Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love manifesting!

I love manifesting. I used to teach it and have guided hundreds of people to make their dreams come true. It is one of the most fun parts of my job, second only to seeing people really learn to love their bright, beautiful selves!

In my own life I don't do anything the old fashioned way. If I don't know how to create something I want, I sit, intend, visualize, and feel. And I've done this long enough to know the FEELING that must occur to make something happen. The FEELING is one of actually being in the future you want to create. There is a certainty that goes beyond belief, a knowing, a realization that no other path could occur because you have claimed whatever it is, and aimed your God light at it with your intent.

People always ask me why manifesting does or doesn't work. You must really want what you are creating. For exampe, no one really wants money!! Now that sounds funny. But what people want is the ability to pay their bills easily, the ability to buy something, the inner quality of security,the freedom to do what they want, etc... The angels say BUT YOU ALREADY HAVE SECURITY. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. Money does not give that to you.

In fact, money can just as easily give you the ability to distract yourself from what is really important to your spirit. When I am in my leaner times, I enjoy what is really important in life- a walk in the park, doing my writing, relaxing, etc. When I have excess, I tend to complicate my life by buying things that are a bit extraneous.

The trick is to ask for what you REALLY want and need to be happy. I INTEND for example to pay my bills and have enough for them a few weeks ahead so as not to freak out. I intend to have some in savings as a buffer in case of need. I intend when I want a material object and ta da.. it comes. I intend to feel secure inside myself and free at all times. This way, God can come up with numerous ways to help out that aren't limited by the hours I work, the people I know, or any other conditions I might place on life.

So, when you are manifesting, get into the feeling of having what you REALLY want - the bottom line so to speak, and then get out of God's way and don't tell him how to do his job.... Surrender, enjoy the surprises and be amazed!... but don't mess up your creations with worry :)