Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't sacrifice your heart

I LOVE this angel message. For years now, since I started working with angels I have been UNLEARNING everything I was taught about how to succeed and be happy in life. I have learned to stop trying to do "X" to get "Y". I have learned to make all decisions based on how I feel about them in the moment. And it works! I am happier than ever before.

For example, I was once offered the chance to create a nationally syndiated radio show. It was a fantastic opportunity and I loved the people involved. However, my heart wasn't in it and I couldn't explain why not. I rationalized... Ann you can reach more people and earn great money in the future. "WHAT ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL NOW?" the angels drilled me. "Ah, got it," I responded. I declined and gave the show to a friend whom it fit very well. In retrospect I realize that my calling is to teach the angels' wisdom, not do readings on radio. That is my heart and passion. I want to 'teach a man to fish' rather than 'give him a fish.'

Recently I blessed the moment again. I had been aiming towards manifesting a big publisher, but when I sat with some of the really wonderful famous authors I found a deeper clarity about my own life. I listened to one enlightening discussion in which several of these beautiful souls talked about what a challenge it was to be away from home all the time. At that moment I realized that I already had what I want right now - the opportunity to serve worldwide (via this newsletter!) AND the freedom to own my own time, choose my own seminars, and rest when I need to. I REALLY got that the fame comes with a price, and isn't as necessary as I once thought it was to spread the messages that come through from above.

If God wants me out there, he'll have to find a different way that doesn't require me to sacrifice my own heart! The angels were singing when I got that one - they always want us to include ourselves in the equation of life :) It was one more level of me surrendering to God's way rather than the world's way. (And, by the way, God's way is always better!)

We can all stop strategizing how to achieve our goals. Its good to ponder options, however I always wait until one really feels right, joyous, and inspiring. I choose to work more on my inner conditions. I guarantee its not easy to look inside self and find the areas where we don't trust, where we try to manipulate life and others, and to face our fears. BUT its a lot easier than going through the same lessons via circumstances in the outer world. I could have manifested signing a contract, travelling extensively, and burnt out while teaching others to live in balance. Thankfully, God saved me from myself. Now I can't wait to see what He's got in store for all of us next :)