Saturday, May 12, 2007

Keep it simple

I can really relate to the angels' message. When I first quit engineering and became a psychic, I was terrified about finances. I was used to getting a steady paycheck and suddenly I wasn't. I was used to being married, and suddenly I was on my own. I was used to making a LOT per hour and suddenly I was making $6 after taxes for a 15 minute reading. I was so scared about not having money that I manifested a man in my life to take it from me on a regular basis. I manifested very quiet days at the shop where I did readings, and never knew till the week before bills were due f I had earned enough to pay them.

When I got sick of my own lack of faith I prayed. The angels told me to give thanks for the abundance I did have - good friends, a roof over my head, and the ability to pay bills. They told me to give thanks for every client I read for, focusing on gratitude for the ability to serve, rather than fear that the next client might not come. I did as they suggested and my life began to dramatically improve.

I have never been able to create a thing when I'm trying to get out of normal human fear. And so over the years, I've prayed deeply and dearly to be able to release fear first, and the ability to be in truth. That is always my first prayer when manifesting - God help me know how much you love you, how much you support my heart's desires, how much you want for me that I may not even know. Help me trust that all that comes my way now is part of your plan in answering my prayer. Help me learn my lessons with grace and ease please. I pray this way often.

Lately my lessons have been a lot easier since I DO have huge faith and trust. Suddenly I'm just living my life rather than analyzing everything to see if its 'right' and 'on the path' etc. Sewing a duvet cover becomes as important as my meditations lately. And its all holy.

God loves you. If you trust the moment, one moment at a time, all will always be well. Our fears are about the future. Our worries are 'what ifs' that rarely come true. Our upsets are often simply tantrums or frustrations that tell us we need to make change. All is really, always well if we embrace life as a journey of learning here upon the earth.

So this week, try to keep it simple. Pray to experience God's love however He chooses to share it. Pray to recognize it and enjoy it. And see what shows up!