Thursday, April 05, 2007

Never give up

Dear friends,

There's a lot I could write about on this subject. So often when people are manifesting I see them give up after the first near miss, or after a period of time, or at the first sign of disappointment. If you do that, you have not yet achieved the vibration to create what you want. If you are really manifesting YOU KNOW that what you intend will come at the perfect time, in the perfect way, and in a way that is in harmony with the entire universe. If you are really manifesting, you have faith in your own creation. The universe says YES when you truly do.

I'm manifesting paying off some bills, getting projects completed, and having total amazing vitality. All of the sudden the roof needs repair, the pool pump is leaking wildly, my contact lense cracked and I needed all new lenses, appointments, etc., and all sorts of other expenses came up.

All I can think, after years of manifesting is OH COOL, I must have a LOT coming in. I like to create BIG examples for teaching purposes. And furthermore, I'm creating a BIG vacuum in my account. I'm getting everything all fixed up so I can enjoy what is coming in.

I truly believe that. Its my reality. I live in the eternal flow of life. So do you. This belief system has never failed me once.

If you're manifesting, remain TRUE to the course. Expect that what you are intending will come no matter what you see in front of you. Your inner reality is the thing that changes your outer reality, not vice versa. In your mind, go to the future you want. Get into it. Get juicy with details. And if you can't get excited ask yourself if you really want what you think you do, or if you really believe it can happen. Go back and try again.

Life is waiting for you to embrace it :) Don't quit when things look odd in the middle of your manifestation process. Just expect results and trust that its all good.