Thursday, August 24, 2006

Peace be with you

Wow, that kind of blew me away. I usually have a crowd of angels that comes through for these messages but tonight as I sat to channel, I was tired and although I wanted to have a finished newsletter, I didn't really have the energy to do it. So I begged heaven to please come through with a brief but poignant message. My heart began to expand with a bliss that I only feel when Jesus is around, and the words came through with a sweet vibration. See if you can feel them. Mind you I am not religious and I have friends of all faiths, and guides of all "faiths" as well - well, as if guides HAD faiths! They are the first to admit their spirituality is based in the One God, not in man's creations.

That said, I am learning new levels of peace. Last weekend I got stuck for five hours total in traffic jams, one hour in Sedona and four on the major highway heading home. This occurred shortly after I had sat on a rock near the creek watching an unusually large number of SNAILS creep along the creek bottom. I had marvelled at how serenely and calmly they moved and how they seemed to cover great ground even while moving slowly. I guess Spirit was teaching me a lesson.

We have a tendancy to think that if we slow down things will not get done. We have a tendancy to get anxious when we sit still for too long, and yet, it is in our still time that we connect strongly with God, and our angels have a chance to work with our energy. It is in stillness that we find peace. The angels said, as I was writing "Love is the River"... "If you are on a raft on a river, you are not moving, and yet you ARE moving." Sometimes we slow down to allow time for God to carry us forward in our lives. Be still for awhile this week. Be at peace.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tough love from the angels

What a week! When I taught the "Aura Hygiene" class I felt pretty good about mastering a lot of lessons surrounding keeping my energy strong and positive, but then when I started putting the material into book form, Spirit and my soul decided to go deeper. For the last two months I have been feeling the pain of everyone and everything around me. I've gotten sucked into feeling sad about the world and the lower level behaviors I witness all around me. I got down. And the energies that love to jump all over me ate that up. I'd be sitting in a chair after dinner when the creepy crawlies would gather around. They're not allowed in my readings but in my spare time, all hell, literally, was all over my body and mind. I was really upset till I took charge and started really focusing on my light and that drove them away. Dark doesn't like light. I thought I was doing great. I asked the angels to comment Saturday and instead of the acknowledgement I wanted they started by saying, "My dear you love so much you will ALWAYS take on the energies around you."

I didn't hear another word. I spiralled back into despair. I got stark raving mad at God. I yelled at the angels. "You mean I have to SUFFER feeling the world's pain after comforting others all day? I'm doomed to hurt in my body my entire life? I'm going to be attacked by lost wounded souls in my SLEEP till the end of my days?" I was so upset. "Just erase me now God. What STUPID system you devised." I ranted and raged. Meanwhile, while the hurt parts of my spirit cried out in anger, the soul that I have come to call the observer part of me watched the tantrum. I knew through the entire ordeal that I hadn't even heard what the angels meant to say. I knew at that level that this was some hurt part of me coming to the surface for healing. I knew that God and the angels were sending me extra love even as I told them off. And so I allowed the pain to surface.

Two days later *I* had a reading with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon. (yes I even need to hear the voices outside of my head at times! It is a huge comfort). He explained that I hadn't let them finish the sentence. I would always, through my great love for people take in their pains, BUT he said, I was learning to pass them on through me, as water goes through the gills of a fish, back to God for transformation. Such a relief! I realized the part of me that was screaming was an inner child who felt so sad and the angels confirmed this, had me bring that part of myself to the surface and whisked her out through Summer's body into the light. I felt WONDERFUL.

Today the silver lining in all this growth becomes apparent. I can share these adventures with others going through it as well. And as I hugged a woman today who is going through tremendous challenges in both health and marriage, I noticed how I WANTED to help her heal. As we hugged, an ice cold energy left her chest and took up residence in mine. I realized this was the fear that had prevented her from completely healing in the past and that through my willingness and my love, I sucked it out of her. I went in the house and gave it to God. I focused on the light in my own heart, and became that light in medtation and the icy energy left me as my body lurched and emitted a loud cry. I am learning to do this more quickly. If all that pain was necessary to help this woman, it was all worthwhile.

So if you tend to take on the pain of the world, don't forget part B - get rid of it! Give it to God! Sit in meditation and focus on becoming light and ask God to take this pain back into His heart and heal it. Watch the healing you receive as well.

I thank you all for walking this path with me. At times like these I realize how extraordinary we, on this list, truly are. We are committed to growing and changing our world, starting with our own hearts. I am very grateful for all of you and I truly love you.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Patience is practical

As always this channeling hits home with me! I've been in a huge lesson in patience this year. Every time I create anything I have to wait! I am learning to trust in God's timing impeccably. This week I had a mundane but fun example. I have been saving up for a larger display for my computer. I often have six or seven windows open at a time when I'm working on website, graphics, email, meditations, my calendar, etc. and it is cumbersome to constantly switch between them. I saw the display of my dreams four months ago and intended to own it some day when the time was right. It was totally out of my price range.

Well last week I got the urge to clean off my desk and make room for the display. Not knowing why on earth I was doing that but trusting that the urge meant something was about to happen, I weeded out the stuff in my desk, raised up a shelf to make room and waited. I thought about buying the display and even though I knew I could put it on a charge card, decided to be patient. Something just made me feel like waiting. So two days later when I got the urge to check the website where it was on sale, imagine my surprise to find out it went down 1/5 in price AND there was a reconditioned on available at an even greater discount!! Now it was time to use the charge, which is something I rarely do, but I saved so much it was worth both the wait and the credit.

Even the mundane material manifestations will warrant God's attention. God cares about everything WE care about and much more for us. I am learning that good things do indeed come to those who wait for GOD to tell us when to take action. How will you know when to take action? You'll want to with everything in you! Not a bad thing to learn for an ex "Queen of Impatience - Aries!!" Try having a little patience this week and see what shows up :) You will be pleasantly surprised I bet!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't delay your happiness!

My guides told me a long time ago, that "eternity was a long time and I better learn to enjoy the moment!" I've tried best as I can to embrace that philosophy and when I do live in the moment, honoring my heart's rhythms, life flows easily and magically. When I forget and put pressure on myself, life goes nuts. A month ago I was writing as if the words were water pouring out of a faucet. It just flowed. Then suddenly I tired of writing and I could not make myself get the words on paper. I gave up! I figured if the "Aura Hygiene" book has to wait so be it; it would be terribly hypocritical for me to mess up MY own energy to write a book about maintaining YOURs :)! The angels reminded me of that fine point.

We all have some goal we want to reach at some point in our lives. Whether it be cleaning out a room, writing a book, finishing up a nasty divorce, making a move, getting a new job, having a baby or what have you there are always times when we feel we won't feel settled or happiest until something in the future happens. And yet, life keeps happening in each moment.

"WHY PUT OFF YOUR HAPPINESS TILL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS, ANN?" the angels once asked me. Great question. I challenge myself to remember that. So this weekend when I put time aside to write, I was surprised when all I wanted to do was rest and clean out my house. I have needed to declutter again for some time and to reorganize a few things and all of the sudden it sounded really fun. I spent an entire weekend doing mundane puttering around the house and to my great surprise the desire to write has returned, my energy feels great, and I'm upbeat again.

It sometimes seems that our pursuits aren't so spiritual and may not even relate to a goal, and yet I've found that if you listen to what you truly want to do in the moment, leave the future to God and just make a choice to do what makes you happiest, then all falls into right order and you reach your goals faster.

Go easy on yourself this week and do something you WANT to do rather than something you should (of course there are a few HAVE TOs that aren't negotiable, but there are many shoulds that are!) and see what happens.