Saturday, June 09, 2007

Surrender and trust in action

I had a great weekend at the Matrix Energetics seminar in Seattle ( I wanted to immerse myself in a practice that pushes my envelope - uses what I know in concept and makes it very tangible and real. Dr. Richard Bartlett is able through focused intention and surrender to zap people into different possible realities where healing takes place instantly. I spent an hour passed out on stage, having wild visions while my body rearranged itself, after he spent a few seconds working on me. Gotta love it.

The principles he teaches are so much like the wisdom from the angels. It seems the greatest lives and the greatest healings occur when you trust the guidance in each moment. There is a power greater than any of us that we call God, grace, or you name it. This power loves us, guides our interplay, and moves us towards the best possible outcome. This power puts the call in your heart to act when it is time to act. It was a Monday afternoon in December, when Marla Steele ( first told me about matrix. My heart said LEAP. By Tuesday I had rearranged my schedule, charged flights and hotel and commited to learn. I went to subsequent seminars and trainings and began to immerse myself in new possibilities and my soul has been nurtured to a degree where I feel re-energized and re-inspired to give even more to you all. I'll pay off the charge card, or rather God will, and never even remember that part. I do keep my experiences however.

When your heart says leap, leap. If you feel inspired to check out a new location DO it. IF you want money, find a job you love when you are inspired to do it. If you feel like talking to a stranger, don't hesitate. Don't stop yourself short with over analysis, criticism, judgement, and doubt. Then reserved judgment, release expecation and just observe what happens. God is always at work in your life.