Saturday, September 08, 2007

Living a heart-centered life

For years I struggled to distinguish between my heart and my mind. My dad is a physicist, and my mom a very lively and emotional soul. I was born between Aries and Pieces (head and heart). And every time I take one of those IQ tests, they say my left and right brain are split down the middle. "How do you make decisions," one tester asked me when I was younger. "Not with ease!!" I wanted to reply. Logic used to always argue with my feelings.

Over the years the angels have trained me to use logic to follow the heart, rather than subjugating my heart to my mind. On my day off I REALLY wanted to go hiking with some friends. And yet when I searched my heart, I realized I was exhausted, and needed rest. So even though my mind wanted to have a pity party, push myself to go, and make myself enjoy it, I listened to my heart and my body. As a result I got the rest I needed to be productive this week and I know there will be other opportunities to play in the future.

I use the same principle on more important ventures. Several years ago a wonderful client offered me a nationally syndicated radio show talking to those on the other side. I prayed over it and realized my mind was giving me a thousand reasons to say yes - Wow, look how great it would look on your resume; Look how much you could make; You could market your books... etc. And yet my heart said, "I don't want to sit in a little room every week and talk to people I can't see. I like to hug and touch people and reach out with my energy and look them in the eye." I gracefully declined and a sent them a well-deserving friend who is a natural fit for the show. I have not regretted the decision

Likewise, when I quit engineering, within two days the company called me back and offered me $10,000 for two months worth of contracting. That was SO much compared to what they paid me as a regular employee. I had just quit and rational thought told me I really SHOULD take the money because "it was just two months" and yet my heart was practically screaming at me... "You quit to study spirituality!!! No way." Again, I declined, not knowing where my future income would come from, but knowing my heart would wither if I were to ignore it any longer.

So many times I have listened to my heart against the advice of others, against the barrage of logic, and my inner critic, and against all reason. Some times I have walked straight into difficult lessons I needed in order to grow further, and more often I have walked into greater joy. Its a different way to live than the way in which I was raised, and yet I would't trade it for the world.

What if we all led heart centered lives? I believe our communications would be more honest and so would our lives. Try it a bit this week, or if you already are living this way try to fine tune your ability to listen to the heart on even the smallest details - like what you want for dinner. This is amazing grace in action.