Saturday, November 11, 2006

You never know where light will lead you

I know so many of you write in to say how the messages resonate with you. This week, the angel message hits home with me. I've known for years that I have a path to be in public sharing the truth of God's love with the masses. I've even had a vision of standing in front of world leaders when I'm older pounding the podium and proclaiming loudly why we are here on this earth and what complete and utter nonsense these power struggles and games really are.

I didn't consciously ask to do these things; they are simply in my heart as part of my path, like a quiet knowing. Exposure comes with great responsibility. I want to walk the talk, not just teach principles we all know. I want to live and breathe the truth so I can teach with integrity.

I spent years in preparation, working on my own issues. It never truly ends, but I have learned to embrace the process of life, surrender to God at ever deepening levels and have a sense of humor most of the time. I finally felt ready this year and told God it was ok to get me going in public. God moves fast.

As I type this I'm sitting here facing my first really big conference with famous authors this weekend and I'm very excited. I had a dream a few nights ago where Jesus put his hands through mine and beamed God's light to the entire conference room and beyond. I don't have a clue what to expect Sunday. I make up an outline and God moves me over and teaches through me. The angels whisper new exercises in my head... and I surrender. I do know the energy is strong and beautiful so if you want to join in spirit, sit quietly and intend to tap in at 10:30am on Sunday (MST). I've been spinning and heating up all week as the energy is clearing me out so I can funnel through God's love. It is a humbling experience.

So, be the bright loving soul that you are. Don't hide out... the world will reflect the love you share back to you in miraculous ways. Find ways, however small to share your talents. I once read an article about a woman who was grieving from the loss of her husband. She was really good at making cakes so to escape from the grief she baked a cake each day and gave it to someone around her - friends, co-workers, strangers, shelters, etc. Her baking healed her. As a result of her letting her light shine she received so much more love back, and even started a business.

You never know where your own light will lead you. I await the unfolding journey with a sense of wonder.