Saturday, November 25, 2006

The connectedness of all life

I am writing this before the Thanksgiving holiday so I can take a much-needed breather with dear friends. I spent a great deal of time this weekend cleaning house, doing chores, putting up decorations, and cooking dishes for my Thanksgiving dinner with friends. As I chopped a variety of fruits and veggies, I realized that even the most mundane tasks can be a cause to give thanks to so many.

Someone tilled the soil that grew my veggies. Someone planted them, fertilized them, harvestd them, boxed them, and shipped them to the grocery store. Someone unboxed them and put them out for display. The check out clerk helped me pay for them, and the bagger bagged them.

Someone grew the bamboo that makes up my cutting board. Someone harvested it and factory workers turned it into my chopping board.

Someone cut the wood that makes the handle in my knife. Someone else mined the metals, melted and molded them and sharpened the blade. Shippers shipped them and so on and so forth.

People from around the world joined me in that moment of chopping vegetables and I gave thanks for the hundreds of people doing simple jobs who contributed to this moment in my life. I give thanks for the opportunity to share the fruits of their labors with others in my life.

So next time you pick up a toothbrush, get in your car, or wander through the grocery store, think to yourself how interconnected we truly are, and how many people worked to give you that one moment in time. Think of how your tasks, no matter how simple they may seem, contribute to the world as well.

You may never meet the people you help through your work or your words, and yet you too have an impact. No job is too small. No kind word is ever lost in the universe.

I give thanks for all of you. I have not met you all, and some of you I may never know but I feel you. I feel your hearts. I know we are on this journey in the school called earth together and I give thanks for your companionship as we live, grow, and learn.

God bless you all, please pray for peace and ask that the world realize God's great love.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Celebrate Your Life Conference

So many of you have asked how my first huge conference went so I thought I'd share not only the experience but also the lessons. All weekend I had chances to feel very small among giants, and at the same time, these were opportunities to own who I am and to embrace what I know are the gifts God wants me to offer the world. It was hard not to feel like a small fish in a big pond but I managed :) When I attended the author's dinner on Saturday night, I felt like a kid who had just moved to a new school where everyone knew everyone but me! I had to stretch a bit, extend myself, and not hide out, even though I was feeling unusually shy. I was richly blessed as a result. I can honesly say each of the authors I met not only embodied all they preach, but were extremely kind.

I had a few minutes to chat with Wayne Dyer and he was very supportive and encouraging. Marianne Williamson was adorable, humble, and beautiful inside and out. Greg Braaden is very friendly and extremely intelligent. Dr. Joe Dispenza from "What the Bleep" was fascinating as he shared the latest research on how our nerves fire together and wire together when we think the same thoughts over and over again. Alberto Villalodo, the peruvian shaman, was a humble man with gentle and yet powerful energy. Dannion Brinkley and his wife were a hoot. "What do you do," he asked me. "I talk to angels and dead people and teach mystical wisdom," I answered. He looks at me point blank. "Is there a difference?" He can put you on the spot. "We both know that we're all part of one," I answered, "but we use labels because we're talking to human beings." He grinned. I passed that test :)! James Van Praagh ducked into a room where I was being interviewed, and complimented me on the interview, then apparently quoted me in his next workshop. He was very sweet. And Pat Rodegast, who channels a spirit named Emmanuel, radiated a joyful energy. I really liked her a lot too.

The women who made the deepest and most long lasting impression on me were Immaculle Ilibagiza and her friend Rose. Immaculee is from Rwanda. During the genocide in 1994 she and 7 other women hid in a 3x4' restroom for 91 days while most of their families and countrymen were brutally murdered. Immaculee turned to God. She has vivid dreams and visions of Jesus who told her that her family would be dead when she got out but that God had plans for her. When she was a cross of white light over the door she knew they would be spared. She did live to tell, and wrote about it in her book, "Left to Tell" which is a testament to the power of God and surrender in the midst of the most unthinkable horror. Most remarkable of all, she sought out and forgave the man who killed her family. I sat in her presence and felt like people must have felt way back when they sat next to Jesus. She embodies the Christ consciousness, the divine love that we all are and aspire to be, and she is humble, sweet, grateful for everything, and a beacon of light. She brought me to tears. I live to teach what she has already learned. She is a beacon of hope in a world that loves to hate. Visit her site:

My seminar, by God's grace, was in the same room, right after hers. I enjoyed whatever I said although honestly I don't remember much of it. I goofed, let people out early and then had to call them back. The angels in my head turned it all into a lesson that its ok to be human... after all I HAD prayed to surrender to whatever God wanted to teach.

I came home and trembled with the fears that come up when you know your life is about to change in a big way and you're not in control. I prayed a lot for God to give me the strength to be in the public eye. Those who are, are called to live with impeccable integrity, and a strength that has to come from spirit since they give so much. I gave my life to God once again and wait with wonder to see how it all unfolds.

So if you ever feel small, remember you're a divine being and have gifts no matter what. You are all the world wants from you. I may never be a 'polished and professional' type speaker, but I am simply me, and being myself allows others to be who they are. Trust God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

You never know where light will lead you

I know so many of you write in to say how the messages resonate with you. This week, the angel message hits home with me. I've known for years that I have a path to be in public sharing the truth of God's love with the masses. I've even had a vision of standing in front of world leaders when I'm older pounding the podium and proclaiming loudly why we are here on this earth and what complete and utter nonsense these power struggles and games really are.

I didn't consciously ask to do these things; they are simply in my heart as part of my path, like a quiet knowing. Exposure comes with great responsibility. I want to walk the talk, not just teach principles we all know. I want to live and breathe the truth so I can teach with integrity.

I spent years in preparation, working on my own issues. It never truly ends, but I have learned to embrace the process of life, surrender to God at ever deepening levels and have a sense of humor most of the time. I finally felt ready this year and told God it was ok to get me going in public. God moves fast.

As I type this I'm sitting here facing my first really big conference with famous authors this weekend and I'm very excited. I had a dream a few nights ago where Jesus put his hands through mine and beamed God's light to the entire conference room and beyond. I don't have a clue what to expect Sunday. I make up an outline and God moves me over and teaches through me. The angels whisper new exercises in my head... and I surrender. I do know the energy is strong and beautiful so if you want to join in spirit, sit quietly and intend to tap in at 10:30am on Sunday (MST). I've been spinning and heating up all week as the energy is clearing me out so I can funnel through God's love. It is a humbling experience.

So, be the bright loving soul that you are. Don't hide out... the world will reflect the love you share back to you in miraculous ways. Find ways, however small to share your talents. I once read an article about a woman who was grieving from the loss of her husband. She was really good at making cakes so to escape from the grief she baked a cake each day and gave it to someone around her - friends, co-workers, strangers, shelters, etc. Her baking healed her. As a result of her letting her light shine she received so much more love back, and even started a business.

You never know where your own light will lead you. I await the unfolding journey with a sense of wonder.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dealing with resistance

I've been having a very productive week. After being profoundly lazy in August and September, and surrendering to that. At the same time I have been experiencing a lot of adversity. Its a natural cycle I have come to understand. You rise into the light, and the old energies that used to feed off something less try to make their last stand. As I got my energy back and got to work on upgrading my old "Angel Letters" book so I can release it in paperback, everything seemed to get in the way. I was interrupted, there were all sorts of things around the house that had to be done, etc. - in short, I had all sorts of excuses for NOT doing what I wanted to do.

Nonetheless, after years of surfing these waves of bliss, followed by waves of challenge, I knew it was time to push through the resistance. My heart wanted to finish that book. So I went to the group meditation on Wednesday, got peaceful, put everything else to the side and got to work last weekend. And finally, soon the book should be ready for release.

There are times in your life when you really DO want to accomplish something but it seems like all sorts of obstacles arise. Don't give up at these times. I get asked frequently, "How do I know if the obstacles are God's way of detering me, vs. just old energies trying to get in my way." In my experience if you REALLY want something with everything in you, its not God putting obstacles in your way. However, if you THINK you want something (vs. really feeling it), then the obstacles may be a form of redirection. Take a breather, meditate, check in with your heart and find what is really there. Then you'll know what to do next. Floating on the River of God's love does not mean you will have a life without effort - but it does mean you can have a life without struggle! I gave up the struggle when I stopped answering the obstacles call and listened to my own hearts desire.

Have a peaceful week & see if you can really own what you want in life!