Saturday, December 16, 2006

Matrix Energetics and magical realities

I didn't realize last week that when I honored my guidance to go to a workshop in San Francisco at the last minute that I'd be immersing myself in a reality I have always believed in and wanted SO badly to create in my life! The seminar was on "matrix energetics" - a paradigm in 'healing' in which you don't heal anyone but rather help them SHIFT into a whole and healed state of reality. Dr. Richard Bartlett the presenter, used me as a guinea pig several times and just by cracking jokes, and working with what he calls 'the quantum wave' barely touched me and I fell backward and my entire neck and jaw readjusted and has stayed in perfect alignment ever since. Another time he simply joked a bit, moved his hands 4 feet away from me, in mid air, and my entire hips readjusted and stayed in place!! Now that's REAL FUN!

The seminar reminded me of what I know to be true but haven't applied to healing - you intend something, see it already achieved, and show up and do what you are guided to do, then LET GO of attachment. I manifest things in my life this way. He "heals" people using the same principles. I was in awe. One lady got rid of her cane. I watched numerous individuals lose pain and kinks that were long standing, and it all occurred without the MIND involved!

He is thinking about coming to Sedona in April for a workshop, so let's intend if you're interested! Check out the site at:
And a BIG thank you to my friend, the pet psychic, Marla Steele who got me into this.

Regarding the angel's message this week - I was a child at this workshop. I laughed, giggled, and played, and opened myself up to the possibility that this was possible for all of us. IT worked! And I got home at midnight Monday, worked the week, baked over 100 dozen Christmas cookies and did Christmas preparations, all with a sense of wonder, as in I wonder HOW on earth this will all get done, but I'm going to show up and enjoy it! I DID! Funny what can be achieve when the heart stays open and the mind is given a little vacation!