Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bringing light into the dark

The Christmas season for me, used to be filled with expectations. I had so much to do, and so many things to attend. This year, I have truly discovered that less is more. I have enjoyed the sweet peace of the season every step of the way. So it came as a little shock when a cold started trying to come in last Monday. Sure I didn't get much rest this weekend but I enjoyed the company of good friends on Saturday and spent Sunday baking quite a few dishes to get me through this busy week before the holidays. So when I woke up Monday with the little scratchiness that warns you of an impending stuffy head and cough, I decided I was not going to get sick before Christmas. Period.

I did what the angels always suggest - bring light into the darkness. I thanked the little cold vibration for remind me not to go nuts this week. I rested on a day usually spent furiously running errands and doing my office work and writing. I ate my garlic and spicy salsa, prayed, and asked God to help me get the gifts of this cold before it started to set in. By Tuesday the vibration was on its way out. I pretty much skipped it entirely! I ended up with a little cough that is not comfortable but I totally avoided the stuffy head, runny nose, or terrible scratchiness these things can bring - and I'm determined to get this cough out of me pronto as well. What a gift! Truly it was for me a reminder that there is never a need for a battle, but rather a need for love.

The lesson continued throughout the week. The pool equipment broke and started leaking. My heater stopped working perfectly. A doghouse I ordered arrived damaged. I suspended the urge to be irritated and sent love to all involved. The dear pool repair people came out faster than I could have guessed. The heater started working better even before the repair folks could make it and the doghouse company agreed to pay for repairs. Had I gotten upset it would have been a different story.

Challenges exist, always and forever. Life is life. But when we bring love into the darkness, as the angels say, into the challenges, into the vibrations of illness, into the situations where you'd rather holler, into the frustrations and upsets of life, it is amazing how quickly these challeges move on through your life.

Regardless of religious beliefs, Christmas is a celebration of light in the darkness, and Hanukka is the festival of lights. So no matter what you celebrate, celebrate the fact that you can bring the light of God's love into any situation and watch it transform. Call for that light to illuminate your heart in times that are challenging and to amplify in times of joy.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and a beautiful holiday. You are all in my heart and I am blessed to be on this journey with you.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Meaningful presents

I have always loved giving. I love seeing the smile on someone's face when they receive something thoughtful or something they've wanted. I love surprising people and letting them know that someone cares. And many years I've worked so much that I've been able to do that with material stuff. This year, I found balance. I worked less hours and wrote more. I took time to actually rest in off hours. And as a result I am richer in spirit but am not shopping much over the holidays! My friends and I all agreed to make presents for one another this year. We have enough stuff and instead we simply want to share love and experiences with one another, and things we can truly use or enjoy.

Last year we started gravitating towards this idea. I gave some friends a coupon for a meal a month for several months and I enjoyed cooking while they enjoyed eating. My friends gave me a dog-sitting voucher. Last weekend I spent hours in the kitchen making goodies I can't divulge because my friends read this list! We are sharing of our hearts, things that we can truly enjoy. And it feels good. It takes more time than shopping, to be sure. Its easy for me to get on the internet and place an order, or to run out to the mall that is ten minutes from my home. It takes hours to cook up a gourmet treat, but those hours are filled with intense love. I adore cooking - it looks good, tastes good, and smells good, and it nurtures the soul. I'm making other non-edible stuff too. I already gave my friends a slideshow of our Christmas's past that I made up on the computer. It made our hearts happy to remember all the good times - an instant upper that we can pop in the DVD.

I did buy something for my mom but instead of a traditional present I wracked my brain to think of what she'd love most, and (go angels!) I was reminded that my mom loves lemons. She can't get good ones out east, so Ann-ta Claus did get on the net and order my mom a box of delicious Meyer lemons. I didn't wait for Christmas; I just sent them. its a strange gift to be sure, but mom loves them like some of us love chocolate and they contribute to her health and well being. In this case, thinking inside the box worked!!!

Its been a really relaxed holiday season. I feel no stress, no rushing around in traffic, no need to 'worry about what to get'... I know in future years I may shop again, or not... but this year is special. I feel like I'm returning to some good old fashioned values and finding great solace in them. I've enjoyed decorating, baking, curling up late at night with a cup of cocoa and a warm fuzzy pair of socks looking at my Christmas tree, being with friends... I can't recall a holiday when I've been this honest about what I really want to do.

So this holiday season, enjoy whatever it is that really matters. If you shop buy only what truly feels meaningful, big or small. If you don't give from the heart. Even the smallest kindness goes such a long, long way.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tugs from the past

Sometimes when I sit down to type I have an idea of what the angels are going to say or what I hope they'll talk about and other times, it just pours out of me and I find myself reading as I go. This message was one of them. It answers a lot of questions that my clients have been asking lately, namely...what on earth is going on? I have asked that very same thing. As I continue to feel more and more joyous my body has felt crazy to say the least - old tightness, old tensions, old misalignments, all coming up to the surface.

"These are your old patterns trying to hang on for dear life because you are coming into a time of more light," the angels told me. I see that. I'm changing how I interact with the world to be even more forthright, even more honest about where my heart wants to be and when, and to rest when I need it even more than ever before. I've been really happy lately, loving the creativity of the season and blessed with the people in my life. But OUCH, the old patterns tug and pull away.

I have felt SO able to love everyone lately, even the people I want nothing to do with, that it boggles my mind. I've prayed for this. I've studied to learn how to do this. I've listened to angels. And yet at the same time some old part of me tries to get me angry when people don't behave as I want. I catch the errant thoughts and tell them, as if I'm speaking to tantrum throwing kids... "Off to your room! Come into the light with me or sit in silence!" Then my body breathes deeply and relaxes again. Its a roller coaster lately as I strive to love no matter what, but boy oh boy does it feel good!

One old anxious thought and I catch my body tensing up. When I catch myself, stop, breathe, and unwind a bit my body relaxes. I have to do this over and over as a discipline to keep those old patterns from taking hold. It is exciting. It never fails that before you let go of an old habit or pattern, it makes one big last stand... attempting to stay in your mind and body. And yet if you keep making one good choice after the next, the old pattern finally lets go and you are free-er than ever before

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Be the angel

I love the holiday season. It gives me an excuse to give without reason, to dress up the house, to go crazy with creativity, and to eat more than anyone should ever put in a body this size. But most of all I love that it is the season where people usually love more easily, act with more charity, and practice a bit more compassion.

So when I set out with a heart full of cheer to run errands Monday, I was shocked at the insanity, rudeness, and unkindness I witnessed all around. Drivers in traffic cut me off. Clerks at the office store ignored me. As I smiled at people they looked away. A clerk took 45 minutes to write up a supply order for me instead of swallowing her pride and asking a co-worker how to do it. I felt truly and deeply for the first time that I did not belong on this planet because so many people didn't know how to love. It was a passing thought, but then all of the sudden the truth hit and I realized, YOU ARE NEEDED HERE. I felt a FLOOD of huge, beautiful, angelic energy through my entire body and heard the words loudly, "Be the angel." "YES!" my soul cried out in response. I AM here to love.

Be the angel.

I started blessing the rude drivers in traffic, being kinder than ever to the rude people who didn't even see me as they ran into me in the shops, and prayed for the lady who was slow. I went back to the supply house to pick up my order and even though it wasn't ready as promised I enjoyed a delightful conversation with another lady in line. A lone honeybee started buzzing around me and proceeded to land on me and walk all over me - another joke from the angels. I guess I was BEE-ing who they wanted me to "be"!

It is more fun to love than to be irritated. It is more fun to know you can walk a higher path. It just feels better to be charitable, compassionate, and kind. I do not mean you should ever be a doormat or put up with abuse, but at the same time why return anger with anger, unkindness with unkindness, etc. Show people there is a better way. It feels good. It feels like playing Santa to give without reason. And it feels much closer to godliness. I felt powerful blessing the angry drivers and watching them slow down and be nicer. As Obi Wan Kanobi says in the movie Star Wars - "The force is strong on the weak minded" or in the terms of the mystic "Love is stronger than anger and hate."

So as you celebrate the season, "Be the Angel" and share your gift of prayers and blessings with those who need it the most. You'll feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside if you do this just for the sake of being who you really are. And the echo back from the world is pretty cool too!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving of our hearts

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a beautiful day. I cooked a beautiful meal for my friends and loved every minute of it. Unlike other years, I didn't rush, didn't multi task, and didn't even look at the clock in the days preceding thanksiving. I just gave thanks for every minute of time I was allowed to do this. I didn't focus on the cost but rather thanked God for the ability to feed friends. I didn't worry about who would show up and who wouldn't last minute. I just gave thanks for the ability to give whoever wanted to receive. It was the most relaxing ten course meal I've ever cooked. It was the easiest cleanup. It was tasty beyond belief. And I felt full with my friendships.

I didn't always have so many friends. When I moved to Arizona I was young, engaged, and knew no one. My husband worked second shift every two weeks and I was alone. I was very sad about it but made choices to work out, be healthy, and explore my spirituality. That alone-time sent me on my path. After I divorced, I dated a sociopath who ran off with my money. I was alone again. And yet it motivated me to learn to treat myself kindly, do things for myself without waiting for someone else to come make my life better and reach out to go to classes and create new friendships. I travelled, learned to cook well for myself, and to go out whether or not anyone was there to do it with me. Many times in my life I've grown, lost old friends, and had to recreate new circles. What I've learned, is that God wears many faces - love is always is present if we look for it and reach out to others with our hearts. Not everyone will respond but if you keep reaching out you'll find love coming in return.

I had to learn to give to myself first before I could attract these friend. It didn't happen over night and many times I whined and complained that I gave to everyone else but no one gave back to me...and yet that was only because I focused on the belief so strongly it became true. When I stopped whining and started focusing on the abundant love of God - after all He made sunsets, birdsong, and rainbows... then I started to receive the love of the universe in return, filled my cup, and was able to spill it over. As a result the cycle of giving and receiving continues. I have learned that it is only ME who blocks the flow of receiving God's love, or sharing it. As I get back in that flow, I feel the abundance of the universe, and I'm not talking about money here, but rather so much more... love.

I love the gift of giving of my heart. In the words of St. Francis, "It is in giving to all that we receive." So true... Give only from a full heart the angels say. First pay your own bills, feed your own mind, body, and spirit, and receive the gift of your own love. Then, and only then will you have the heart filled with God's love ready to give to others from a deep and authentic place.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gratitude - everything is love

As I typed this weeks angel message, I felt so much love pouring through me it brought me to tears. I pray you can feel it as well. Do the meditation too. I did it and I felt all of you, and that made me cry even harder - tears of incredible gratitude. I know this path isn't always easy. So many of you have come to me or written to me saying you have felt alone at times. There were times in my life when I did too. There were times when I wasn't even sure God cared about me as I cared for everyone else. There were times when I felt that I messed up so badly even the angels would give up on me. And yet the truth is, they don't.

God and the angels don't love conditionally like we do. They love without reservation. They love us just as much when we're singing their praises as when we holler unto the heavens about the 'unfairness' of a situation in a deeply human moment. I'll never forget once when I went to my friend Summer Bacon ( for a trance channeled reading. I was deeply pissed off at the angels for guiding me into some tough growth, and wanted nothing more than to rant and rave. Dr. Peebles, the dear soul who comes through Summer cut me off at the pass by saying, "My dear we love you so very much you can yell at us for the next hour. Your green eyes are so beautiful when they're flashing sparks at us." Oh how on earth could I remain mad in the face of that love? I was flooded by it.

I watched a movie a few months ago called "Evan Almighty" in which God reminded Evan that "everything He does He does because He loves us." I have to laugh... in retrospect it is ALWAYS true. But in the heat of a challenging moment, we don't always feel loved. We are. Trust that. This month, Summer Bacon's institute is all about giving thanks. The angels are reminding us through her to not only give thanks for the good things in our lives but also for the so-called bad experiences as well. Sounds tough, but really as I tried it, giving thanks for all irritations, upsets inconveniences, etc., I find they lose their power to upset me. As I give thanks I realize, there IS always something to give thanks for.

The rock that hit my windshield on the freeway the other night gave me an opportunity to brighten up the day of a precious insurance representative who went above and beyond to be cheerful and help me with my claim. The fact that my neck went off kilter this week from sitting at the computer reminds me to take some time to rest. The guy that cuts me off in traffic gives me a chance to practice my new found skills of temperance. And while this sounds like pollyanna psycho-babble at first, try it...try finding the silver lining in everything. Giving thanks for it, although difficult at first, sure has created the opportunity for me to see life more through my soul's eyes rather than through the short-term vision of my personality.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Landscape of our Lives

Every week I drive past a house in my neighborhood that has some rather curious decor on the front lawn. From a distance it looks cluttered and mis-matched. Close up however, there are hundreds of tiny delights - flowers, stepping stones, lawn ornaments, etc. Another yard down the street looks well manicured and uncluttered from a distance, and yet up close, looks sparse and plain.

Both of these yards have their own unique beauty. The angels had a wonderful chat with me the other day comparing these two landscapes to what they called "the landscapes of our lives."

It all started when I fell back into worrying about what being in public more will do to my life. Right now, I am really enjoying some relative 'privacy' compared to what I experienced earlier this year. I haven't been teaching or out in public much. And yet I'm HAPPY in a big way. I'm focused on writing the six or seven books I've started in no particular order when the urge hits. I'm having fun with my creative urges. I'm cooking, exercising, and pursuing my own spiritual education, as well as spending time with furballs (dogs) and friends. The joy in my life, at present, is in the small, mismatched details. With my LITTLE human mind I don't see the next BIG step yet. Blissfully I don't care. I trust God enough to know that when He wants me to do the next 'big' thing He'll let me know in my heart of hearts. In the meatime, like the magical little cluttered yard, I will enjoy the many small moments in my life that bring great satisfaction. As the saying goes, "the present is in your presence."

There will come a time in the not too distant future, say the angels where I'll have to weed out the activities in my life and focus on those that create a bigger picture. I'll know in my heart what to do when those moments arrive, and at that time, when I and God are ready, the angels tell me I won't feel as if I have to sacrifice joy to focus on a bigger picture. As sanity returned during this discussion with the angels I stopped worrying about what I'd have to "give up" to serve the world in larger ways.

Most of us have both these 'landscapes' in our lives from time to time. There are times when we are just living, enjoying the small things in life and those are beautiful, precious, and magical times. There are other times when everything else falls by the wayside to accomplish a task that we are passionate about. Those are magical in a different way. Neither is better or worse just different. The trick is to enjoy whichever 'landscape' is present in your life right now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Riches of Nature

I love the earth. I love being outdoors and I do give thanks for the beauty we have been gifted with. The angels once said, "Ann look at the riches humanity has been given - the grasses, the trees, the birds, the waters, the blue of the night sky, the clouds, the passionate orange sunburst of sunrise and sunset. Look at the soft berries, the ripe fruits, the crisp vegetables. Look at the majestic mountains, the ever-changing seas. Look. Look around you and behold true wealth." I almost cried when they said that because its true. In our society we measure wealth by our bank accounts, our stuff, and hopefully by the people in our lives as well, and yet wealth is here the minute we arrive on earth.

It is so important to take time to be in nature, whether you camp, walk, drive, or travel out of body at night, because when you are there, you are reminded of God's love. You can't help it. The miraculous surrounds us. I'll never forget a walk in a meadow right after a rain. I looked down and could have sworn I saw a diamond sitting there on a leaf. The diamonds were all over. I was dumfounded. When I looked closer I was even more overwhelmed. The "diamonds" were water droplets from the rain that had landed inside these leaves with five little parts. The way the leaves reflected through the water made each little drop look like a multifaceted diamond. I could hear the angels in the background delighting in my discovery of nature's gems :)

Have you ever done this? Pick up a rock and look at it. Ask it to tell you a story about where it came from. Shut your eyes and connect with this rock in your heart. Watch its birth as it originally travelled out of the earth as molten lava perhaps, or was pressurized by millions of years of ocean pressing down on it, or perhaps it grew as a result of condensation forming crystals in the cracks of another rock. A simple rock becomes a tool for travelling outside of time and space. Learn it with this rock, and you can do it anywhere.

Pick up another rock, and ask a question. Look at the rock and see how it answers you - maybe its shape, or markings upon it, or colors, answer your question. God is everywhere, in every aspect of creation. A simple rock can train you in your psychic abilities.

Mother nature is awe inspiring and awesome. I love her. I love the angel messages this week. It explains my need to shift to environmentally friendly detergents, and to do ceremony again, and to sing songs to her when I am out alone in nature. It also explains the jitters that many of us have felt on and off for some time now.

Give thanks! We live on one of the most diverse and beautiful planets in existence.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My New Book is Out!

I am thrilled to finally release "Whispers of the Spirit" - my autobiography that describes how I went from being a rather angry and disenchanted avionics engineer to who I am now.

I wrote this book 11 years ago and finally decided to release it because I believe much of what I went through is common to the human experience, and if I could learn to listen to Spirit... anyone can!!

Description: Ann Albers graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering, got a job in the avionics industry, & was well on her way to 'having it all.' God had other plans.

Disenchanted in a life that was supposed to make her happy, Ann prayed for her calling. Join her on an amazing journey of awakening in which you will learn how to tune into the Whispers of the Spirit in your own life.

Discover how dreams, symbols, intuition, angels, etc. guided Ann to leave the life she knew and step into the unknown. As Ann shares her experiences you'll learn to recognize the signs of Spirit in your life. This is a glorious adventure of the soul that will resonate with your head & heal your heart.

Endorsement by Doreen Virtue (Ph.D., author, "Divine Guidance") "Ann Albers is an artist of emotions and spirit, & her canvas is her enthralling book. You will feel the stirring of deep memories & even experience healing, as you share Ann's spiritual journey in the pages of this book."

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to order

If you want to check out the rest of my books & CDs my, you can click here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Watching the Grass Grow...

I was watching the grass grow this week... truly. In Arizona we overseed our lawns with "winter rye" grass. Unlike the coarse and crunchy summer grass, this grass is vibrantly green and soft. I look forward to the new carpet of lawn every winter. As soon as the seeds are planted I count the days and wait patiently for the first little green shoots. I celebrate when they come up. Day four, day five, day six... oh here they are! And then all of the sudden they burst forth into a beautiful furry little lawn that looks so happy!

That was me recently. I felt like I have been pushing through the soil to finish and publish the autobiography I wrote 11 years ago. I've been cranky with my angels, busy finding all sorts of excuses to distract myself when working on it, and dragging my heels every step of the way. I REALLY wanted to finish up the next proof copy yesterday so I prayed for assistance to get inspired and get it finished.

In answer to my prayer, Archangel Michael appeared to me and asked if I wanted to know what I was experiencing. "Yes please!!!" I asked him. "You are going to expose the sides of yourself you weren't so proud of," he said. "You feel vulnerable... and those pieces of you from the past are getting defensive!" "Is that ALL?" I asked. "That's it," he answered. I felt SO relieved! I didn't know why I was in such a bad mood this week, and everything he said rang true.

There ARE parts of who I used to be that I am not proud of. I was an angry, arrogant, self-righteous young woman before God started shoving me through the dirt and towards the light. And those parts of me were getting all upset about me-now exposing them and sharing them with the world. It was like having a mutiny where the present-version of Ann was being overthrown by all the past-selves!! I took charge once again and determined to finish the book.

"Well?" Michael looked at me to make sure I understood. "You're right!" I practically kissed him. As soon as I see a little light, I'm like that grass that starts to leap the light of God. That was it! Past parts of me were just afraid! Thus a book that has sat on the shelf for 11 years and probably could have helped a lot of people be kinder to themselves sooner is finally going to be published in a few weeks, God willing (and if I got the cover right!)

And guess what. I'm out of the dark and into the light again, happy, feeling grateful, and glad to be the ME I am in 2007 once again. The learning never ends!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nature nurtures

I strive to live in the present as much as possible. And yet, at times, I go back to the past, project nonsense into the future, or worse yet pine away for something that isn't here yet. That is how I make myself miserable and attract the nonsense I went through last week. It is good to intend for your future, to have goals if they really arise from within your heart, and, at times, to analyze the past to understand it. That is useful. However, when we hang on to the past, rehashing it time and again, that is self-punishment. When we pine away for the future that hasn't arrived yet, that is self-torture. Better to live now.

After getting myself in a spiritual mess last week and attracing all sorts of energies that were glad to push me deeper into my own nonsense, I decided I better get back to the present moment quickly, and as the angels say "live now." I immediately went back to all my good habits - taking more time to pray and meditate each day. I sat for a whole hour asking my body what it wanted to eat and then planned the meals around that. I happen to be vegetarian this week! Next week, who knows... my body tells me if I listen. I got rest. I decided to take a wonderful weekend in solitude and allow my heart to guide me, and I had one of the best weekends of my life.

Saturday I hiked deep into the desert back to a wonderful swimming hole and ended my summer with a dip in the icy cold green waters of the northern, Arizona creek. It was bracing, and invigorating and my entire energy field sighed with relief after a sincere pounding last week. The desert sun baked away the rest of the clouds. Nature ALWAYS re-energizes me, even if I just sit in my own backyard. Sunday I drove up north to see the glorious golden aspen trees turning colors, and to enjoy the crisp fall air. We are lucky here in Arizona. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, you can pick your season.

It occurs to me that with our thoughts, choices, and perceptions we also choose the weather and the seasons of our spiritual landscape.

So, as the angels say, go easy on yourself ! I think I exist to prove that being human is just as holy as well, being "holy" the way we were raised to think of it. God's love is constant. The only question is this - how well will you choose to love yourself each day :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dark and light

This angel message rings so true to my heart this week. I have been working to release an autobiography of how I went from being an angry, disillusioned young woman in working in electrical engineering to the person I am now. I know this book will help people who are beginning to seek spirit feel the presence of the guides in their lives and it will inspire people to heal the pains of their past. In the book I share a lot about how I healed the illusions and pains that caused my anger and unworthiness. My work with angels was both an enlightening and uplifting, joyful dance, and a journey into my own darkness so I could clear my mind and come to know who I was. Part of my training has been to know myself well - both the dark and the light so I can distinguish my own thoughts from the voices of both angels and demons.

It seems the darker energies didn't want me to release that book. I was hit by an attack of negative voices that was so strong I almost lost myself in them last Sunday. "No one wants to read your garbage. God doesn't care about you. Everyone else teaches this stuff. You don't have anything to say. Your life isn't worth much." It was simply unbelievable. I knew the voices weren't mine. I said say NO WAY and changed my thoughts to positive and then got slammed once again with another round of attack. I know all this started because I had a moment of self pity when I was feeling tired and didn't want to finish the book. Give an inch of negativity and the denser energies on this planet will go the extra mile to amplify it!

Thank GOD for the training. I knew this wasn't my truth at all. I called in God and the angels in a big way, ate well, rested, cleaned house, and called upon friends. I was shocked when several of my psychic friends and I started comparing notes - we were ALL experiencing this same amplification of our of negativity.

It made sense a few days later when a friend wrote to tell me about the massacre of the monks in Burma. I imagine that the darker energies on this planet had a heyday, not only with the deaths of the innocents but with the anger engendered in the masses at this violation of human rights. It made sense that those of us who are in tune with the world would be feeing such an attack. Satan only gets pushy when he feels powerful. And the truth is, he is impotent in the light of God's love.

When I saw what was going on the light returned. I prayed for the world, prayed for myself, my friends, and even those energies that seek to make us feel worse, and then all was well again. Love clears out any lesser vibrations. I had the most productive and fun day I've had in ages.

It is much more fun to talk about light and miracles, and I am blessed with more than my share of these. Yet, if we're on the spiritual path we will have to face the small negativities within ourselves, and sometimes the amplification of the very same by forces that would rather we didn't grow into the light. As humans we have times when those forces tempt us to fall into despair, self-hatred, worry, fear, and lack of faith... along with the rest of the illusions that would have us convinced we are not loved. These are lies. We have to use everything in us at these tough times to resist the temptation to believe these lies.

When you are worried about finances pray to God to increase your faith. When you feel unloved, pray to God to experience his love. When you are lonely, pray to feel the angels presence in your life. When you are angry, ask God to remove the anger from your heart. And so on... these prayers are always answered if prayed with a sincere heart. You don't have to do it alone.

I got it together again needless to say. Between rest, eating well, praying, and talking to my friends, and cleaning house, I came back to life and light again. I feel stronger, more peaceful, more resolved to share God's love with the world, and more determined to expose these lies for what they are.

The book went to the publisher. I ordered my proof copy and God willing will release it within a month. No matter what happens in your life, trust in God's love. Whether you feel it or not, it is always there :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Heavenly Play

This week but the vibration coming through as I typed the angels' message was delightful, playful, and very uplifting. They have taught me over and over again the value of play. If I take time off to refill my spirit I get SO much accomplished. People always ask me where I get my energy. I work hard, but I also play hard.

Last weekend I went tubing on the salt river with some friends. You sit in these wonderful inner tubes, tie them all together, and float down the river without a care in the world. Other than avoiding being thrown into the banks, there is little you can control and what a wonderful feeling it is to surrender so completely to the beauty of nature. We saw blue herons, red winged blackbirds, and wild horses. We felt the sun on our faces, and the cool water on our backs. And Monday I had so much energy I cleaned house, got my emails caught up, organized my finances AND finished my final revision of a book that I wrote over 11 years ago! When I'm happy, I can share it. When I'm exhausted I'm not much good to anyone.

So try to get a little (or better yet, a lot) of playtime in your life. Think of it as a tune up for your spirit! Far from being selfish, it gives you so much more to give.

Have a joyful week... and try to goof off just a little bit more!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

God always loves us.. you are never stuck

I used to be a people pleaser who always believed I had to earn love. I'd bend over backwards, spend loads of money, and do whatever it took to make The angels have often reminded me that my way of looking at a situation defines my experience. When I choose a loving and grateful way of looking at life, I feel wonderful. When I don't, its like a thick cloud blinds me to the truth of God's love. Every now and then I forget everything I know and feel sorry for myself.

I fell into that last week. I volunteered to help a friend get his website started. He graciously paid me for my work, but I got into 'poor me' mode about the fact that *I* decided to stay up late working on it to help him get it going. He did have a deadline, but I knew he didn't expect me to kill myself to do it. Nonetheless, some old disfunctional pattern kicked in and there I was being unhealthy to help a loved one stay on track. I knew better and did it anyway. God knows what short-circuits in my brain sometimes, but no matter how practiced I am at balance, I can at times fall into insanity. Given my job, it got even more crazy. It always seems that there are forces in the universe trying to throw me off track since I stand in public preaching about God's love.

If I get off balance, and forget to set the rules about who and what is allowed near me in my sleep, I can wake up feeling pretty thrashed. I woke up feeling a real mess last Sunday. What started out as exhaustion, quickly spiralled downhill into feeilng like I existed to serve others and would never have my own dreams come true. Rubbish! Total and complete rubbish! That train of thought lasted all of fifteen minutes before I remembered everything I know once again.

When I saw what I was allowing my mind to do, I sat myself down and immediately began to pray. "God, angels, I've lost my brain. Restore me to truth. Suck out this negativity, and please, while you are at it, I need some energy. Make me fall asleep at a reasonable time and crave food that is good for me. Thank you." And then I sat until the familiar loving vibration came in and held me in its arms. I should say 'their arms' but sometimes the love is so strong it can only be the God-vibration that surrounds me. The vibration of Divine love flowed through me and washed away all my cares and concerns. All I had to do was to remember God's love and ask for it, then sit and receive it like an innocent child waiting for a hug.

God does love us. Most of the time we know that, but at times, we ALL forget. And in those times, its important not to try to get ourselves out of the mess, but rather to sit and pray. Pray for your internal conditions to change rather than praying for the outside world to change. I could have prayed for appreciation, someone to pick up the phone and call me, etc. but what I really needed was a quick change of attitude. Guess what... when the internal conditions change, all of life responds on the outside and all of the sudden life turns around on a dime! Your life starts anew with every single breath. With a sudden change of attitude, come sudden changes in life as well. .

You are never alone. You are never without help. And you are never really stuck in darkness. Its just a little cloud waiting to be burnt away by the light :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Love Self & Others equally

I used to be a people pleaser who always believed I had to earn love. I'd bend over backwards, spend loads of money, and do whatever it took to make anyone's dreams come true. And I got bitter and resentful that no one was there to support me. In my thirties I did not see how I was creating my own mess. As I grew and worked with angels, they helped me see that there are times when it is truly joyful to give, and times when I did it out of obligation, need to be needed, or the desire to unconsciously make another spend time with or appreciate me. I was purchasing love and affection.

I started being more honest about what I really wanted to give. I started to pay attention to whether or not I was giving from love and joy, or from lesser reasons. I still have to watch it. I still find it a habit to say yes to every request. Sometimes I do so honestly and other times I catch myself later and question my motives, and learn to go deeper and become more authentic. Its a challenge for those of us who love so much to include ourselves in that love as well, and yet this is the balance we seek here on earth. To love self and other with equal dedication - now that is mastery. I'm still working on it :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Living a heart-centered life

For years I struggled to distinguish between my heart and my mind. My dad is a physicist, and my mom a very lively and emotional soul. I was born between Aries and Pieces (head and heart). And every time I take one of those IQ tests, they say my left and right brain are split down the middle. "How do you make decisions," one tester asked me when I was younger. "Not with ease!!" I wanted to reply. Logic used to always argue with my feelings.

Over the years the angels have trained me to use logic to follow the heart, rather than subjugating my heart to my mind. On my day off I REALLY wanted to go hiking with some friends. And yet when I searched my heart, I realized I was exhausted, and needed rest. So even though my mind wanted to have a pity party, push myself to go, and make myself enjoy it, I listened to my heart and my body. As a result I got the rest I needed to be productive this week and I know there will be other opportunities to play in the future.

I use the same principle on more important ventures. Several years ago a wonderful client offered me a nationally syndicated radio show talking to those on the other side. I prayed over it and realized my mind was giving me a thousand reasons to say yes - Wow, look how great it would look on your resume; Look how much you could make; You could market your books... etc. And yet my heart said, "I don't want to sit in a little room every week and talk to people I can't see. I like to hug and touch people and reach out with my energy and look them in the eye." I gracefully declined and a sent them a well-deserving friend who is a natural fit for the show. I have not regretted the decision

Likewise, when I quit engineering, within two days the company called me back and offered me $10,000 for two months worth of contracting. That was SO much compared to what they paid me as a regular employee. I had just quit and rational thought told me I really SHOULD take the money because "it was just two months" and yet my heart was practically screaming at me... "You quit to study spirituality!!! No way." Again, I declined, not knowing where my future income would come from, but knowing my heart would wither if I were to ignore it any longer.

So many times I have listened to my heart against the advice of others, against the barrage of logic, and my inner critic, and against all reason. Some times I have walked straight into difficult lessons I needed in order to grow further, and more often I have walked into greater joy. Its a different way to live than the way in which I was raised, and yet I would't trade it for the world.

What if we all led heart centered lives? I believe our communications would be more honest and so would our lives. Try it a bit this week, or if you already are living this way try to fine tune your ability to listen to the heart on even the smallest details - like what you want for dinner. This is amazing grace in action.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

God wins!

It has been an interesting week. I have never seen anything like it in all my years of doing readings. My best friend's house that they just put on the market was vandalized by crazed and drunken neighbors, and so many clients have written me with similar stories of discouragement and attack, whethere it be by uptight co-workers with bad behavior, former spouses flying off the handle, you name it. I was joking with a client that I think God is doing so well, that Satan took viagra. It was unreal. I think that's why I went through my little deal with the angry person a few weeks back - so I could be calm for everyone else this week.

No matter what... God wins. Always and forever, love wins.

We are all being challenged to stay in a loving space these days and yet it is the only space in which we come out 'winners' because to fall out of love is to lose ourselves to the very challenges that plague us. It is not easy. It takes extreme self discipline not to fall into hatred and anger towards those who aim their anger and pain at us. It takes prayer... "God help me forgive. Help me love. Help heal their hurting hearts." It takes courage. It is the easy way out to get sucked into the dramas and fears and angers of this world. That dance is supported by the masses. If someone calls you a name most of your friends would rush to your side to defend you. And yet, in my crowd of friends, we do something different. We may vent a little but we soon get over it and we start praying for the attackers. We pray for our own ability to rise above it and love as God loves. We pray for the ability not to give our thoughts to the darkness and to forgive. And God answers those prayers, keeps us safe, helps use heal any messes that those lost in darkness have made, and prevails.

Forgiveness is never saying something was 'ok' - forgiveness says, I give your actions in my past no power over the goodness in my future. Forgiveness frees you up - it has little to do with the other.

There is no greater power in the world than God's love, than an open heart willing to show compassion to the lost and wounded souls, and at the same time do the right thing and take care of yourselves. My friends, did of course, file a police report and get an injunction against the vandals. They chose not to respond to their attacks. And I chose to go with my friend, late at night after we both got off work to check on the house, not with fear in my heart but with prayers on my lips. All was well. All was peaceful. All was calm.

We are being asked to live according to higher standards than the rest of the world, and we CAN do it. Angels are helping us. And by freeing up our energy to love, rather than to fall into deep anger, fear, and hatred (although we may momentarily have those feelings move through us since we can't escape being human), our energy is availble to create the good we want in our lives instead. When our loving energy is abundant, and we open up to more in our lives, because choosing love always opens us up to the River of God flowing through us. Think of your energy like your money - invest it in thoughts that uplift you, people that inspire you, with withdraw it from those who wish to bring you down.

It 's not easy, but its right.

You are strong and God and the angels are always behind you. And at times in our lives when faced with negativity and fearful souls, remember what the psalmist said... "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for [God] you are with me." I truly believe this.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Listen to your body

That isn't what I expected the angels to talk about today, but quite frequently the angels surprise me with the topic that starts coming through as I sit to write the newsletter.

Still the importance of paying attention to our bodies has been stressed to me time and again. When I do this, I am healthy, more balanced, calmer, and able to hear the angels for myself far more easily. "You have to have a foundation before you decorate a house," the angels often say, referring to the need for us to take care of our bodies before worrrying about fixing the imbalances in our lives, without first becoming balanced inside of ourselves.

I did pretty well in this department this week. I got up and exercised because my body wanted movement. I ate what I was craving all week which included everything from beans and veggies to chocolate chip cookies and milk. I used a lower level SPF than my brain thought I needed because that's what I kept feeling was right, and I did not burn in the sun. I took a nap during my computer time and got a lot more done than I was anticipating afterwards. I could have gotten more sleep however... and even this slight oversight made me react to people in my life with a bit more information than was necessary at times.

Being "in the body" as opposed to just living "in your mind" requires extra attention, but to me, this is the journey we have on this earth - to bring our spirit into every situation - both emotional and physical - and to fill it with God's love. I'm not perfect at self care yet, but doing better every day.

This week try to listen to your body. If you have a craving, ask if its coming from your body or your emotions and trust the answer. If its emotional, ask yourself what else you can do to comfort yourself. Ask your body to let you know when it requires time for a nap or for bed. It will. Ask your body to tell you if it needs any movement and pay attention to the urges to move within your own muscles. Living this way takes work, and attention, but we'd all be a lot more balanced and energized if we could do it all the time.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindness in the face of hatred

This was a week when I was challenged to be kind in the face of some serious hatred, unkindness, and anger. A friend of mine was verbally attacked on a forum that debunks bad psychics. The mean spirited nature of the postings really upset me. The tone was angry and the name calling was hurtful. I wish I could say my first response was wholly loving but I could have been kinder too.

I prayed to understand what was underneath their mean spiritedness, and the upset began to melt as I saw the the souls involved. In their own way, these people were trying to do good in the world. In all likelihood they've known people who have been abused by bad psychics of frauds and want to protect others from the same. I can't say I blame them. Some of my clients have been sucked in by the worst of predators claiming to be psychic. I could see where this crowd was coming from. I just wished they hadn't been so hateful.

At the risk of being bashed myself, I owned who I was and shared both my name and some personal emails with the gentleman who owns the forum. I truly wanted to understand his perspectives. I felt a desparation in him that almost made me cry with compassion. He wants to believe in something more, but life keeps showing him the darker side. And God knows, that does exist.

After a few emails we started treating each other with more kindness, and while we likely will never agree on everything I hope he understands my heart a little bit more and I feel I understand his more too. He said one thing to me that spoke volumes. He said, "I am not a monster" and I got off the email and cried, because we do turn each other into monsters when fight and argue and I knew he was just another human being doing his best and trying to help the world in the way he felt called to do it. Its not my way but who am I to judge?

The original anger that arose in me, I realized, was really deep sadness and frustration that I can't prove or force God's love that I feel so much in my own heart, on a daily basis, on the hurting souls in this world. The anger in him seemed to be a frustration that no one could prove God or the afterlife to him. I realized in that moment we were flip sides of one coin, each seeking truth in our own very different ways.

I can honestly say after that dialogue I saw all there is to love in his soul and can honor him for his underlying motivations however they came across. After all I am not perfect either.

Our only real power is the power to love. Its not easy these days with the world in chaos, but if we CAN find the love inside ourselves even when others are not loving, if we can find compassion for others rather than taking their angry words personally and lashing back, if we can stop the arguments, and let go even when others won't, then we will have achieved a rare and beautiful level of mastery on this planet.

This does not mean you put up with or stick around abuse. It just means you choose to love the soul while choosing to turn away from hurtful behavior and create healthy boundaries.

There is too much terrorism in the world already in the form of the verbal and physical attacks - whether the hatred is aimed at oneself or another. Somewhere it has to stop. It has to stop with us. This week it stopped with me. Compassionate understanding erases pain. Choosing to love erases the ego's need to hurt back.

Try to choose love just a little bit more every day. The world is very much in need of our peaceful hearts.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Thoughts!

What a wild week! With my crazy job I get subject to a few things in a rather extreme way...

I no sooner declared freedom over old fears when all the energies and entities that used to like hanging around me when I had them, literally started a tantrum.... meaning thoughts that were not mine were popping in my head all week. I felt as if the devil was on my shoulder whispering horrid things in an attempt to make me belivee them. "That CD is so basic, why are you bothering?" "Was that twinge a heart murmer?" "My you look fat today." "Your body will never feel normal with your job." ... etc.

It was driving me nuts because I KNOW those aren't my truths nor even my thoughts. You know the difference because you believe your own stuff - these were things I didn't even believe. SO, I put my foot down. Every time one popped in my head I counteracted it with something positive. The negativity got stronger. I decided to immerse myself in LOVE and end this once and for all :)

The movie "Hook" popped in my head. In the movie, Peter Pan has grown up. Captain Hook has stolen his kids and he has to go back to Never Never Land to rescue them. He can't even remember to fly until he finds his HAPPY THOUGHT. So I decided to find my Happy Thoughts!

I sat on my couch and thought of every joyful experience I could remember in half an hour since the age of three. And guess what! The dense energies scattered like bugs running from the light. My mood returned to my joyful self. My body felt unwound, and my day started to flow magically as my days do when I am in truth and gratitude.

It seems the creepy crawlie energies are acting up as of late. My clients have been noticing it too. There is HUGE light coming into the planet now and that tends to flush out everything - everything is coming to the surface. And when you bring the light in a dark room, you may just see the things lurking in the corners!

I plan to make a "HAPPY THOUGHT" journal to turn to in just these times! I'm going to get a blank book, dig out my colored pens, and write randomly happy memories, paste in happy pictures, include happy quotes, and bright cheerful pictures. That way, when those old creepy crawly energies come around I'll just flip open the pages and immerse myself in joy.

Truth Rocks!
Love you all,

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life is just life

Some weeks I scrounge around my mind looking for things to share and other weeks may as well be lifetimes considering the amount of spiritual growth! This was one of them. I'm in awe.

It started off with yet another home repair! I had just gotten finances back on track when the pool pump blew to the tune of $450. For just a second I felt like the universe was kicking me, but I wouldn't let that nasty thought live in my mind. I kicked it out, and went into deep meditation to see how I have created this barrage of home repairs.

The angels answered quickly, " Didn't you intend to declutter, finish all unfinished projects, handle anything around the house that had been put off, and clean up your life to make complete room, and time, for focusing on your bigger priorities??"

There was a pause and then I started nearly rolling with laughter. I DID intend that! I remember declaring that intent unto the heavens! And oh God is good! The repairs were going to happen anyway in this house that is aging a little and they just all went at once. The financial dip in my life put me in a mode where I would not allow myself to spend on anything except pure essentials - food, bills, repairs. That forced me to be more creative, gave me less opportunity to distract myself, and got me more focused on projects I've been wanting to achieve. The so-called "lack" forced me to see the REAL abundance in my life.

I felt the power of God run through me and I told Satan to pack his little bags and run fast because I was not ABOUT to give into feelings of lack now or ever. I started praising God for my abundance - the nice home, the dear friends, the faith, the angels, the good food, you name it. And the little energies that were trying to make me feel "behind" left immediately. Two angels within two days sent me two checks that pushed my finances back on track.

Every time I write about the human trials in my life there are people who think something is wrong, but if I have a point to make here - life is just life and nothing is wrong! Some things are more fun. Somethings are hard as anything, when you resist them and give your power to them... but when you turn back to faith, back to God, back to gratitude, it all turns around in miraculous fashion. God is my source. Always and forever. Money will come and go. This life and all the stuff in it will come and go. My challenges will come and go. But God remains. My heart remains. And this joy that I feel now by learning not to give my power over to human challenges is deep and real.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


The angels have drummed the worthy thing in my head until worth isn't an issue anymore. God does not do worth, the angels said. Would you judge one child more worthy of your love than another? Would you choose one rose more worthy of your love than another? I got it years ago. We are all loved. Worthiness is not required!

And so when I want something in my heart of hearts, I ask. I intend. I imagine having it and get into the feeling. I pray. And then I let go and I trust it is just plain coming into my life, period, in right time.

Lately I have three small intentions: pay off credit card bills for all those surprise home repairs, lose a few pounds joyfully (yes I love to eat and have reached waistband limit on my clothes!), and exercise a bit more because I want to feel more energy.

So I intended. I imagined. I prayed. I let go and went about my life. A week later I realized the changes were taking place when I had no desire to leave my home and spend money on anything. Instead I craved enjoying what I have. I started craving healthy balanced meals with fresh foods, which satisfied my body so I ate less junk. And I am waking up with the urge to do my situps, stretches, and kicks. No fooling! A week ago I wanted to shop for recreation at my favorite thrift store, eat junk, and be lazy! God is good!

There are two points that the angels helped me realize in all this. First of all, get into the feeling of ANYTHING and you'll kick the universal wheels in motion to get you there. I imagined paying off the credit card bill and feeling joyous. I imagined feeling comfy in my clothes, and I imagined having more energy. It takes awhile to get into a feeling inside that you do not currently have on the outside, but do it anyway - get creative and really get into it. There is no creation without feeling because thought is simply a direction - feeling is the juice that makes things happen.

Secondly it struck me how when we are limited to a smaller range of options, we can really appreciate and find the abundance in what we have. Eating less forced me to eat healthier and appreciate the meals more. It forced me to love myself enough to take time to make fresh meals which has been fun for me and very relaxing. Likewise spending less makes me appreciate more. I'm digging through closets to see what is useful and what isn't and it feels good to create breathing space. Less can be a lot more when you get rid of excesses and have only what you truly love and appreciate. The rest just drains your energy.

So this week, no matter what you want in life, take the time to imagine it and FEEL it. Take the time to enjoy what you DO have before wanting more (the more will come quicker if you are already grateful and feel abundant!). Take the time to soak up the love of God and the angels in quiet prayer. Everything you want is inside. Find it there first and it'll show up in your life as well.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Diving Deep!

I dove in my swimming pool Wednesday to take out a part of the cleaning system that was broken. It wasn't too easy because I couldnt' stay at the bottom until I carried a large rock down there with me to make me sink, but I finally managed to get it out and go to the store for a replacement part. It was more expensive than I thought. As I was driving back home I saw a gold car with the license plate "TRUST". Ok, God, I thought, I trust you always take care of me.

I examined the other parts of the cleaning system and found every single one was broken and hadn't been replaced in over ten years. $700 and two hours later, after diving deep holding a boulder to keep me under water, it was all fixed. Next I noticed my sprinkler system had been eaten by my dogs! So there I stood in the mud unearthing broken parts, chopping away dead roots and getting everything fixed. NEXT, I ran out to get some errands done and was in an accident! I got rear-ended by a man in a Hummer talking on his cell phone. Luckily I was not hurt nor was he and he was so honest he called the insurance company to take responsibility so I would not have to pay for any of the repairs.

Now there are two ways I could look at this interesting day...

Old me - THIS SUCKS GOD! What have I done wrong. Poor me. My finances are doomed. la la la....

Me now - Ok God, you have me diving deep, fixing the cleanout system, chopping away the old dead roots, while standing in mud, and you protected me from harm - I must be diving deep into my soul, chopping away the old beliefs, and getting my mind out of the mud so your grace can flow more smoothly. Furthermore I prayed earlier to learn not to take responsibility for other people's mistakes, and very funny, you showed me I am no longer doing that and therefore attracting people who take responsibility for themselves. You even jolted my back back into place in the accident. Goodness God! You are amazing.

The latter version is truly how I handled it. Yes I got shaken up and cried like a baby after handling the insurance claims. Yes I wasn't thrilled to put so much on the charge card. I am human. But I know from prior experience that running through life's little gauntlets with grace, is a huge victory for the soul and that blessings shower upon you when you can truly see things as love.

Funny - my rental car is a PT Cruiser with 343 on the license plates... guess I am crusing through these lessons! And funnier yet, Doreen Virtue says 343 means "You are an earth angel who is complete supported by the angelic realms and masters. Lean on them and be open to receiving their help in all ways."

I hear the angels laughing a their own jokes and feel them sending so much love.

In the words of GOD in the new movie "Evan Almighty" - Remember, everything I do, I do because I love you!
' tis true!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do it now...

I had an awesome weekend. After my last round of conferences I was wanting a little play time. Quite separately (or so I thought) I wanted to do something special for a friends' big birthday. God is pretty good at coordinating seemingly unrelated events. I had cleared out a weekend to relax without plans. A client wrote to say she had airline passes she couldn't use that expired soon. She gave them to me and in no time, my friend and I were flying to California to go to Magic Mountain, a wonderful amusement park, for her birthday. I had the time of my life, riding roller coasters that sent me flipping head over heels while dropping hundreds of feet backwards, upside down and sideways. I LOVED IT! My friend was thrilled. And my client got more thank you prayers than you can imagine.

All I did was intend, imagine I would have a wonderful weekend and clear the way. Through my client, God did the rest. The weekend couldn't have proceeded more smoothly and my voice is still a bit hoarse from screaming with delight for the sheer joy of being alive and flying through the air at 80+ miles per hour!!

I am in a clearing out phase again. The closets are going to get another cleaning. I went through all my recipes and digitized them. I finished a CD set that I've been editing forever, and I'm back to working on the latest book. I'm organizing and organizing some more. Change is coming again. I feel it.

When you have some time and you feel the urge to purge and clean out, just do it. God is saying, "Hey you have some time to do things you won't want to be bothered with in a little while." Make room in your life for what you want. Don't wait for "someday." Do it now... never know what God has in store just around the next corner :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't sacrifice your heart

I LOVE this angel message. For years now, since I started working with angels I have been UNLEARNING everything I was taught about how to succeed and be happy in life. I have learned to stop trying to do "X" to get "Y". I have learned to make all decisions based on how I feel about them in the moment. And it works! I am happier than ever before.

For example, I was once offered the chance to create a nationally syndiated radio show. It was a fantastic opportunity and I loved the people involved. However, my heart wasn't in it and I couldn't explain why not. I rationalized... Ann you can reach more people and earn great money in the future. "WHAT ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL NOW?" the angels drilled me. "Ah, got it," I responded. I declined and gave the show to a friend whom it fit very well. In retrospect I realize that my calling is to teach the angels' wisdom, not do readings on radio. That is my heart and passion. I want to 'teach a man to fish' rather than 'give him a fish.'

Recently I blessed the moment again. I had been aiming towards manifesting a big publisher, but when I sat with some of the really wonderful famous authors I found a deeper clarity about my own life. I listened to one enlightening discussion in which several of these beautiful souls talked about what a challenge it was to be away from home all the time. At that moment I realized that I already had what I want right now - the opportunity to serve worldwide (via this newsletter!) AND the freedom to own my own time, choose my own seminars, and rest when I need to. I REALLY got that the fame comes with a price, and isn't as necessary as I once thought it was to spread the messages that come through from above.

If God wants me out there, he'll have to find a different way that doesn't require me to sacrifice my own heart! The angels were singing when I got that one - they always want us to include ourselves in the equation of life :) It was one more level of me surrendering to God's way rather than the world's way. (And, by the way, God's way is always better!)

We can all stop strategizing how to achieve our goals. Its good to ponder options, however I always wait until one really feels right, joyous, and inspiring. I choose to work more on my inner conditions. I guarantee its not easy to look inside self and find the areas where we don't trust, where we try to manipulate life and others, and to face our fears. BUT its a lot easier than going through the same lessons via circumstances in the outer world. I could have manifested signing a contract, travelling extensively, and burnt out while teaching others to live in balance. Thankfully, God saved me from myself. Now I can't wait to see what He's got in store for all of us next :)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's next.. I'll know when God tells me!

The angels always put me through lessons relevant to what they want to channel. I sat to write this newsletter earlier tonight and nothing came out. No words, no thoughts - nothing! So I sat back and pondered what was in my heart as they have trained me to do and nothing emerged. I was tired - so I lay down on the couch. I heard the birds singing to the sunset and went outside to listen. I put my feet in the pool and realized I wanted to swim. As I swam I realized my body wanted more movement. And then, suddenly the words from the angels started pouring through.

This is how they have taught me to live my life - one moment at a time. This is how all good has come to me, by honoring these urgings. Every time I plan anything without these urgings its a real pain. Everytime I listen to the urgings life works in wonderful ways.

I never planned out how I'd get invited to speak in public and yet there I was last weekend speaking alongside the biggies. And I realized this time that I was equal but different. I had my own unique way of expressing things to the world as does everyone else. This time I didn't get nervous at all but rather focused on the joy of serving and sharing God's word and this time, as as result, I had a lot of fun.

I always get asked, "What's next?" My answer is typically mundane... finishing the CD I'm working on, cleaning out a closet, waiting for my next marching orders from God. I don't have to 'figure out' my life because there is a power higher than me already working on that one. God knows my hearts desires. I don't focus on them every day. I just know they're coming, all in right timing :)

Life is amazing when you trust the moment. I just spoke at the biggest conference of my life a few days ago... but it seems already like last year - a wonderful memory, with new moments being created here and now.

Live in the present. The angels are right. You will always know what to do right this instant :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time to share

I felt so much love coming through from above as I channeled this week's message. It is true. Happiness comes from inside. We all say it and yet I have worked years of my life to get to a point where there's been enough practice to be happy even when stuff breaks, people aren't kind, and life doesn't go as expected. Of course I'm human! I have moments of tantrums, tears... you name it. But they pass much more quickly and sometimes don't even arise as they used to.

Life is meant to be celebrated and I had to laugh because I'm celebrating this weekend by speaking at "Celebrate Your Life" in Chicago. Last November when I spoke at this conference in Phoenix, I actually got nervous. I was in a roomful of famous authors talking about their next PBS specials and charitable foundations and I felt small. But I got over it quickly after the angels gave me a kind reminder that its not the scale of what we do in the world but whether or not we are being true to ourselves in each moment. And so with that in mind, I practiced becoming impeccably true to myself in each moment and have been happier than ever before as of late.

I can't wait to speak this time. Its not about 'performing well' or 'fitting in.' Its just about being me and sharing what I have to share. And I know in that frame of mind it will go really well.

The angels have taught me that if we just be ourselves, kindly, honestly, and impeccably, life sorts itself out around us. What serves our hearts remains in our lives and what doesn't evolves out. Life begins to flow kindly and gently, and even though life is life - things break, people aren't always kind, things don't always go as planned - you can trust that these things are just little bends in the great river of God's love and float through these moments without getting stuck.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enjoy the journey

I've been in bliss lately. I'm just living day by day embracing life and my own heart as it comes. I still have plenty of human challenges as we all do, but it just doesn't seem to matter because in the present, the only problems are small ones. I even had a mystical experience of the Oneness so profound the other night that I couldn't even separate my consciousness from the God I wanted to thank. It was all one. Amazing. I'm learning to back out of my Ann-self and see the truth behind it all - that we really are just one living, moving, field of energy informed by an intelligence and love that we call God. Amazing.

Now talk about divine timing! I had to learn patience. It wasn't my forte. As I cleaned out some files this weekend I found my file of rejection letters from the first book I wrote and sent to many publishers. They ranged from polite, "we are busy," letters to "this has no use to our readers" letters! I had to laugh. I thought I was ready to be published ten years ago. I was totally not ready, as I look back. I had so much to learn. I had to really find the real motivation behind sharing the words with everyone else. I had to get over concerns about being in public. And so ten years later I am ready and I had fun shredding the rejection letters.

So often in readings I have to share with people that there IS good coming but in God's time. Hard message to hear, and I know it. But then years later at times, the same people show up and I see the harvest of their lives. This morning I saw a dear client who has embraced her spiritual growth every step of the way. Apparently four years ago I saw the love of her life and told her about him. Guess who just got married last week - she did!! Now years may have sounded long but I saw the joy in her eyes and heart and knew once again that the angels are SO right when they say it is worth the wait to have what GOD wants for you. So if you find yourself in the position of having done everything right, spiritually speaking and still not having your goals just yet, trust, trust, trust, trust, trust...

There will always be more goals, more things we want to achieve, and we can either spend our lives trusting we'll get there, acting when guided and resting when not, or spinning our wheels with worry and neurosis. "If you get on the road, you'll get to your destination," the angels say. "Why not enjoy the trip?!"

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Surrender and trust in action

I had a great weekend at the Matrix Energetics seminar in Seattle ( I wanted to immerse myself in a practice that pushes my envelope - uses what I know in concept and makes it very tangible and real. Dr. Richard Bartlett is able through focused intention and surrender to zap people into different possible realities where healing takes place instantly. I spent an hour passed out on stage, having wild visions while my body rearranged itself, after he spent a few seconds working on me. Gotta love it.

The principles he teaches are so much like the wisdom from the angels. It seems the greatest lives and the greatest healings occur when you trust the guidance in each moment. There is a power greater than any of us that we call God, grace, or you name it. This power loves us, guides our interplay, and moves us towards the best possible outcome. This power puts the call in your heart to act when it is time to act. It was a Monday afternoon in December, when Marla Steele ( first told me about matrix. My heart said LEAP. By Tuesday I had rearranged my schedule, charged flights and hotel and commited to learn. I went to subsequent seminars and trainings and began to immerse myself in new possibilities and my soul has been nurtured to a degree where I feel re-energized and re-inspired to give even more to you all. I'll pay off the charge card, or rather God will, and never even remember that part. I do keep my experiences however.

When your heart says leap, leap. If you feel inspired to check out a new location DO it. IF you want money, find a job you love when you are inspired to do it. If you feel like talking to a stranger, don't hesitate. Don't stop yourself short with over analysis, criticism, judgement, and doubt. Then reserved judgment, release expecation and just observe what happens. God is always at work in your life.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Patching up leaks!

The angels are right on with this messge. Working on your inner world is important. And not getting sucked into the drama is too. I am grateful for the dear people in my life who don't get sucked into my dramas when I occasionally have them. I had a wild week. Something in the yard leaked. This killed the GCFI circuit. That killed the sprinklers, which caused a water valve to burst!! All this occurred while I was putting in over 18 hrs of hard labor refinishing some bookshelves and getting ready for a trip to an educational seminar. To say the least I was not pleased! A dear friend gave me the biggest gift of all by just listening to me, not getting sucked into my drama, and being kind. That was all I needed. I prayed for a new attitude, schedule repairmen, called an electrician and got over it.

I saw how I created this - I was LEAKING energy whining about how long it took to refinish my bookcases and do other projects. I could have taken a breather and spent time with friends but this Aries chick was driven...and whining. And my yard mirrored it nicely!

We're on earth. Things happen at times - people aren't always nice, mechanical stuff breaks, the weather is wild, and yet its up to us still to manage our inner conditions rather than letting the outside world dictate them. I'm human - I have my less than glorious moments and so do we all. And yet, you can pass through these moments with greater ease if you don't judge yourself, you reach out for assistance, pray, breathe, and allow God to help guide you through them.

All is well. Nothing is leaking anymore and I'm not leaking energy. I'm feeling the Grace of God and the joy of life again.

Learn to laugh at your own humanity. It is beautiful, nutty, and challenging all at once but it IS part of God's creation.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The painting angel

Its so funny. I had time to channel the angel message but couldn't for the life of me, think of something relevant to share at the moment since my week has been remarkable calm. I did enjoy the conference, and am looking forward to the next one, but at the moment, redecorating my bedroom has been the big excitment in my spare time.

So, I gave up trying to force myself to come up with a story and ran to the home store to grab some paint to match some I already had. Wouldn't you know it, I meet an angel at the paint counter. The man mixing the paint not only took a long time to help me get exactly the right shade, but in the meantime educated me on investing, taught me about paint techniques, shared some gourmet cooking advice, and even encouraged me to "Trust that miracles can happen when you don't even think anything's coming your way." Furthermore he had me in stitches laughing when he started joking rather loudly about me being a very SMALL MEDIUM!! Remember last week when the angels told us to appreciate EVERYONE? Well this gentleman mixing paint at the home store did so for the love of interacting with people. He was also a gourmet cook, acted in his past, invested in his spare time, and loved Italy. I had a fantastic time chatting and my life was enriched.

You never know what lies beneath the surface of another human being. You never know till you open up to receiving God's love how it might pour into your life. We want it so badly in carefully controlled ways that we often miss the magic that happens when we let go of our expectations and simply expect good to come into our lives. My morning had been frustrating. But instead of whining all day, I had a quick private hissy fit, got over it, scheduled a new repairman next week, and prayed for God to change the day around. Sure enough... it all fell into place.

Expect the unexpected for that is where the true delight in life is to be found.

Have a miraculous week :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Simple gratitude

I always love it when the angels point out the simplest ways we can love. As I channeled this message I realized how many people I take for granted in my life. I try to be a grateful soul and I am, but wow, I forget to thank God for the "waste disposal man" as the angels pointed out, and the clerks and others whose humble but necessary services are just as important as my own in this world.

The angels once said to me, "Ann, your job is no more or less spiritual than a plumber who is doing his work with love." That never left me. We are all equal in our contributions to life. And everything is spiritual. Everything. Every meal you cook, household chore you do, highway you drive, etc. Every word you speak, every thought you think. Every single one of these are within God. Some are more conscious acts, words, and deeds than others - closer to the heart of God, but none are outside of God.

As I was sewing my new duvet cover last weekend, I kept having sneaking thoughts that I "should" be working on editing my manifestation seminar to get it out on CD faster. However, the angels pointed out, that it wouldn't be authentic at the moment, and that I needed, once again, to honor my heart. So I sewed, and gave thanks and praise for the time to do it. I gave thanks for having a nice bed, a pretty duvet cover, and a roof over my head. And I felt rich in my spirit. Then it was time to edit because the vibration of abundance was going into the CD. Heaven knows what it is doing. The urges in your heart have meaning and purpose no matter how mundane they may be. You may never even know how something you do or say contributes to your spirit but if you do or say things with love, awareness, and authenticity, they DO help you evolve.

I am grateful to have been pummeled by hard lessons, having to wait for dreams come true, and various other challenges that have truly taught me to surrender to my own heart in the moment, rather than waiting for something or someone outside myself to make me happy. Yes, sometimes it was hard learning to figure out what my heart wanted, but practice does make perfect, and if you practice gratitude as they suggested above, it is so much easier to find your heart of hearts.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Keep it simple

I can really relate to the angels' message. When I first quit engineering and became a psychic, I was terrified about finances. I was used to getting a steady paycheck and suddenly I wasn't. I was used to being married, and suddenly I was on my own. I was used to making a LOT per hour and suddenly I was making $6 after taxes for a 15 minute reading. I was so scared about not having money that I manifested a man in my life to take it from me on a regular basis. I manifested very quiet days at the shop where I did readings, and never knew till the week before bills were due f I had earned enough to pay them.

When I got sick of my own lack of faith I prayed. The angels told me to give thanks for the abundance I did have - good friends, a roof over my head, and the ability to pay bills. They told me to give thanks for every client I read for, focusing on gratitude for the ability to serve, rather than fear that the next client might not come. I did as they suggested and my life began to dramatically improve.

I have never been able to create a thing when I'm trying to get out of normal human fear. And so over the years, I've prayed deeply and dearly to be able to release fear first, and the ability to be in truth. That is always my first prayer when manifesting - God help me know how much you love you, how much you support my heart's desires, how much you want for me that I may not even know. Help me trust that all that comes my way now is part of your plan in answering my prayer. Help me learn my lessons with grace and ease please. I pray this way often.

Lately my lessons have been a lot easier since I DO have huge faith and trust. Suddenly I'm just living my life rather than analyzing everything to see if its 'right' and 'on the path' etc. Sewing a duvet cover becomes as important as my meditations lately. And its all holy.

God loves you. If you trust the moment, one moment at a time, all will always be well. Our fears are about the future. Our worries are 'what ifs' that rarely come true. Our upsets are often simply tantrums or frustrations that tell us we need to make change. All is really, always well if we embrace life as a journey of learning here upon the earth.

So this week, try to keep it simple. Pray to experience God's love however He chooses to share it. Pray to recognize it and enjoy it. And see what shows up!

Friday, May 04, 2007

We are blessed

This messages speaks to my heart. For years I taught manifesting classes and guided hundreds of indivduals towards creating their dreams. I created everything I truly wanted in my life at the time too. You think I'd want to win the lottery but I just couldn't muster up the energy to do that because all wanted was little more than enough on a regular basis and to know that when I wanted something else it would be there. I created that, and lost any desire to hoard 'millions' as so many ask for. I realized that it is not my bank account that gives me any security whatsoever (the Great Depression proved that one), but rather my trust in the flow of God's abundance.

Likewise, I used to look for love in the wrong places, and kept manifesting situations that forced me to find it inside myself. It was only until I truly embraced my own value and worth that my relationships transformed. They are beyond beautiful now and anything less is not welcome in my life; and I can say that without guilt. We all deserve kindness and those of like mind in our lives.

I quit teaching manifesting years ago because I got bored with it. I knew I had the tool and could use it at will.

It wasn't until recently I had the desire to teach it again, deeper, and more in line with God's plan for our lives. That was my class last weekend (and I am working on getting it on CD... please be patient with me there)!

What the angels say is true. All we ever want is a feeling. I want to know I am secure and loved, and that even if I lost all I had I would be as well. I have no desire to do that but I have soul searched deeply and found that my faith in God would still be there. I have seem too many wonders to doubt the hand of God in all our lives.

Perhaps the only thing we truly want to manifest is a joyful journey here upon the earth where we experience God's love on a daily basis. If we have this, we have everything, and the stuff comes when needed. I've been praying for and feeling this lately on a deep level. Summer Bacon's been channeling about in on her institute and many of us are swirling with the energies of God's love coming onto the planet.

Know you are loved. No matter what the circumstance in your life, trust it. If times are hard pray:

God please fix this situation (either in your life or in your heart).
If you want me to learn from it, gently guide me to understand the lesson.
Otherwise, remove the burdens and fill me with an experience of your love and joy .

Then sit, and open to receive help as innocently as a child. If you do this before bed, angels can work on you while you sleep.

When life is beautiful, pray:

God, thank you for the abundance of your love and your blessings in my life.
Help everyone come to feel this as well.

We are truly blessed. God is our partner in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Trust that with everything in you. Pray to have that kind of faith, and when you can't delegate up and give everything in you to God. Your life will become miraculously transformed.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Doggie teachers

I saved this story since last November, and just today my angels suggested I include it in the newsletter. It just goes to show there's divine timing in every little thing we think or do.

My dogs are some of my greatest spiritual teachers. Last Thanksgiving as I was soaking the turkey in the sink, my husky began circling around, sniffing and plotting how he could steal the bird. He remembered the year he stood on his hind legs and took a HUGE bite out of the raw turkey before I caught him and dragged him outdoors. This time I vowed to outsmart him. I put a cookie sheet and a cutting board on top of the sink and pushed the kitchen island in front of it. He sat pondering how on earth he was going to get to the bird. I looked at him and told him I was sorry he'd have to wait and live with the fact that there would be no raw turkey for him, but that if he did wait, I'd give him some wondefully flavorful cooked scraps the next day. He sighed and surrendered, and went about his doggie business for the day.

The interaction made me think of how God treats us. Sometimes we don't get what we want right away, because God has something more wonderful cooking for us that we'll get handed on a silver platter at a later date. The relationship you want isn't working, the house didn't sell, the job fell through... and yet instead of feeling deprived and ignored, maybe God has something better in store for you if you can just have the faith and surrender and wait.

I cooked a bird without bite marks. My dog got his yummy turkey scraps, and all was well with our world...

I was astounded that I had no sooner put this story in the newsletter, than I got an email from Mishka Productions. With great tenderness they told me they were not inviting me to speak at the next Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix. Instead of being upset, I totally understood. They need new material and I do not have a new book out. I am happy to say that they HAVE selected a dear friend to speak and we'll share more on that later when they're ready for announcements.

In my past I would have been crushed. I would have felt I did something wrong, or pouted or had some other less than loving to myself reaction. Today however, I felt like my dog... I sat and surrendered... and KNEW in my heart of hearts that God has big plans for me that are the best my life has to offer for me, for the world as I relate to it, and for all involved in my life. Instead of feeling disappointed, and this is weird, I felt a sense of freedom, as new ideas flooded in for classes and other things I can offer my clients that will benefit me as well and keep me expanding creatively. I felt the pressure to 'produce' new material off my shoulders and realized that without pressure, I'll get that book I'm working on finished sooner. I received a huge download of information on things to offer today as I sat and asked God what's next. And best of all I took the laptop outdoors, sat by a fountain and worked in the bliss of a spring breeze. Life was pretty perfect today.

God is amazing. When you don't hang on to "how" things have to look and when you TOTALLY trust that everything that comes your way is love, that if you need to learn a lesson to unclog your spirit to get your dreams - you will - then all of the sudden your heart is free. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this but lately I've been really embracing this surrender that the angels teach and absolute magic is occurring in my heart and in my life.

Dreams do come true. Pray for WHAT you want but don't tell God HOW to create it... you'll totally limit the miracles that come in your life. Assume that everything is helping you no matter what. Last week's surrender to the lessons in the pain paved the way for this joy. All is, after all, always love.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A visit to Karunamayi

It has been an amazing week. Every year I go to Sedona to see Karunamayi, an Indian woman who is known as the 'embodiment of the Divine Mother." She fasted and prayed in the jungles and caves in her native India for ten years and basically connected so strongly with God she radiates the healing divine energy of the female side of God. She heals, does miracles, blessings, etc. ( Every year I go ask for some blessing. This year I trust that God is handling the outer details of my life so all my blessing requests were internal... Cure the fure I feel about going out bigger in the world. Help me heal the sadness I feel as I witness the world's pain and the number of people who complain when they are truly blessed. Help me stop being hard on myself. Help me heal the physical pain that occurs when I slide into these conditions.

She touched my forehead, and I felt the soothing balm of God's love pouring through me. I was in bliss. Later that night I was sobbing like an infant and my body was in wracking pain as I allowed the fears, and sorrows to surface in order to leave my system. The physical pain got so bad in the middle of the night I got up and sat with God. "Ok God," I said. "I know you are in this pain. Reveal yourself to me." I searched through my body with awareness, paying attention to the feelings in each spot, and knew as I focused on each one what it was about. I prayed to have the illusions released and in that prayer, one by one they were. I called in the angels and told them that I knew what this was about but needed to feel their love and comfort NOW. The warmth spread throughout me as I completed my spiritual homework, and I slept peacefully. I used all my own healing techniques, had several friends join in, took one advil later that day and was done with the pain, done with some serious old fears about even being a loving soul on this earth, and done with the sadnesses for at least the time being. I felt renewed in body, mind, and spirit.

You may ask what this has to do with manifesting. I am always manifesting more joy, more of a life kissed by grace and ease, and more spiritual freedom. Those mean more to me than any material possession. The stuff comes when I need it but these are the eternal qualities that I will take with me after this life and the qualities that make my life worth living. So if I want more joy, I have to let go of more sorrow. If I want more freedom, I must release more fear.

When you feel fearful or in pain - physically and emotionally - embrace it, go within and see what it is about. It is not fun, I'll vouch for that!! But if you do the homework, the clouds lift quickly. Don't try to analyze the pain with your mind. Sink deep into it with your heart and a prayer for understanding. Search your heart for when you may have felt that in your past. Pray for healing. As you embrace it emotionally with the light of your consciousness and your love - and your willingness to see it as teacher, it will pass far more quickly. And the freedom that follows is bliss. I now know that when something this difficult arises, there are big freedoms on the other side of it, bigger bliss, capacity to receive more, and more love to give.

Don't be afraid of the darker spaces in your life or your world. They teach you if you are willing to face them with a prayer and with courage, and you will always come out more spiritually free and powerful. The world is not an adverse place unless you choose to see it that way. Love can be found in all situations. It is not easy, but it is SO worthwhile to view life this way.

Love and prayers,

ps - our prayers go to all who were affected by the shootings in Virginia this week. The angels say this is time to pray for a healing of the vibration that creates such pain that a soul would resort to such violence. They ask us not to judge but rather to admit that many of us have felt such desperate pain inside of ourselves at times, that while we wouldn't resort to violence on others, we have at times, shared angry words, violent judgements against ourselves, or wished ill towards others. They don't want us to point fingers - to say us vs. them, but rather to acknowledge the collective human pain and know that we can play a part in stopping violence on this planet when we choose to be kinder to ourselves and as a natural consequence, kinder towards others as well.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stay the course

This reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago. I went to get a smoothie at a local shop. The girl behind the counter handed me three instead of the two we'd ordered. I looked directly at a woman waiting her turn and asked her if the third one was hers. She looked angry at life and glared at me, ignoring the question. The girl behind the counter, told me to just take the extra one. As I did so, the angry woman, woke up and said, "That's mine!" The girl behind the counter grinned in embarrassment. The angry woman shouted at her, "I'm glad you think the mistake is so funny," and stormed off in a huge huff.

This story epitomizes how we create dramas and messes in our lives. It was apparent this woman expected all of life to be against her and so even a thing so small as an honest mistake became another epic chapter in the universe victimizing her.

On the flip side, I've seen people who, against all odds, remain positive, expect the best, and get it.

This is a year when your thoughts, feelings and expecatations can be a power tool for creating magic in your life or absolute disaster. Whatever we dwell upon this year we will get. If your life is not where you want it to be, I understand the feeling. 12 years ago I was psychic in the window at a small bookstore, making $6/15 minute reading on the least busy days after quitting engineering, getting divorced, and dating a dishonest sociopath who ran off with my money. I KNOW what its like to feel like all you-know-what is breaking loose in your life. When I was there... I prayed. GOD show me the way back to a good life. I kept finding books on manifesting. I used the tools. I sat every single day and focused on what it would feel like to be making a decent salary while helping people. I focused on what it would feel like to feel joyful and healed again...and slowly but surely that reality came about.

When I asked the angels how to generate more business they told me to give thanks for every person I was able to assist and tell God I was ready to serve the next one. That meant if I had one client the entire day (not enought to buy two cups of coffee), I had to give thanks... and MEAN IT. I wasn't allowed to wallow in self pity. The angels were tough task masters because they wanted to help me create happiness, not misery and they knew I needed to get my mind and heart in order.

So if you find yourself in a bind or wanting to create something that has not yet arrived, stay the course. Do the focusing, treasure maps, visualizations (with feeling), and by all means give thanks for whatever you can find in your life to be thankful for.

These days I am grateful to tears for so much in my life, especially all of you.
Love and blessings,

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Never give up

Dear friends,

There's a lot I could write about on this subject. So often when people are manifesting I see them give up after the first near miss, or after a period of time, or at the first sign of disappointment. If you do that, you have not yet achieved the vibration to create what you want. If you are really manifesting YOU KNOW that what you intend will come at the perfect time, in the perfect way, and in a way that is in harmony with the entire universe. If you are really manifesting, you have faith in your own creation. The universe says YES when you truly do.

I'm manifesting paying off some bills, getting projects completed, and having total amazing vitality. All of the sudden the roof needs repair, the pool pump is leaking wildly, my contact lense cracked and I needed all new lenses, appointments, etc., and all sorts of other expenses came up.

All I can think, after years of manifesting is OH COOL, I must have a LOT coming in. I like to create BIG examples for teaching purposes. And furthermore, I'm creating a BIG vacuum in my account. I'm getting everything all fixed up so I can enjoy what is coming in.

I truly believe that. Its my reality. I live in the eternal flow of life. So do you. This belief system has never failed me once.

If you're manifesting, remain TRUE to the course. Expect that what you are intending will come no matter what you see in front of you. Your inner reality is the thing that changes your outer reality, not vice versa. In your mind, go to the future you want. Get into it. Get juicy with details. And if you can't get excited ask yourself if you really want what you think you do, or if you really believe it can happen. Go back and try again.

Life is waiting for you to embrace it :) Don't quit when things look odd in the middle of your manifestation process. Just expect results and trust that its all good.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Manifesting health

I love the way the angels put things. They have really worked with me the past several years to trust that when it is time to do something in alignment with my intentions, everything in me will want to do it.

One of my creations as of late has been 'perfect health and well being.' Like many of us, I've put on a few too many pounds to fit in my spring clothing, I had some crazy allergies coming in, and felt a little out of shape. So I intended perfect health and well being, and I intended that I be guided to and passionate about whatever I needed to achieve that.

The first step occurred when I discovered the new healing work I'm studing (Matrix Energetics). I've used that to get my spine in alignment and to really enjoy nuking old patterns in my psyche that are counter productive.

Two weeks ago, I was ready for my allergies to be gone completely and my weight to go. All of the sudden, I had the DESIRE to go to the gym, as if nothing else mattered! Mind you I haven't wanted to even drive in the parking lot of the gym for the last three years. I felt joyous on the treadmill and even ran into a friend I hadn't seen in ages and talked through most of my workout! God is good.

Part B occurred when a client showed up and reminded me of the healing benefits of clay. I've used this type of clay years ago to take down swelling on my mom's knee, to cure acne , and to eliminate pain but I forgot all about it! Ruth informed me that it even works, in small doses in water to detox the body. It all sounded good but I put it out of my mind till a week later. I was complaining about all the toxins in the air and environment, praying for a way NOT to take it into my system. I did my matrix work and then realized I was HOLDING the book on the clay and its journey to us in my hands!! DUH. I ordered a bucket and started drinking it diluted in water every day.

The allergies left the first day. My digestion started operating properly the second. The angels told me (and it was confirmed) that it was full of much needed calcium the third!! I even used it on a friend's face today to cure her rash within an hour. So once ... GO GOD!

Just intend what you want and trust that when you need something it will be there and you will have the urge to do what is healthy and good for all involved in order to make your intentions come true.