Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playing with parallel realities

The angels say "all realities exist in the mind of God," and "you create or re-create yourself in each moment in time."This translates into , "who you think you are and what you expect creates your experience of the present moment... over and over again"

Typically we don't experience miracles because we expect what we've gotten in the past. If we felt bad two seconds ago, we expect to feel bad now. If we feel good, we expect to feel good. If past relationships weren't so hot, we fear new ones unless we've worked with our minds to create better expectations. If we've learned we have to struggle to make a living we do, until we choose better thoughts.

If we can starte each moment anew and treat our lives as if we are constantly given a clean slate upon which to create, we WILL create miracles far more quickly and easily.

So I created a little experiment just for fun before the holidays. I had SO many fun projects to do and not enough time to get them done. I got so involed in baking and crafting that I didn't get tire, and frequently ended up staying up until 3 or 4am. Mind you, had I been staying up doing WORK, I would have likely been tired, but this was play and I was enjoying every minute of it.

In the past I bought into the mass consciousness that says, "Thou shalt sleep or be exhausted." I would think to myself, "OH dear, I'm only getting four hours sleep. I will be tired." And in that MOMENT, in that THOUGHT, I created my reality of fatigue the following morning.

So I chose better thoughts such as, "I had a lot of fun baking tonight and watching the cooking channel, and playing with the dogs, and writing, and I am SO happy no matter how little sleep I will wake up rested!" Magically I woke up rested!

We experience the realities we create every day. We wake up and start worrying... thus using our imagination to create a mess out of our day! Alternately, we wake up and concsiously imagine the day we want, thus creating a much better experience of our day. They are both possible realities... and therefore we CHOOSE one with our thoughts and we PERCEIVE all to be in alighnment with that reality, and we draw from the infinite possibilities in God's mind to create our EXPERIENCE.

Have fun with this stuff. Place your thoughts on the reality you want to experience rather than the one you don't. See how choosing thoughts and perceptions alters your experience of life.

I think I'll go to bed now, however, because tonight, I want to watch the holiday lights that are still up around my windows, and burrow under my nice warm comforter, and then go play with the angels in my sleep. And that is another very good reality to play with!