Friday, July 20, 2007

Diving Deep!

I dove in my swimming pool Wednesday to take out a part of the cleaning system that was broken. It wasn't too easy because I couldnt' stay at the bottom until I carried a large rock down there with me to make me sink, but I finally managed to get it out and go to the store for a replacement part. It was more expensive than I thought. As I was driving back home I saw a gold car with the license plate "TRUST". Ok, God, I thought, I trust you always take care of me.

I examined the other parts of the cleaning system and found every single one was broken and hadn't been replaced in over ten years. $700 and two hours later, after diving deep holding a boulder to keep me under water, it was all fixed. Next I noticed my sprinkler system had been eaten by my dogs! So there I stood in the mud unearthing broken parts, chopping away dead roots and getting everything fixed. NEXT, I ran out to get some errands done and was in an accident! I got rear-ended by a man in a Hummer talking on his cell phone. Luckily I was not hurt nor was he and he was so honest he called the insurance company to take responsibility so I would not have to pay for any of the repairs.

Now there are two ways I could look at this interesting day...

Old me - THIS SUCKS GOD! What have I done wrong. Poor me. My finances are doomed. la la la....

Me now - Ok God, you have me diving deep, fixing the cleanout system, chopping away the old dead roots, while standing in mud, and you protected me from harm - I must be diving deep into my soul, chopping away the old beliefs, and getting my mind out of the mud so your grace can flow more smoothly. Furthermore I prayed earlier to learn not to take responsibility for other people's mistakes, and very funny, you showed me I am no longer doing that and therefore attracting people who take responsibility for themselves. You even jolted my back back into place in the accident. Goodness God! You are amazing.

The latter version is truly how I handled it. Yes I got shaken up and cried like a baby after handling the insurance claims. Yes I wasn't thrilled to put so much on the charge card. I am human. But I know from prior experience that running through life's little gauntlets with grace, is a huge victory for the soul and that blessings shower upon you when you can truly see things as love.

Funny - my rental car is a PT Cruiser with 343 on the license plates... guess I am crusing through these lessons! And funnier yet, Doreen Virtue says 343 means "You are an earth angel who is complete supported by the angelic realms and masters. Lean on them and be open to receiving their help in all ways."

I hear the angels laughing a their own jokes and feel them sending so much love.

In the words of GOD in the new movie "Evan Almighty" - Remember, everything I do, I do because I love you!
' tis true!