Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's next.. I'll know when God tells me!

The angels always put me through lessons relevant to what they want to channel. I sat to write this newsletter earlier tonight and nothing came out. No words, no thoughts - nothing! So I sat back and pondered what was in my heart as they have trained me to do and nothing emerged. I was tired - so I lay down on the couch. I heard the birds singing to the sunset and went outside to listen. I put my feet in the pool and realized I wanted to swim. As I swam I realized my body wanted more movement. And then, suddenly the words from the angels started pouring through.

This is how they have taught me to live my life - one moment at a time. This is how all good has come to me, by honoring these urgings. Every time I plan anything without these urgings its a real pain. Everytime I listen to the urgings life works in wonderful ways.

I never planned out how I'd get invited to speak in public and yet there I was last weekend speaking alongside the biggies. And I realized this time that I was equal but different. I had my own unique way of expressing things to the world as does everyone else. This time I didn't get nervous at all but rather focused on the joy of serving and sharing God's word and this time, as as result, I had a lot of fun.

I always get asked, "What's next?" My answer is typically mundane... finishing the CD I'm working on, cleaning out a closet, waiting for my next marching orders from God. I don't have to 'figure out' my life because there is a power higher than me already working on that one. God knows my hearts desires. I don't focus on them every day. I just know they're coming, all in right timing :)

Life is amazing when you trust the moment. I just spoke at the biggest conference of my life a few days ago... but it seems already like last year - a wonderful memory, with new moments being created here and now.

Live in the present. The angels are right. You will always know what to do right this instant :)