Saturday, June 02, 2007

Patching up leaks!

The angels are right on with this messge. Working on your inner world is important. And not getting sucked into the drama is too. I am grateful for the dear people in my life who don't get sucked into my dramas when I occasionally have them. I had a wild week. Something in the yard leaked. This killed the GCFI circuit. That killed the sprinklers, which caused a water valve to burst!! All this occurred while I was putting in over 18 hrs of hard labor refinishing some bookshelves and getting ready for a trip to an educational seminar. To say the least I was not pleased! A dear friend gave me the biggest gift of all by just listening to me, not getting sucked into my drama, and being kind. That was all I needed. I prayed for a new attitude, schedule repairmen, called an electrician and got over it.

I saw how I created this - I was LEAKING energy whining about how long it took to refinish my bookcases and do other projects. I could have taken a breather and spent time with friends but this Aries chick was driven...and whining. And my yard mirrored it nicely!

We're on earth. Things happen at times - people aren't always nice, mechanical stuff breaks, the weather is wild, and yet its up to us still to manage our inner conditions rather than letting the outside world dictate them. I'm human - I have my less than glorious moments and so do we all. And yet, you can pass through these moments with greater ease if you don't judge yourself, you reach out for assistance, pray, breathe, and allow God to help guide you through them.

All is well. Nothing is leaking anymore and I'm not leaking energy. I'm feeling the Grace of God and the joy of life again.

Learn to laugh at your own humanity. It is beautiful, nutty, and challenging all at once but it IS part of God's creation.