Saturday, September 02, 2006

Living by heart incerases productivity

It is amazing what happens when we live according to our hearts. For weeks I had managed not to make time for my own projects. I got bombarded by emails, asked to do favors for others, and life presented its share of challenges. I resolved this week to put myself and my own projects first and kept that promise.

As always when I chose to honor my own spirit, things get calmer in my lives. The emails went down to a reasonable level, my home, car, and other things behaved well, and life went smoothly. I updated 142 web pages, finished a ton of office work and started getting organized to write once again.

The saying goes: "God helps those who help themselves." I used to interpret that as meaning I had to work myself to death if God was going to help me. I know know that means I have to treat myself the way I want God to treat me. I have to honor my time if I want the world to honor my time. I have to make time for my projects if I am to help more people in this world. I have to take time to rest and be in balance if I don't want life around me to pull me to pieces.

So this week put yourself first. Take time for you in front of the to-do list. Ditch the guilt and remember that if you care for yourself your cup will run over and you'll be a blessing to those around. Try it and see what happens :)