Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dealing with resistance

I've been having a very productive week. After being profoundly lazy in August and September, and surrendering to that. At the same time I have been experiencing a lot of adversity. Its a natural cycle I have come to understand. You rise into the light, and the old energies that used to feed off something less try to make their last stand. As I got my energy back and got to work on upgrading my old "Angel Letters" book so I can release it in paperback, everything seemed to get in the way. I was interrupted, there were all sorts of things around the house that had to be done, etc. - in short, I had all sorts of excuses for NOT doing what I wanted to do.

Nonetheless, after years of surfing these waves of bliss, followed by waves of challenge, I knew it was time to push through the resistance. My heart wanted to finish that book. So I went to the group meditation on Wednesday, got peaceful, put everything else to the side and got to work last weekend. And finally, soon the book should be ready for release.

There are times in your life when you really DO want to accomplish something but it seems like all sorts of obstacles arise. Don't give up at these times. I get asked frequently, "How do I know if the obstacles are God's way of detering me, vs. just old energies trying to get in my way." In my experience if you REALLY want something with everything in you, its not God putting obstacles in your way. However, if you THINK you want something (vs. really feeling it), then the obstacles may be a form of redirection. Take a breather, meditate, check in with your heart and find what is really there. Then you'll know what to do next. Floating on the River of God's love does not mean you will have a life without effort - but it does mean you can have a life without struggle! I gave up the struggle when I stopped answering the obstacles call and listened to my own hearts desire.

Have a peaceful week & see if you can really own what you want in life!