Saturday, January 13, 2007

Patience pays off... and a trip to Sea World

The angel message today makes me laugh. I have learned patience over the years, but truthfully kicking and screaming until at long last the angel's words to me sunk in...

Ann, eternity is an awfully long time. You really might want to learn to enjoy the moment.

As I contemplated that statement I realized how right they were. I have forever as a soul to be in existence and experience everything my soul might want to experience. What on earth is the rush if I am miserable because I am never at some goal. Truth is, the minute I achieve a goal, I set another one. Might as well be happy because life is always a process. I have found if I surrender to life's flow, life simply works.

I went to Sea World last Sunday. A dear client gave me standby airline passes and we had a few weeks left to use them so we flew out to San Diego for the day. We surrendered our intentions and desire to get good flights to God, realized there was nothing we could control and as a result of enjoying the process, got great flights. We got lost on the way from the airport to a breakfast spot and ended up at a better one. The day flowed seamlessly. I telepathically talke to both a dolphin and an orca who begged me to share with people that we should all simply practice kindness to all of God's creatures including each other. My heart nearly burst with that interchange. I telepathically told the dolphin when I had to leave that I had to go, and he backed up in the water and waved goodbye. I nearly flipped.

So be patient. Miracles happen while you are manifesting your dreams. I have big goals. I've been told I'm supposed to be way out in public writing and lecturing. I could obsess about it, struggle to get my publisher, work all weekends, etc, but I won't be that way ever again. I want to LIVE, truly LIVE in the process of achieving my dreams. And I trust God 100% now and know that if I honor my heart in each moment, I create a vibration to make all my dreams come true faster.