Saturday, December 30, 2006

True Security

I am on vacation so this message is "pre-recorded!" So if I don't answer your emails till the second week in January, please don't panic.

I feel as if I have created a bit of heaven towards the end of this year. I have worked VERY hard on myself each and every day to be true to my own heart. I've dived into the darker moods and explored them to find the love beneath. I've learned to love and honor myself. And I've been blessed by the very same coming back to me in so many ways. I feel priviledged to do what I love and share God's love with the world. I feel honored to join you on your path. I feel blessed by the abundance of living in the flow of God's love and trusting that my needs will be taken care of at all times. Who could ask for more than this peace of mind.

It occurs to me that we seek security in so many ways, but the true security is knowing we are loved, taken care of by God, and held in high esteem by the heavens. And this applies to all of us, no matter who we are and what we do.

Spiritual growth has been intense in 2006 and yet, while it is difficult to always find the love inside of you no matter what, to honor your truth no matter what, and to be responsible for life by choosing your thoughts wisely, the rewards are well worth the effort. I'm not perfect by any means, but I am dedicated and I know all of you on this list are too! We support one another even if we've never met.

This New Year's Eve, I plan to celebrate a year of good growth and a new year that I anticipate will indeed be filled with the 'magic' that comes from expecting the best no matter what the circumstances present.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pray with innocence

The angels message made me think of how little children share their hopes and dreams with Santa Claus this time of year. When I was a child I was allowed to ask Santa for three toys. I spent SO much time pouring over the catalogs, making sure that I got the three best toys on my list. And Santa rarely failed to make them for me!

Years later I realize that it is this same innocence with which we must pray. Like children we ask for what we want and need, and we send the prayers off to someone we can't see, and trust.

So own whatever you want in life, the way a child owns his or her wish for a Christmas toy, send your list off to God, and see what shows up for you in the way of His Holy Presence and... Presents.

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Joy to you no matter what you celebrate!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Matrix Energetics and magical realities

I didn't realize last week that when I honored my guidance to go to a workshop in San Francisco at the last minute that I'd be immersing myself in a reality I have always believed in and wanted SO badly to create in my life! The seminar was on "matrix energetics" - a paradigm in 'healing' in which you don't heal anyone but rather help them SHIFT into a whole and healed state of reality. Dr. Richard Bartlett the presenter, used me as a guinea pig several times and just by cracking jokes, and working with what he calls 'the quantum wave' barely touched me and I fell backward and my entire neck and jaw readjusted and has stayed in perfect alignment ever since. Another time he simply joked a bit, moved his hands 4 feet away from me, in mid air, and my entire hips readjusted and stayed in place!! Now that's REAL FUN!

The seminar reminded me of what I know to be true but haven't applied to healing - you intend something, see it already achieved, and show up and do what you are guided to do, then LET GO of attachment. I manifest things in my life this way. He "heals" people using the same principles. I was in awe. One lady got rid of her cane. I watched numerous individuals lose pain and kinks that were long standing, and it all occurred without the MIND involved!

He is thinking about coming to Sedona in April for a workshop, so let's intend if you're interested! Check out the site at:
And a BIG thank you to my friend, the pet psychic, Marla Steele who got me into this.

Regarding the angel's message this week - I was a child at this workshop. I laughed, giggled, and played, and opened myself up to the possibility that this was possible for all of us. IT worked! And I got home at midnight Monday, worked the week, baked over 100 dozen Christmas cookies and did Christmas preparations, all with a sense of wonder, as in I wonder HOW on earth this will all get done, but I'm going to show up and enjoy it! I DID! Funny what can be achieve when the heart stays open and the mind is given a little vacation!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Intending in the moment

As of late I've really been learning a few lessons quite intensely. One is to slow down and be present to my own heart and body in each moment. In that space, I've been tasked to watch my thoughts diligently and make sure I am aiming them towards what I want to create in any given moment.

When you hold an intention to have something in your life, it need not take you out of the present. That confused me for years. If I'm creating the future, how on earth can I be in the present. Well, I figured it out with the help of my friends up above...

When you intend something you want in the future, you are simply acknowledging what is truly in your heart NOW, in this moment :)

I have been intending a joyous holiday season rich with experience, even with all I have to do! I'm making homemade gifts for friends, working on two books, seeing clients, and all the usual baking and mailing cookies, etc... I had only one free weekend coming up between now and Christmas so if you can imagine when my friend Marla wrote to see if I was interested in being crazy and attending a healing seminar in San Francisco this weekend my mind said, "No way. Sounds fun, but I can't swing it."

I woke up in the middle of the following night with the LOUD guidance to go. After all, I've been intending blissful well being and the ability to share this with others. I've been intending a season rich with experience and friendship. I've been intending a little newness in my life. And here it was handed on a silver platter. My parents even sent me a Christmas check which covers the cost. THAT was a total surprise! So I listened to that crazy, insane, urge inside of me at 3am, booked flight, booked a hotel room, and registered for the seminar. I had to reschedule a few clients (God Bless Them) and miraculously it worked out that I could get them in sooner, due to other cancellations.

I am constantly amazed at how God works when we REALLY own the urges in our own heart. I haven't been obsessed with the future, but when something I want pops into my thoughts or feelings, I take time and acknowledge it. I say a simple statement with all the power of my being, "I INTEND AND CREATE whatever... I ASK GOD TO REMOVE ANY OBSTACLES IN MY OWN HEART... I INTEND THAT ALL GUIDANCE BE SO CLEAR I CAN'T MISS IT." Try it, it works!