Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stay the course

This reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago. I went to get a smoothie at a local shop. The girl behind the counter handed me three instead of the two we'd ordered. I looked directly at a woman waiting her turn and asked her if the third one was hers. She looked angry at life and glared at me, ignoring the question. The girl behind the counter, told me to just take the extra one. As I did so, the angry woman, woke up and said, "That's mine!" The girl behind the counter grinned in embarrassment. The angry woman shouted at her, "I'm glad you think the mistake is so funny," and stormed off in a huge huff.

This story epitomizes how we create dramas and messes in our lives. It was apparent this woman expected all of life to be against her and so even a thing so small as an honest mistake became another epic chapter in the universe victimizing her.

On the flip side, I've seen people who, against all odds, remain positive, expect the best, and get it.

This is a year when your thoughts, feelings and expecatations can be a power tool for creating magic in your life or absolute disaster. Whatever we dwell upon this year we will get. If your life is not where you want it to be, I understand the feeling. 12 years ago I was psychic in the window at a small bookstore, making $6/15 minute reading on the least busy days after quitting engineering, getting divorced, and dating a dishonest sociopath who ran off with my money. I KNOW what its like to feel like all you-know-what is breaking loose in your life. When I was there... I prayed. GOD show me the way back to a good life. I kept finding books on manifesting. I used the tools. I sat every single day and focused on what it would feel like to be making a decent salary while helping people. I focused on what it would feel like to feel joyful and healed again...and slowly but surely that reality came about.

When I asked the angels how to generate more business they told me to give thanks for every person I was able to assist and tell God I was ready to serve the next one. That meant if I had one client the entire day (not enought to buy two cups of coffee), I had to give thanks... and MEAN IT. I wasn't allowed to wallow in self pity. The angels were tough task masters because they wanted to help me create happiness, not misery and they knew I needed to get my mind and heart in order.

So if you find yourself in a bind or wanting to create something that has not yet arrived, stay the course. Do the focusing, treasure maps, visualizations (with feeling), and by all means give thanks for whatever you can find in your life to be thankful for.

These days I am grateful to tears for so much in my life, especially all of you.
Love and blessings,