Saturday, May 19, 2007

Simple gratitude

I always love it when the angels point out the simplest ways we can love. As I channeled this message I realized how many people I take for granted in my life. I try to be a grateful soul and I am, but wow, I forget to thank God for the "waste disposal man" as the angels pointed out, and the clerks and others whose humble but necessary services are just as important as my own in this world.

The angels once said to me, "Ann, your job is no more or less spiritual than a plumber who is doing his work with love." That never left me. We are all equal in our contributions to life. And everything is spiritual. Everything. Every meal you cook, household chore you do, highway you drive, etc. Every word you speak, every thought you think. Every single one of these are within God. Some are more conscious acts, words, and deeds than others - closer to the heart of God, but none are outside of God.

As I was sewing my new duvet cover last weekend, I kept having sneaking thoughts that I "should" be working on editing my manifestation seminar to get it out on CD faster. However, the angels pointed out, that it wouldn't be authentic at the moment, and that I needed, once again, to honor my heart. So I sewed, and gave thanks and praise for the time to do it. I gave thanks for having a nice bed, a pretty duvet cover, and a roof over my head. And I felt rich in my spirit. Then it was time to edit because the vibration of abundance was going into the CD. Heaven knows what it is doing. The urges in your heart have meaning and purpose no matter how mundane they may be. You may never even know how something you do or say contributes to your spirit but if you do or say things with love, awareness, and authenticity, they DO help you evolve.

I am grateful to have been pummeled by hard lessons, having to wait for dreams come true, and various other challenges that have truly taught me to surrender to my own heart in the moment, rather than waiting for something or someone outside myself to make me happy. Yes, sometimes it was hard learning to figure out what my heart wanted, but practice does make perfect, and if you practice gratitude as they suggested above, it is so much easier to find your heart of hearts.