Saturday, March 24, 2007

Guidance is subtle

Although I have a lot of practice talking to angels, most of my personal guidance comes in the form of subtle urges. I'll never forget the day I was leaving to go to work and I had the sudden urge to change out of my skirt into pants, and to grab a water bottle and a book. None of this made any sense until my car broke down on the way to work, on a very windy day! I went inside and thanked the angels and then asked them why they allowed me to leave knowing my car was going to break down. At that point, I heard them say with laughter... "And what would you have done - called work and said, I cannot come in because my car is going to stall!" They giggled at the thought. I saw the wisdom.

Guidance does not always lead where you think it will but it leads you where God wants you to be. I prayed for a 'publisher who would be intersted in my work," in 1995. I had an urge a few weeks later to go to the library. I searched for books on publishers and found none but while waiting in line to check out, I randomly picked up an ad and saw a seminar, "How to get your manuscript in the hands of a publisher!" The former excutive publisher who gave the seminar took an interest in my work and helped me develop confidence that I could write. He didn't publish it but he gave me the confidence to keep going.

Another time I felt suddenly and urgently like visiting a favorite thrift store. I argued with the feeling - no time, no point in it, etc... but the urge was so strong I went. Wandering aimlessly, and wondering why I was there, a woman suddenly started screaming. She had popped a blood vessel, was bleeding profusely and sure she was going to die since she was on blood thinning drugs. I grabbed a towel, plugged up the wound and started running energy. I told her to calm down and pray. Needless to say the bleeding stopped in spite of her conviction that she couldn't stop bleeding. I handed her off to the paramedics and left quietly unnoticed. I had been praying previously to know if this 'healing stuff' really worked.

When you have an urge to do something that is positive and constructive, just do it. Don't analyze. Sometimes you'll know why and other times you will not. Sometimes it will make sense after the fact, othertimes, you will not figure it out. Sometimes the angels are helping you practice listening and other times they are pushing your buttons to help you release an old program that gets in the way of your manifestations. Trust yourself. Trust God. And then watch and see how the adventures unfold!

Have a wonderfully guided week,