Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Hugs

This angel message reminds me of the FREE HUGS video that has become wildly popular on The story is simple. A young man by the name of Juan Mann decided there needed to be more love in the world. So, each week he made it his mission to go to a mall in Australia, holding up a huge hand-lettered sign that said, "FREE HUGS." And he hugged all day, all who were willing to receive. His friend who worked at the mall was inspired and filmed him, filmed the banning of free hugs by the city government, the petition to reinstate free hugs, and the heartwarming results. A year later, when Juan's grandmother died and he was taking care of his blind grandfather and very down, his friend, now lead singer for an alternative group called "Sick Puppies" put the video of his hugging friend to the music of a song he wrote, sent it to Juan and posted it on as a tribute to his friend.

The love spread like wildfire. There have been over 3 million viewers. It has been featured on Good Morning America. And FREE HUGS campaigns have sprouted up in Canada, Israel, Venuzuela, etc.

ONE MAN named Juan Mann has made a HUGE impact in the world, and so did his friend the singer, who simply did the video and song as an act of love for his buddy. Check it out here, bring tissues, and never ever ever ever ever again underestimate what an act of love can do :)

Here is the link to the video... listen to the song too....