they burst forth into a beautiful furry little lawn that looks so happy!

That was me recently. I felt like I have been pushing through the soil to finish and publish the autobiography I wrote 11 years ago. I've been cranky with my angels, busy finding all sorts of excuses to distract myself when working on it, and dragging my heels every step of the way. I REALLY wanted to finish up the next proof copy yesterday so I prayed for assistance to get inspired and get it finished.

In answer to my prayer, Archangel Michael appeared to me and asked if I wanted to know what I was experiencing. "Yes please!!!" I asked him. "You are going to expose the sides of yourself you weren't so proud of," he said. "You feel vulnerable... and those pieces of you from the past are getting defensive!" "Is that ALL?" I asked. "That's it," he answered. I felt SO relieved! I didn't know why I was in such a bad mood this week, and everything he said rang true.

There ARE parts of who I used to be that I am not proud of. I was an angry, arrogant, self-righteous young woman before God started shoving me through the dirt and towards the light. And those parts of me were getting all upset about me-now exposing them and sharing them with the world. It was like having a mutiny where the present-version of Ann was being overthrown by all the past-selves!! I took charge once again and determined to finish the book.

"Well?" Michael looked at me to make sure I understood. "You're right!" I practically kissed him. As soon as I see a little light, I'm like that grass that starts to leap the light of God. That was it! Past parts of me were just afraid! Thus a book that has sat on the shelf for 11 years and probably could have helped a lot of people be kinder to themselves sooner is finally going to be published in a few weeks, God willing (and if I got the cover right!)

And guess what. I'm out of the dark and into the light again, happy, feeling grateful, and glad to be the ME I am in 2007 once again. The learning never ends!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nature nurtures

I strive to live in the present as much as possible. And yet, at times, I go back to the past, project nonsense into the future, or worse yet pine away for something that isn't here yet. That is how I make myself miserable and attract the nonsense I went through last week. It is good to intend for your future, to have goals if they really arise from within your heart, and, at times, to analyze the past to understand it. That is useful. However, when we hang on to the past, rehashing it time and again, that is self-punishment. When we pine away for the future that hasn't arrived yet, that is self-torture. Better to live now.

After getting myself in a spiritual mess last week and attracing all sorts of energies that were glad to push me deeper into my own nonsense, I decided I better get back to the present moment quickly, and as the angels say "live now." I immediately went back to all my good habits - taking more time to pray and meditate each day. I sat for a whole hour asking my body what it wanted to eat and then planned the meals around that. I happen to be vegetarian this week! Next week, who knows... my body tells me if I listen. I got rest. I decided to take a wonderful weekend in solitude and allow my heart to guide me, and I had one of the best weekends of my life.

Saturday I hiked deep into the desert back to a wonderful swimming hole and ended my summer with a dip in the icy cold green waters of the northern, Arizona creek. It was bracing, and invigorating and my entire energy field sighed with relief after a sincere pounding last week. The desert sun baked away the rest of the clouds. Nature ALWAYS re-energizes me, even if I just sit in my own backyard. Sunday I drove up north to see the glorious golden aspen trees turning colors, and to enjoy the crisp fall air. We are lucky here in Arizona. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, you can pick your season.

It occurs to me that with our thoughts, choices, and perceptions we also choose the weather and the seasons of our spiritual landscape.

So, as the angels say, go easy on yourself ! I think I exist to prove that being human is just as holy as well, being "holy" the way we were raised to think of it. God's love is constant. The only question is this - how well will you choose to love yourself each day :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dark and light

This angel message rings so true to my heart this week. I have been working to release an autobiography of how I went from being an angry, disillusioned young woman in working in electrical engineering to the person I am now. I know this book will help people who are beginning to seek spirit feel the presence of the guides in their lives and it will inspire people to heal the pains of their past. In the book I share a lot about how I healed the illusions and pains that caused my anger and unworthiness. My work with angels was both an enlightening and uplifting, joyful dance, and a journey into my own darkness so I could clear my mind and come to know who I was. Part of my training has been to know myself well - both the dark and the light so I can distinguish my own thoughts from the voices of both angels and demons.

It seems the darker energies didn't want me to release that book. I was hit by an attack of negative voices that was so strong I almost lost myself in them last Sunday. "No one wants to read your garbage. God doesn't care about you. Everyone else teaches this stuff. You don't have anything to say. Your life isn't worth much." It was simply unbelievable. I knew the voices weren't mine. I said say NO WAY and changed my thoughts to positive and then got slammed once again with another round of attack. I know all this started because I had a moment of self pity when I was feeling tired and didn't want to finish the book. Give an inch of negativity and the denser energies on this planet will go the extra mile to amplify it!

Thank GOD for the training. I knew this wasn't my truth at all. I called in God and the angels in a big way, ate well, rested, cleaned house, and called upon friends. I was shocked when several of my psychic friends and I started comparing notes - we were ALL experiencing this same amplification of our of negativity.

It made sense a few days later when a friend wrote to tell me about the massacre of the monks in Burma. I imagine that the darker energies on this planet had a heyday, not only with the deaths of the innocents but with the anger engendered in the masses at this violation of human rights. It made sense that those of us who are in tune with the world would be feeing such an attack. Satan only gets pushy when he feels powerful. And the truth is, he is impotent in the light of God's love.

When I saw what was going on the light returned. I prayed for the world, prayed for myself, my friends, and even those energies that seek to make us feel worse, and then all was well again. Love clears out any lesser vibrations. I had the most productive and fun day I've had in ages.

It is much more fun to talk about light and miracles, and I am blessed with more than my share of these. Yet, if we're on the spiritual path we will have to face the small negativities within ourselves, and sometimes the amplification of the very same by forces that would rather we didn't grow into the light. As humans we have times when those forces tempt us to fall into despair, self-hatred, worry, fear, and lack of faith... along with the rest of the illusions that would have us convinced we are not loved. These are lies. We have to use everything in us at these tough times to resist the temptation to believe these lies.

When you are worried about finances pray to God to increase your faith. When you feel unloved, pray to God to experience his love. When you are lonely, pray to feel the angels presence in your life. When you are angry, ask God to remove the anger from your heart. And so on... these prayers are always answered if prayed with a sincere heart. You don't have to do it alone.

I got it together again needless to say. Between rest, eating well, praying, and talking to my friends, and cleaning house, I came back to life and light again. I feel stronger, more peaceful, more resolved to share God's love with the world, and more determined to expose these lies for what they are.

The book went to the publisher. I ordered my proof copy and God willing will release it within a month. No matter what happens in your life, trust in God's love. Whether you feel it or not, it is always there :)