Saturday, October 07, 2006

Give your problems to God

I have been working on surrendering all my problems to God and the angels – both larger issues and the smaller fun dilemmas. And so in my last session with Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon I asked him and the angels to suggest paint colors for my living room, family room, and kitchen that would make my heart sing. I was tired of the few remaining white walls in my house. "Orange and green" was the answer. Orange and green? I balked, but as I surrendered to the possibilty that the angels knew what they were doing even in my decor, I realized I DO love those colors. So last weekend I got crazy and worked 18 hours transoforming my house into sunshine and springtime. I LOVE it!! The angels were right once again.

Although surrendering to God's help with paint colors is a small thing it reminds me of how often we THINK we know what we want when in reality God can come up with better. I never would have thought of orange on my walls. I never would have dreamt I'd become an angel communicator. I never would have imagined that God would help me pay bills in the many different ways he has come up with over the years. I never would have imagined buying my last car from a salesman who ended up asking me for readings and giving me a fair price. I never would have imagined that God was going to get me out in public speaking with big name authors this November.

Many of the wonderful things that have happened in my life have taken me by happy surprise. I hadn't planned, strategized, or manipulated life in any way to create them. I simply prayed, trusted, honored my heart, and waited for guidance so strong I couldn't miss it. And always God comes through with miraculous grace.

This is why I wrote my book, "Love is the River"... in my life I trust God to bring all my dreams to fruition, not always when I think they should, most often not how I thought they would, but always in a way that creates more joy, ease, and grace that I could imagine.

So this week, give the boss (God) all your problems. Surrender them to heaven and stop worrying. Focus on living and loving your life and trust the rest will be brought to you in right timing in a joyous, loving way.