Thursday, February 01, 2007

What does God want from Me?

So often I am asked, "What does God want for me?" The answer always comes from the angels, "God wants for you what you truly and deeply want for you. Search your heart of hearts and find what is inside of you at any given moment. This is your guidance."

I have had to really work to learn to listen to my heart in each moment. Sunday night I had the urge to stay up very late doing my office work - typically a Monday task. Monday I had the urge to go to the Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show and get some beads to make jewelry (another one of my many interests in life!). I had twinges of old leftover guilt tugging at me, because after all, there is always more work to be done. But I work hard, I got my work done by 3am Sunday night, and I needed some down time. I picked a card from the angel deck that I use at times when I'm not 100% sure I'm clear. PLAY was the card I chose. So off I went to look at beautiful rocks and sparkly beads.

It never fails that as I choose to honor my heart, life works miracles for me. I got home Monday night to find an email from a friend. They are connecting me with a company in Japan that puts on metaphysical conferences and there is the possibility I could be invited to speak there in the future. I was completely taken by surprise. The angels had given me no hints about this opportunity except to give me an urge to send in my passport renewal for "no good reason" last week. Once again, I saw God in action.

In the past it was always easy for me to honor an urge to work, help, or assist someone, but it was harder for me to honor the urge to do something "frivolous." However, these so called frivolous pursuits are actually the down time needed to refill our spirits so we are ready to give deeply and authentically once again. God knows what He is doing. If you honor your heart you will get to see the magic He is trying to work in your lives.