Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Forget control!

I totally understand the angels' message this week having gone through cycles of death, dormancy, and rebirth many times in my life. Last autumn I felt SO lazy in Sept and Oct and then all of the sudden things started moving very fast in my life. I'm glad I spent all those hours after work on the couch, watching my favorite cooking shows. I needed the rest and all the energy that is now going out into the world. We have to take time to fill our cup before we can spill it. We have to sit still at times and let spirit work with us to ready us for change. We have to be patient and trust the process.

I was not and am still not always patient, although I do a LOT better than usual. As you all know, I'm doing a really fun class this weekend and as usual, I had all the bits and pieces, but not the cohesive outline as of last weekend. Uh, hi angels, hi God, this is Ann... We're down to one week, I reminded the universe. Saturday and Sunday were set aside for organizing the class. And lo and behold, ALL I felt like doing was laying on the lawn in the sunshine. I fought the desire for about fifteen minutes and realized I had to surrender to the class I was about to teach.

If I wanted a BELIGHTFUL life, I could do my class on the sunshine on a beach towel in my grass. So I dragged out my old dinasaur of a laptop computer (otherwise known as an electronic typewriter) and plugged it into an extension cord, laid the towels on the lawn, put on the sunscreen and slipped into bliss. God started talking so fast I had to type as fast as my fingers would go. The class came together better than if I, with my small mind, and logic, and ego, had tried. Furthermore my car needed maintenance so I scheduled it on Wednesday and had time to memorize the outline.

It is possible to plan for a major seminar, work full time, get the car worked on, clean house and ready for mom's visit, do a newsletter, go to meditation group, drive to Tempe to pick up my taxes, do my accounting, get the nails done, and answer hundreds of emails without feeling rushed... but ONLY when I honor the moment!! Its so cool to be in the delightful, belighful flow of divine grace.

We think we have to be in control and make ourselves get things done but when we surrender they are done so much more easily!