Saturday, November 25, 2006

The connectedness of all life

I am writing this before the Thanksgiving holiday so I can take a much-needed breather with dear friends. I spent a great deal of time this weekend cleaning house, doing chores, putting up decorations, and cooking dishes for my Thanksgiving dinner with friends. As I chopped a variety of fruits and veggies, I realized that even the most mundane tasks can be a cause to give thanks to so many.

Someone tilled the soil that grew my veggies. Someone planted them, fertilized them, harvestd them, boxed them, and shipped them to the grocery store. Someone unboxed them and put them out for display. The check out clerk helped me pay for them, and the bagger bagged them.

Someone grew the bamboo that makes up my cutting board. Someone harvested it and factory workers turned it into my chopping board.

Someone cut the wood that makes the handle in my knife. Someone else mined the metals, melted and molded them and sharpened the blade. Shippers shipped them and so on and so forth.

People from around the world joined me in that moment of chopping vegetables and I gave thanks for the hundreds of people doing simple jobs who contributed to this moment in my life. I give thanks for the opportunity to share the fruits of their labors with others in my life.

So next time you pick up a toothbrush, get in your car, or wander through the grocery store, think to yourself how interconnected we truly are, and how many people worked to give you that one moment in time. Think of how your tasks, no matter how simple they may seem, contribute to the world as well.

You may never meet the people you help through your work or your words, and yet you too have an impact. No job is too small. No kind word is ever lost in the universe.

I give thanks for all of you. I have not met you all, and some of you I may never know but I feel you. I feel your hearts. I know we are on this journey in the school called earth together and I give thanks for your companionship as we live, grow, and learn.

God bless you all, please pray for peace and ask that the world realize God's great love.