Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enjoy the journey

I've been in bliss lately. I'm just living day by day embracing life and my own heart as it comes. I still have plenty of human challenges as we all do, but it just doesn't seem to matter because in the present, the only problems are small ones. I even had a mystical experience of the Oneness so profound the other night that I couldn't even separate my consciousness from the God I wanted to thank. It was all one. Amazing. I'm learning to back out of my Ann-self and see the truth behind it all - that we really are just one living, moving, field of energy informed by an intelligence and love that we call God. Amazing.

Now talk about divine timing! I had to learn patience. It wasn't my forte. As I cleaned out some files this weekend I found my file of rejection letters from the first book I wrote and sent to many publishers. They ranged from polite, "we are busy," letters to "this has no use to our readers" letters! I had to laugh. I thought I was ready to be published ten years ago. I was totally not ready, as I look back. I had so much to learn. I had to really find the real motivation behind sharing the words with everyone else. I had to get over concerns about being in public. And so ten years later I am ready and I had fun shredding the rejection letters.

So often in readings I have to share with people that there IS good coming but in God's time. Hard message to hear, and I know it. But then years later at times, the same people show up and I see the harvest of their lives. This morning I saw a dear client who has embraced her spiritual growth every step of the way. Apparently four years ago I saw the love of her life and told her about him. Guess who just got married last week - she did!! Now years may have sounded long but I saw the joy in her eyes and heart and knew once again that the angels are SO right when they say it is worth the wait to have what GOD wants for you. So if you find yourself in the position of having done everything right, spiritually speaking and still not having your goals just yet, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust...

There will always be more goals, more things we want to achieve, and we can either spend our lives trusting we'll get there, acting when guided and resting when not, or spinning our wheels with worry and neurosis. "If you get on the road, you'll get to your destination," the angels say. "Why not enjoy the trip?!"