Saturday, May 26, 2007

The painting angel

Its so funny. I had time to channel the angel message but couldn't for the life of me, think of something relevant to share at the moment since my week has been remarkable calm. I did enjoy the conference, and am looking forward to the next one, but at the moment, redecorating my bedroom has been the big excitment in my spare time.

So, I gave up trying to force myself to come up with a story and ran to the home store to grab some paint to match some I already had. Wouldn't you know it, I meet an angel at the paint counter. The man mixing the paint not only took a long time to help me get exactly the right shade, but in the meantime educated me on investing, taught me about paint techniques, shared some gourmet cooking advice, and even encouraged me to "Trust that miracles can happen when you don't even think anything's coming your way." Furthermore he had me in stitches laughing when he started joking rather loudly about me being a very SMALL MEDIUM!! Remember last week when the angels told us to appreciate EVERYONE? Well this gentleman mixing paint at the home store did so for the love of interacting with people. He was also a gourmet cook, acted in his past, invested in his spare time, and loved Italy. I had a fantastic time chatting and my life was enriched.

You never know what lies beneath the surface of another human being. You never know till you open up to receiving God's love how it might pour into your life. We want it so badly in carefully controlled ways that we often miss the magic that happens when we let go of our expectations and simply expect good to come into our lives. My morning had been frustrating. But instead of whining all day, I had a quick private hissy fit, got over it, scheduled a new repairman next week, and prayed for God to change the day around. Sure enough... it all fell into place.

Expect the unexpected for that is where the true delight in life is to be found.

Have a miraculous week :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Simple gratitude

I always love it when the angels point out the simplest ways we can love. As I channeled this message I realized how many people I take for granted in my life. I try to be a grateful soul and I am, but wow, I forget to thank God for the "waste disposal man" as the angels pointed out, and the clerks and others whose humble but necessary services are just as important as my own in this world.

The angels once said to me, "Ann, your job is no more or less spiritual than a plumber who is doing his work with love." That never left me. We are all equal in our contributions to life. And everything is spiritual. Everything. Every meal you cook, household chore you do, highway you drive, etc. Every word you speak, every thought you think. Every single one of these are within God. Some are more conscious acts, words, and deeds than others - closer to the heart of God, but none are outside of God.

As I was sewing my new duvet cover last weekend, I kept having sneaking thoughts that I "should" be working on editing my manifestation seminar to get it out on CD faster. However, the angels pointed out, that it wouldn't be authentic at the moment, and that I needed, once again, to honor my heart. So I sewed, and gave thanks and praise for the time to do it. I gave thanks for having a nice bed, a pretty duvet cover, and a roof over my head. And I felt rich in my spirit. Then it was time to edit because the vibration of abundance was going into the CD. Heaven knows what it is doing. The urges in your heart have meaning and purpose no matter how mundane they may be. You may never even know how something you do or say contributes to your spirit but if you do or say things with love, awareness, and authenticity, they DO help you evolve.

I am grateful to have been pummeled by hard lessons, having to wait for dreams come true, and various other challenges that have truly taught me to surrender to my own heart in the moment, rather than waiting for something or someone outside myself to make me happy. Yes, sometimes it was hard learning to figure out what my heart wanted, but practice does make perfect, and if you practice gratitude as they suggested above, it is so much easier to find your heart of hearts.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Keep it simple

I can really relate to the angels' message. When I first quit engineering and became a psychic, I was terrified about finances. I was used to getting a steady paycheck and suddenly I wasn't. I was used to being married, and suddenly I was on my own. I was used to making a LOT per hour and suddenly I was making $6 after taxes for a 15 minute reading. I was so scared about not having money that I manifested a man in my life to take it from me on a regular basis. I manifested very quiet days at the shop where I did readings, and never knew till the week before bills were due f I had earned enough to pay them.

When I got sick of my own lack of faith I prayed. The angels told me to give thanks for the abundance I did have - good friends, a roof over my head, and the ability to pay bills. They told me to give thanks for every client I read for, focusing on gratitude for the ability to serve, rather than fear that the next client might not come. I did as they suggested and my life began to dramatically improve.

I have never been able to create a thing when I'm trying to get out of normal human fear. And so over the years, I've prayed deeply and dearly to be able to release fear first, and the ability to be in truth. That is always my first prayer when manifesting - God help me know how much you love you, how much you support my heart's desires, how much you want for me that I may not even know. Help me trust that all that comes my way now is part of your plan in answering my prayer. Help me learn my lessons with grace and ease please. I pray this way often.

Lately my lessons have been a lot easier since I DO have huge faith and trust. Suddenly I'm just living my life rather than analyzing everything to see if its 'right' and 'on the path' etc. Sewing a duvet cover becomes as important as my meditations lately. And its all holy.

God loves you. If you trust the moment, one moment at a time, all will always be well. Our fears are about the future. Our worries are 'what ifs' that rarely come true. Our upsets are often simply tantrums or frustrations that tell us we need to make change. All is really, always well if we embrace life as a journey of learning here upon the earth.

So this week, try to keep it simple. Pray to experience God's love however He chooses to share it. Pray to recognize it and enjoy it. And see what shows up!

Friday, May 04, 2007

We are blessed

This messages speaks to my heart. For years I taught manifesting classes and guided hundreds of indivduals towards creating their dreams. I created everything I truly wanted in my life at the time too. You think I'd want to win the lottery but I just couldn't muster up the energy to do that because all wanted was little more than enough on a regular basis and to know that when I wanted something else it would be there. I created that, and lost any desire to hoard 'millions' as so many ask for. I realized that it is not my bank account that gives me any security whatsoever (the Great Depression proved that one), but rather my trust in the flow of God's abundance.

Likewise, I used to look for love in the wrong places, and kept manifesting situations that forced me to find it inside myself. It was only until I truly embraced my own value and worth that my relationships transformed. They are beyond beautiful now and anything less is not welcome in my life; and I can say that without guilt. We all deserve kindness and those of like mind in our lives.

I quit teaching manifesting years ago because I got bored with it. I knew I had the tool and could use it at will.

It wasn't until recently I had the desire to teach it again, deeper, and more in line with God's plan for our lives. That was my class last weekend (and I am working on getting it on CD... please be patient with me there)!

What the angels say is true. All we ever want is a feeling. I want to know I am secure and loved, and that even if I lost all I had I would be as well. I have no desire to do that but I have soul searched deeply and found that my faith in God would still be there. I have seem too many wonders to doubt the hand of God in all our lives.

Perhaps the only thing we truly want to manifest is a joyful journey here upon the earth where we experience God's love on a daily basis. If we have this, we have everything, and the stuff comes when needed. I've been praying for and feeling this lately on a deep level. Summer Bacon's been channeling about in on her institute and many of us are swirling with the energies of God's love coming onto the planet.

Know you are loved. No matter what the circumstance in your life, trust it. If times are hard pray:

God please fix this situation (either in your life or in your heart).
If you want me to learn from it, gently guide me to understand the lesson.
Otherwise, remove the burdens and fill me with an experience of your love and joy .

Then sit, and open to receive help as innocently as a child. If you do this before bed, angels can work on you while you sleep.

When life is beautiful, pray:

God, thank you for the abundance of your love and your blessings in my life.
Help everyone come to feel this as well.

We are truly blessed. God is our partner in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Trust that with everything in you. Pray to have that kind of faith, and when you can't delegate up and give everything in you to God. Your life will become miraculously transformed.