Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Thoughts!

What a wild week! With my crazy job I get subject to a few things in a rather extreme way...

I no sooner declared freedom over old fears when all the energies and entities that used to like hanging around me when I had them, literally started a tantrum.... meaning thoughts that were not mine were popping in my head all week. I felt as if the devil was on my shoulder whispering horrid things in an attempt to make me belivee them. "That CD is so basic, why are you bothering?" "Was that twinge a heart murmer?" "My you look fat today." "Your body will never feel normal with your job." ... etc.

It was driving me nuts because I KNOW those aren't my truths nor even my thoughts. You know the difference because you believe your own stuff - these were things I didn't even believe. SO, I put my foot down. Every time one popped in my head I counteracted it with something positive. The negativity got stronger. I decided to immerse myself in LOVE and end this once and for all :)

The movie "Hook" popped in my head. In the movie, Peter Pan has grown up. Captain Hook has stolen his kids and he has to go back to Never Never Land to rescue them. He can't even remember to fly until he finds his HAPPY THOUGHT. So I decided to find my Happy Thoughts!

I sat on my couch and thought of every joyful experience I could remember in half an hour since the age of three. And guess what! The dense energies scattered like bugs running from the light. My mood returned to my joyful self. My body felt unwound, and my day started to flow magically as my days do when I am in truth and gratitude.

It seems the creepy crawlie energies are acting up as of late. My clients have been noticing it too. There is HUGE light coming into the planet now and that tends to flush out everything - everything is coming to the surface. And when you bring the light in a dark room, you may just see the things lurking in the corners!

I plan to make a "HAPPY THOUGHT" journal to turn to in just these times! I'm going to get a blank book, dig out my colored pens, and write randomly happy memories, paste in happy pictures, include happy quotes, and bright cheerful pictures. That way, when those old creepy crawly energies come around I'll just flip open the pages and immerse myself in joy.

Truth Rocks!
Love you all,