Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do it now...

I had an awesome weekend. After my last round of conferences I was wanting a little play time. Quite separately (or so I thought) I wanted to do something special for a friends' big birthday. God is pretty good at coordinating seemingly unrelated events. I had cleared out a weekend to relax without plans. A client wrote to say she had airline passes she couldn't use that expired soon. She gave them to me and in no time, my friend and I were flying to California to go to Magic Mountain, a wonderful amusement park, for her birthday. I had the time of my life, riding roller coasters that sent me flipping head over heels while dropping hundreds of feet backwards, upside down and sideways. I LOVED IT! My friend was thrilled. And my client got more thank you prayers than you can imagine.

All I did was intend, imagine I would have a wonderful weekend and clear the way. Through my client, God did the rest. The weekend couldn't have proceeded more smoothly and my voice is still a bit hoarse from screaming with delight for the sheer joy of being alive and flying through the air at 80+ miles per hour!!

I am in a clearing out phase again. The closets are going to get another cleaning. I went through all my recipes and digitized them. I finished a CD set that I've been editing forever, and I'm back to working on the latest book. I'm organizing and organizing some more. Change is coming again. I feel it.

When you have some time and you feel the urge to purge and clean out, just do it. God is saying, "Hey you have some time to do things you won't want to be bothered with in a little while." Make room in your life for what you want. Don't wait for "someday." Do it now... never know what God has in store just around the next corner :)