Saturday, May 27, 2006

Let Go & Let God!

I had another wonderful week. God came through again with a way to handle the bills! Everytime I get a surprise expense, I just turn it over to "the boss" - that is, God! When some big car repairs were requried last month, I didn't know how on earth I would avoid credit card interest to pay the bills. Furthermore, I didn't know how I'd afford to buy a lot of my own books! Right as I was ready to mail off my credit card payment with its wonderful interest, the angels suggested I go to the mailbox. There in my mail was an offer from a card I hadn't used in a long time to transfer all balances and have no interest for 15 months. A free loan works for me and I can easily pay it off in that time frame.

God always comes through. Sometimes you have no idea how. Sometimes you have to surrender to a solution that looks like something you don't want right before you get one you do. God knows better than us at times how to handle things. Here is my favorite quote:

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the one that is waiting for us -- Joseph Campbell.

Oh so true!
Trust this week... that all is wonderfully being taken care of in God's wisdom.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Earth Needs our Love

It is indeed an amazing time to be alive. I've been clearing emotions left and right. They wash up out of the blue and move through just as quickly. I just allow for it without analysis. I let the River of God's love flow through me carrying away what it will. And as a result I am blessed by joy. The last few weeks I've been lucky to be playing with fairies again. For those of you not familiar with them, they are like tiny angels that tend to our natural universe - the plants, animals, our bodies, etc. I've been lucky enough to see a few and they're adorable, mischievous, playful and creative.

One by-product of working with fairies is that you start to become much more aware of how your actions affect the environment. Jim and I went to a home and garden show a few weeks ago and after just talking about how we wanted to eliminate the harsher cleaning chemicals from our lives, we met up with two wonderful solutions. One company was selling those little micro-fiber mops and rags that let you clean with water and white vinegar easily, with no harsh cleaners. They save me from using up paper towels, which saves on trees too.

The next two women we met work for Shaklee that started out as a vitamin company but now sells environmentally friendly cleansers as well that don't pollute our environment. They look more expensive but because they're concentrates (to save on packaging waste) they really aren't. I was amazed at how quickly the little fairies helped me connect with people to help make my environment greener.

The earth is in need of our love. I know we can't all go completely green. I don't have $30K to sink into solar panels now or the money to pay for a hydrogen powered car, and yet in small ways I am using up my old cleansers and going to steam, water, and vinegar, and environmentally friendly products. I feel the fairies thanking me and the earth breathing a sigh of relief that one more person is going to stop polluting her waters with toxic waste.

This week, think of the earth as a "mother" figure. She supports us, gives us all that we need, and asks little in return. Maybe you can switch just one habit to make your life more environmentally friendly, whether that be switching to natural cleaners, composting garbage, etc. I know we can't all immediately change our entire lifestyles, but a lot of little changes will make a big differences. Give it a try and feel the gratitude of the elementals :) I've been blessed with more joy as a result. You will be too!

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Spiritual Decorator

Its amazing. I watch the news and see chaos and sometimes feel it in my own heart, and yet at the same time I feel encouraged, inspired, and passionate about life. The chaos brings changes. Changes bring new ways of looking at life, and that brings greater truth and awareness to the surface in our own lives.

Robyn Friedman is a dear client who is wonderful decorated and self-admitted "home coach." She gifted me with a session and I have to admit I was both excited and nervous. My decorating style is somewhat like "fairy goes southwest tropical" - i.e., utter beautiful chaos. I had a few ares in my house that needed therapy but was worried about hurting Robyn's feelings since I didn't want to change too much. I needn't have worried. As we played together I realized that I had learned to speak up about my own tastes and as a result I had been blessed to be with this wonderful woman who completely honored them. She helped me with the few areas I didn't like and was gracious enough to encourage me to keep what I liked 'as is.' I realized that she gives people the gift of themselves - much like the angels do in a reading. She encourages people to bring out their best side and express their personal tastes. For some time I had felt that I "should" coordinate my things better, but as Robyn helped me try that out, I realized more about myself - I like everything, all mixed up, like nature! And God bless her for understanding that and helping me make the few adjustments I did want.

I'm sure it would have been more fun for her, from a creative standpoint, to really make my home look good, and yet she explained to me that her satisfaction came from people - from making them happy with their homes no matter what that meant. She had no ego involved and was able to help me accept my own tastes even more.

It occurred to me that if we could all do this for one another our relationships would be transformed. If we could express ourselves and own what we want honestly, and at the same time respect others perspectives, life would sure be a lot easier. If we didn't try to make others change to suit our tastes but rather helped them be more of what they wanted to be, all of our relationships would be in right order, certainly more honest, and more loving. Thank you Robyn for that gift! (ps - she is at: if you're in Arizona).

So this week, try embracing a bit of chaos. Ask someone else how they would remake your life, or your home. Sit with the ideas. Look at your own life or home with a fresh perspective and see what is you and what isn't. Be happy you know more about yourself. Stirring things up a bit can bring new realizations, new ideas, or simply greater self-acceptance. Enjoy!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Love is Practical!

I've been really practicing the angel's message up above. I have had one sore spot when it comes to loving in the past and that is loving people who drive rudely and aggressively, cutting me off in traffic, and sending angry energy my way. I drive on the freeway to Sedona quite often and it is a taxing ride when someone tailgates me at 75mph.

However, I prayed for help in being more loving. Wouldn't you know it, the day after I prayed, Dr. Peebles (the angel channeled by Summer Bacon) had a lesson on being more loving!! He suggested specifically that you send love even to the "rude, aggressive drivers on the road." I was floored, but not surprised. Heaven is always listening to our prayers. He suggested we send thoughts such as, "I acknowledge you are driving rudely and aggressively but I choose to send you love anyway because that is my truth." He said we'd be surprised by the results. I did that, and sure enough the rude drivers started going around me, slowing down, letting ME pass, and all manner of courtesies I had heretofore not experienced.

Love is practical :) Give it a try next time someone annoys you!


I'm enrolled in the the Summer Bacon Institute as my ongoing course of online study. Summer channels the angel Dr. James Martin Peebles. For three weeks of each month, four days a week you get 15 minute audio clips channeled from Dr. Peebles with education, exercises, & meditations. The fourth week Summer lectures regarding her understanding of the material. There are also teleconferences with spirit channeled through her, chats, and more. I love it :) Dr. Peebles has been my mentor in spirit since 2000 and although his teachings are straightforward, putting them into practice is mastery. I love the homework - simple but it really works :)