Saturday, October 28, 2006

Roll with the changes...

It was an interesting week. For the last two weeks I seem to have popped into a state of pure enlightened bliss. I've been meditating more diligently and deeply, going to the Wednesday night groups, and taking time outdoors several days a week if only for a few minutes. Writing a book on maintaining your aura, calls me to practice what I preach.. and it works! But as always, the greater the light that is called in, the more the old energies make their last stand.

I was in Sedona with Jim this weekend. We were sitting at a coffee shop and I had an old spirit pop into my head who is not in the light and who has been a real pain in the past. I asked him directly to leave and made a little joke about putting pink bows on the horns of the demons who try to scare me off my path at times. I got up, went to step off the curb on my way to the car, and one of those upset little energies pushed me. Seriously.

I went flying down onto the pavement. "ROLL!" I heard the voices of my angels loudly, and somehow in that instant every cell in my body knew how to roll like a stunt woman toprevent major injury. I rolled gracefully and ended up on my feet. No one had ever taught me how to roll that way. And I'd never landed on asphalt like that before in my life.

I dusted off and realized I had no bruises, not cuts, no breaks, or sprains, just a little pain from the shock. What could have been a disaster and wreaked havoc in my life ended up being a little misadventure. I know the darker energies were trying to mess me up since I am SO happy as of late. And yet, since I've been watching my thoughts diligently and refusing to get sucked into negativity, they couldn't touch me. The angels were allowed to intervene because my attitude has not been anywhere near victimized as of late. As a result, I am fine.

It just showed me AGAIN how light is more powerful than dark, how not a hair on your head can be harmed when you stand powerfully in the light of truth, and how much help we have all the time if we only ask for it. If you stay in space of basic self-care, self-love, peace, and prayer, then even bad will turn to good.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Hugs

This angel message reminds me of the FREE HUGS video that has become wildly popular on The story is simple. A young man by the name of Juan Mann decided there needed to be more love in the world. So, each week he made it his mission to go to a mall in Australia, holding up a huge hand-lettered sign that said, "FREE HUGS." And he hugged all day, all who were willing to receive. His friend who worked at the mall was inspired and filmed him, filmed the banning of free hugs by the city government, the petition to reinstate free hugs, and the heartwarming results. A year later, when Juan's grandmother died and he was taking care of his blind grandfather and very down, his friend, now lead singer for an alternative group called "Sick Puppies" put the video of his hugging friend to the music of a song he wrote, sent it to Juan and posted it on as a tribute to his friend.

The love spread like wildfire. There have been over 3 million viewers. It has been featured on Good Morning America. And FREE HUGS campaigns have sprouted up in Canada, Israel, Venuzuela, etc.

ONE MAN named Juan Mann has made a HUGE impact in the world, and so did his friend the singer, who simply did the video and song as an act of love for his buddy. Check it out here, bring tissues, and never ever ever ever ever again underestimate what an act of love can do :)

Here is the link to the video... listen to the song too....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Give trust a try

I DO trust God, implicitly. I trust that I am loved in good moods and in bad, happy or sad, lethargic or filled with energy. Last month I was completely lethargic after each workday. I had no desire to work on my books, no desire to do projects, no desire even to exercise. So, I surrendered and rested for hours on my couch watching my favorite home and garden television shows! ME, an Aries... resting? Yes indeed! I have learned to surrender. I have learned to trust that when God wants me to move, I'll be inspired to move. Till then, I pulled out the bowl of popcorn, had an occasional glass of wine and trusted my energy would return.

Two weeks ago my energy came back with a huge rush. I painted rooms in my house, trimmed trees, reconditioned woodwork, touched up paint outside, cleaned house, and began working on my books again. If I hadn't rested, I'm sure the energy wouldn't have been there to do all these things. God is gearing me up for big changes in my life and knew I had to restore my energy first. The angels say that "when you are on a raft in a river, you are resting but the current is carrying you." So too, when you are tired and rest, the current of God's love is creating movement you cannot see yet. When its time to do something, the guidance will be unmistakable.

This week, on Wednesday I had settled down to work on the computer when I got a clear feeling to go to my friend Jame's weekly meditation circle. I had fifteen minutes to get there and had no plans of going out that evening. But the feeling was overwhelming. I had wanted to work on editing a book, but I set that aside, changed my plans and went to the group meditation. The energy was incredible! I had another experience with Jesus sending energy and love through this circle. I came home filled with MORE energy than before and managed to get quite a lot done even later at night. I trust that when God puts something in my heart, I just do it. I don't worry about why.

So this week, give trust a try. If you feel like resting, rest and trust. If you feel like working, work and trust. If you feel like doing something outside your routine, do it and trust. You never know how God plans to gift you in ways great or small!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Give your problems to God

I have been working on surrendering all my problems to God and the angels – both larger issues and the smaller fun dilemmas. And so in my last session with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon I asked him and the angels to suggest paint colors for my living room, family room, and kitchen that would make my heart sing. I was tired of the few remaining white walls in my house. "Orange and green" was the answer. Orange and green? I balked, but as I surrendered to the possibilty that the angels knew what they were doing even in my decor, I realized I DO love those colors. So last weekend I got crazy and worked 18 hours transoforming my house into sunshine and springtime. I LOVE it!! The angels were right once again.

Although surrendering to God's help with paint colors is a small thing it reminds me of how often we THINK we know what we want when in reality God can come up with better. I never would have thought of orange on my walls. I never would have dreamt I'd become an angel communicator. I never would have imagined that God would help me pay bills in the many different ways he has come up with over the years. I never would have imagined buying my last car from a salesman who ended up asking me for readings and giving me a fair price. I never would have imagined that God was going to get me out in public speaking with big name authors this November.

Many of the wonderful things that have happened in my life have taken me by happy surprise. I hadn't planned, strategized, or manipulated life in any way to create them. I simply prayed, trusted, honored my heart, and waited for guidance so strong I couldn't miss it. And always God comes through with miraculous grace.

This is why I wrote my book, "Love is the River"... in my life I trust God to bring all my dreams to fruition, not always when I think they should, most often not how I thought they would, but always in a way that creates more joy, ease, and grace that I could imagine.

So this week, give the boss (God) all your problems. Surrender them to heaven and stop worrying. Focus on living and loving your life and trust the rest will be brought to you in right timing in a joyous, loving way.