Friday, April 28, 2006

The Strength of Loving Thoughts

Life is good these days. My struggles with the negative energies are over. Every time I feel a twinge I send it to God and release myself to do what I feel passionate about these days - writing, updating the website, figuring out how to reach more people. I don't have time for the dramas and pain these days. I had an aching neck the other day and went to the c hiropractor who gave me a phenomenal adjustment. He told me it would be a bit sore for a day and he wasn't kidding. In my past I would have felt sorry for myself, and withdrawn till I felt better. However, I decided to counteract the pain by reaching out to my mom who is diligently healing after knee surgery. I called mom and was in the middle of telling her how I wasn't going to let life's trials get to me anymore, when the most brilliant, white hot pulse of light travelled up my spine, all through my body, and washed the pain away - totally. I'm still a bit stiff but the ache is gone. I was dumbfounded.

The angels insist always that one loving thought is stronger than a thousand negative ones. They say that with one positive, deeply heartfelt, intent, we can move mountains. I have been reminded as of late to always focus on what I DO want, rather than what I don't. For example I have a few large bills as of late so instead of focusing on them, I focus on feeling spiritually wealthy and that is my reality. I have had a few aches and pains (too much time at the computer!) so intead I focus on feeling wonderful. It is simply amazing how powerful we are to create.

Have some fun with that this week... practice building mental muscle and chasing self-defeating thoughts away! ... and have a magical week!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Times of Strengthening

This boggles my mind. I sat here for the last hour waiting to channel the angel message. It usually pours out but tonight it was not so I finally asked the crew upstairs what they had in mind. They suggested I stop struggling, open up my archives, shut my eyes, and scroll down to an old message 'at random.' The one above was the one I ended up 'randomly' selecting. I am in a lesson of releasing struggle and this message spoke to me directly.

After I got the joyous news that I'll be speaking at the Celebrate Your Life conference in November, I got slammed with a barrage of negative thoughts that just floored me. I have been practicing awareness for so long now that I know the difference between my own thoughts (I believe them) vs. thoughts introduced by energies that try to counteract our joy (I don't believe them for more than a few seconds). I went through three hours non-stop saying, "No, you are not my truth" to these thoughts and finally collapsed in tears from sheer exhaustion. Jesus had his 40 days in the desert facing demons. I believe we have these brief excursions as well.

These are not tests, so much as times of strengthening. If we are going to stand in greater light we are more powerful. Our thoughts create situations more quickly, and it becomes more important to choose thoughts that uplift, inspire, and support our dreams. Part of learning to do that is, at times, being tempted to fall into 'negative' thinking.

If this ever happens to you, focus on what is good in your life. Focus on what is working. Focus on giving to others because love dispels the dark. Focus on humor, laughter, and joy. Focus on what is exciting and refuse to give power to these doubts. They will soon disappear. We all have our days in the 'desert' but the good news is, that is where we find a stronger and brighter light.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Not a Coincidence... Love is the River!

I spent 30 hours last weekend restructuring and cleaning up the book I've been working on for over two years. The urge to finish it was so strong that with the exception of meals I did nothing else. The weekend was beautiful and I was tempted to play outside, run errands, etc., but everything in me said, "Finish that book." And so I did.

In the first chapter I talk about a mystical experience I had when I was five years old at a waterfall near Washington D.C. Sunday afternoon I was almost finished but needed a way to end the book, and picture of a river for the cover. I prayed and let go, knowing God always provides. The prayer was answered quicky! I had no sooner sent the final page of my book to my printer when an incoming email captured my attention. It was from my father. The subject was "GREAT DAY AT THE FALLS" and in the email was a picture of the waterfall I'd written about in the first chapter!

For some "strange" reason, my parents who live 300o miles away and didn't even know I was writing this book, had the sudden urge to go that same waterfall, take pictures, and send them to me the very second I finished my book. The book is called "Love is the River: Embracing the Flow of Divine Grace." It is all about letting go and letting God make your life run smoothly and easily. I could not have been more floored by the wonderful timing of that email.

The story got even better on Monday. I had the priviledge of meeting James and Sally Redfield who were being interviewed by Therese Inzarillo on James is the author of the Celestine Prophecy and he and his wife are two of the nicest famous peple I've met - down to earth, real, and totally practicing what they preach. At this gathering I ran into Liz Dawn who runs Mishka Productions. Liz asked if she could read the book I'd mentioned and since I had finished the previous day, I gave her the copy I'd brought.

Today I was totally blown away when Liz called to invite me to speak at Mishka's CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE conference which features over 20 of the most popular metaphysical authors including Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, Sonia Choquette, etc. I am beyond amazed at how God works, but the funny part is this is what the book is about! Learn to sense the currents of grace in your life, follow your heart, pray, surrender, let go, trust... trust... trust more. Trust that everything in your life leads to the next step. I am humbled, amazed, and in huge gratitude. These are dreams coming true. The book will hopefully be out within a month or less.

So this week practice letting go and letting God figure out the answers to your prayers. Trust all is well no matter what. Focus on the what gives you joy. And see what happens :) PS - You can order my book by clicking here!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The "Divine Timing" Belt

I am in the middle of a huge lesson on trusting in God's goodness when things seem to "go wrong." My car went into the shop for some significantly expensive repairs this week. I felt ok with that. The angels had told me in February that the car would need this attention in April and God somehow always pays my bills so I don't get uptight about those things.

However when I drove the car off the lot on Wednesday a nasty clunking sound in the back terrified me. I went right back to the shop somewhat irritated because I knew I'd be late for an appointment later that morning. Nonetheless, I soon found out that this was a blessing in disguise. Apparently the mechanic had noticed another problem with my car, and left a message for the service advisor to call me. She (the mechanic) hadn't known that the advisor had called in sick. If I hadn't gone back with my clunking noise, the mechanic wouldn't have been able to tell me that my timing belt was about to break, and suggest that I get it fixed right away.

My irritation turned into gratitude that God had conspired to have my car's troubles fixed in the shop rather than having me break down on a long stretch of road when I was alone. I was late for my appointment but with no ill effects and once again the angels remind me that if I just pray and surrender to life, that God's timing will prove to be better than mine time and again.

I bless my divine timing belt and feel grateful for the "inconvenience" that saved me from much bigger troubles!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Understand your own heart

The energy that came through when I channeled this week's angel message nearly overwhelmed me. It was hard to type. I always have a little fear publishing articles about Christ consciousness because so many of my friends are Jewish and these discussions are not about religion, separation, persecution or even pushing beliefs. I FEEL the love coming through with these messages and LOVE is the only message they send to us all.

I often wonder if a child was born today to a humble contractor, and this child grew up and preached about LOVE being the only way to God, owned the fact that he was a son of God and said we were too - would anyone recognize this as the Christ energy? If we embrace love in stead of the division, judgment, hatred, and separation that the world seems to promote, will the world recognize our goodness? Some will and some won't.

The angels have been working with me diligently to be strong enough to go more public with these messages. I had a huge cry with a good Christian friend of mine a few weeks ago because I discovered I was afraid she wouldn't accept me as part of her life as I went more public with my beliefs that aren't always in synch with hers. I've received more emails as of late from good religious people trying to inform me that I am "deceived by Satan dear lady" and that surely I had never read the Bible. Although my human side felt like responding, "I've read the Bible, Cabbala, Koran, and Book of Bhudda, the Bagavad Vita, and more," I prayed over what to do and refrained from any response as a result. When I chat with Jesus, angels, Bhudda, Archangel Michael and more deceased relatives than I can count, the message is always the same:

- Be loving even when others are not.

- Recognize others' rights to their point of view as well as your right to your own.

- Don't argue. Listen. Understand. Ackowledge.
This does not negate our own point of view.

- Share from your heart. If people accept you, great. If the don't pray for ones who will.

Embracing this - that there is no need to defend, or justify my personal beliefs in religion, life, or simply perspective has freed up tremendous energy in my life. All of the sudden I am feeling bliss again. I've had the energy to start a major website upgrade, finish the first draft of another book, start a different one, clean out my house, make time for dating, friendships, family, tai chi, clients, emails, and energy sessions. When you give up trying to please the world and you give up the need to judge the world, a power within - the power of God's LOVE - is unleashed in your life and freed up to help you create your own dreams.

Free your spirit this week :) Try to give up any need to justify or defend yourself and see how much more energy you have when you simply choose to understand your own heart rather than trying to make everyone else 'get' you.

Lots of love,