Friday, February 23, 2007

Soul's plans

This channeled message seems to be directed at me this week! I've been preparing for Be-lightful as well as getting some CDs ready to bring for those who have asked me to, and I was very excited because I bought a better CD burner to make my life easier. I set Wednesday aside to begin creating the CDs and was actually looking forward to the chore. I ran out to run a few errands and realized I had missed the delivery of my CD burner and would have to wait till the next day. I wish I could say I handled the disappointment gracefully but a few colorful phrases slipped out before I started to realize that I HAD prayed to surrender to divine timing as of late!! And so I calmed down, realized God had other plans, and surrendered.

As a result I had time to go to the Wednesday night group meditation and during the meditation I started receiving all sorts of other wonderful fun things to do at the seminar next week. I had also been praying to know God's will for that class. I also got some much needed sleep instead of staying up late playing with my new office equipment!

So once again my SMALL mind wanted what it wanted, but my SOUL had other plans! And as always my soul's plans were better than the ones my mind had cooked up. I DO trust God's timing very much these days. I have my human moments but it doesn't take long to realize that a tantrum is just that - a little tantrum! And God always has better plans!!