Saturday, October 14, 2006

Give trust a try

I DO trust God, implicitly. I trust that I am loved in good moods and in bad, happy or sad, lethargic or filled with energy. Last month I was completely lethargic after each workday. I had no desire to work on my books, no desire to do projects, no desire even to exercise. So, I surrendered and rested for hours on my couch watching my favorite home and garden television shows! ME, an Aries... resting? Yes indeed! I have learned to surrender. I have learned to trust that when God wants me to move, I'll be inspired to move. Till then, I pulled out the bowl of popcorn, had an occasional glass of wine and trusted my energy would return.

Two weeks ago my energy came back with a huge rush. I painted rooms in my house, trimmed trees, reconditioned woodwork, touched up paint outside, cleaned house, and began working on my books again. If I hadn't rested, I'm sure the energy wouldn't have been there to do all these things. God is gearing me up for big changes in my life and knew I had to restore my energy first. The angels say that "when you are on a raft in a river, you are resting but the current is carrying you." So too, when you are tired and rest, the current of God's love is creating movement you cannot see yet. When its time to do something, the guidance will be unmistakable.

This week, on Wednesday I had settled down to work on the computer when I got a clear feeling to go to my friend Jame's weekly meditation circle. I had fifteen minutes to get there and had no plans of going out that evening. But the feeling was overwhelming. I had wanted to work on editing a book, but I set that aside, changed my plans and went to the group meditation. The energy was incredible! I had another experience with Jesus sending energy and love through this circle. I came home filled with MORE energy than before and managed to get quite a lot done even later at night. I trust that when God puts something in my heart, I just do it. I don't worry about why.

So this week, give trust a try. If you feel like resting, rest and trust. If you feel like working, work and trust. If you feel like doing something outside your routine, do it and trust. You never know how God plans to gift you in ways great or small!