Friday, August 24, 2007

Listen to your body

That isn't what I expected the angels to talk about today, but quite frequently the angels surprise me with the topic that starts coming through as I sit to write the newsletter.

Still the importance of paying attention to our bodies has been stressed to me time and again. When I do this, I am healthy, more balanced, calmer, and able to hear the angels for myself far more easily. "You have to have a foundation before you decorate a house," the angels often say, referring to the need for us to take care of our bodies before worrrying about fixing the imbalances in our lives, without first becoming balanced inside of ourselves.

I did pretty well in this department this week. I got up and exercised because my body wanted movement. I ate what I was craving all week which included everything from beans and veggies to chocolate chip cookies and milk. I used a lower level SPF than my brain thought I needed because that's what I kept feeling was right, and I did not burn in the sun. I took a nap during my computer time and got a lot more done than I was anticipating afterwards. I could have gotten more sleep however... and even this slight oversight made me react to people in my life with a bit more information than was necessary at times.

Being "in the body" as opposed to just living "in your mind" requires extra attention, but to me, this is the journey we have on this earth - to bring our spirit into every situation - both emotional and physical - and to fill it with God's love. I'm not perfect at self care yet, but doing better every day.

This week try to listen to your body. If you have a craving, ask if its coming from your body or your emotions and trust the answer. If its emotional, ask yourself what else you can do to comfort yourself. Ask your body to let you know when it requires time for a nap or for bed. It will. Ask your body to tell you if it needs any movement and pay attention to the urges to move within your own muscles. Living this way takes work, and attention, but we'd all be a lot more balanced and energized if we could do it all the time.